The 'Journal' transcribed below consists of two volumes:  Volume 1 is a hand written record in a 12" x 7-1/4" book intended to be a financial journal.  On its cover are the large penciled initials "W. L."  It covers the period from 3 September 1902 to 9 August 1927.  Some of the entries are written in ink, most with pencil.  Volume 2, written in a 5" x 8" address book with a red cover, includes the interval from 7 October 1932 to 23 April 1960.  Four additional entries by son Lyal Lawrence 12 June 1960 to 30 June 1960 complete the record of Will Lawrence's interesting life.  There may have been an additional volume covering 10 August 1927 to 6 October 1932 (5 years & 2 months), but that record has not yet surfaced.  There could also have been another volume that predated September 1902.


About 26 pages were cut out of the second volume.  From sparse information remaining on the edges of the removed pages it appears that they had consisted largely of farming records rather than a day-by-day diary.  Will Lawrence probably removed these pages to prepare the book for his daily journal entries.


As a child Will Lawrence was known as "Willie" (see 1880 Federal Census and one family record listing the children in the family of Loren Lawrence & Rodina Kuhn). His wife, Viola Shaver, called him "Will."


Will Lawrence's handwriting was quite precise and was usually carefully executed and easily understood.  Where there was doubt I have indicated this with the symbol (?).To aid in interpreting the text I have added some explanations within [square brackets].  The abbreviation "V" refers to his wife Viola (Shaver), "G" is his brother Grant, "T" is Tillie (Grant's wife), and "N" is Nellie Albright (sister of  Grant and Willie).  Lillian, Elleanor, Lawrence & Harold were Nellie's children. Father Shaver was Lorenzo Shaver.  The Gleaners were a women's group in the Evangelical United Brethren Church.  Wd. is Wayland, NY, Dv. is Dansville. Will & Viola's children were Lloyd Ernest (b. 2 Oct 1900, d. 20 Apr 2000), Eva Marie (b. 26 Oct 1902, d. 8 Jan 2001), Eliza Mae (b. 5 May 1904, d. 21 Nov 1980), Lyal Dale (b. 31 Mar 1906, d. 4 Jan 1995), Loya Josephine (Jo) (b. 12 Mar 1908, d. 24 May 2004) and Willis Grant (b. 17 Dec 1916, d. 19 Dec 1992).


It is interesting to note that Will Lawrence's first son is consistently referred to as "Loyd" until an entry dated Monday, Aug. 21, 1911 where he is spelled "Lloyd."  Thereafter "Loyd" appears until "Friday, Apr. 28, 1916" where the spelling "Lloyd" was adopted.  Also, daughter Loya Josephine is called "Loya" through June 5, 1910, after which she is referred to as Josephine.


V's father (Father Shaver) is Lorenzo Shaver. Her birth mother was Eliza Weld, who died when Viola was six years of age. V's step-mother (Mother Shaver) is Louisa Hurzeler. The spelling of this family name is variously found as Hurseler, Hursler, Hurzler.

Will Lawrence also compiled some information on his family tree. That information is available to interested relatives.  He was the organizer and first president of the Lawrence family reunion, (held at Uncle Ira Lawrence's house August 1, 1908, seven days before Ira died). He regularly attended that reunion plus the Kuhn, Shaver and Weld reunions. Also available is considerable information on the Shaver family tree that has been generously provided by Bill Shaver of the Shaver Bike Shop, Dansville, NY. Information is also available on the Weld and Wallace ancestors of Viola Shaver. Most of the Weld information comes from Warren Weld (12 Sep 1906 - 12 Apr 2003) and Erma Weld (28 Jun 1877 - Sep 1972).


In the journal, the following names are referred to as "Uncle": Josie, Abner (buried Apr. 29, 1911), John Parshall, Parse [possibly John Parshall?], Charles (buried Jul 13, 1904), Will Cole, Jonah, Phil [Shaver?], Ira [Lawrence], J. [Jonah Shaver], Jones, Jone, Pars [Parson Enoch Shaver], Jay, David, Bert [Berton Shaver], David (died Apr. 3, 1909 & buried Apr. 6), Will, Joe Kuhn (funeral May 11, 1910), Johne and Henry.


"Aunts" mentioned in the journal: Cora Shaver, Deb, Ellen Weld Reynolds, Eliza Lawrence Parshall (of Springwater, then of Perine Street, Dansville), Emma, Electa, Martha Hurit [Martha J. Shaver], Mary Conderman, Mate, Mae, May.


"Cousins": Eleanor, Jake Kuhn, Mary.


"Kuhn's" mentioned: Abel, Fred, cousin Jake, Jean (wedding 1951), Jennie, Joe, M. L., Milton, and Otto.


"Shaver's" mentioned: Atla, Aubrey, Bert (funeral 16 Sep 1947), Cora, Dale, uncle George (funeral 22 Jul 1954), Harry, Hallie, Lorenzo, Parson, Ray & Alice, Scott B., and Atla's daughters Mable [Rowley] and Alma.


These documents were transcribed and edited by Robert L. Brown, son of Loya Josephine Lawrence, and grandson of W. A. Lawrence. I have tried to carefully preserve the records without alteration, even when minor errors were recognized. Should the reader find spelling errors, particularly of various surnames referred to in the text, if additional names are recognized, or if incidents, stories, or facts are known about W. A. Lawrence or his family I would greatly appreciate if these could be sent to me.  I am extremely indebted to Jane Humphrey, daughter of Eva Lawrence, for making Will Lawrence's original journals available to me.





Wednesday, Sep. 3, 1902  Loyd & I started for Wd. [Wayland].  I left him in buggy to take a sack of flour into Dale's.  Horses ran, threw Loyd out at Bossart's corner.  Very Providential mishap. 'Uncle Josie' & Pearl were here.

Thursday, Sep. 18, 1902  G. [Grant Lawrence] & Grantyne came.  Stayed all night.

Sunday, Sep. 21, 1902  Ed. A. & Flitch were here P.M.  Atla [Shaver] & I went to E. Wd A.M.

Monday, Sep. 22, 1902  Bossart's house burned this morning.

Wednesday, Sep. 24, 1902.  Sold 8 wether (?) lambs at 2.40 & 2 ewe lambs for 3. each to Ed. Whiteman.  Paid $43 note at bank.

Saturday, Sep. 27, 1902.  Drew load, 43 bu rye to W. H. Capron Jr. at .50  Pea coal $5 per T.

Tuesday, Sep, 30, 1902.  Loyd & I went to Wd. A.M.  Bot 11 pkgs Norka oats at 10¢ Found a dime in the box when I got home.  Dragged wheat ground over again.  Now it is raining again.

Friday, October 3, 1902.  Sowed 2¾ A. wheat 2 bu. per A.  95, 107 & 120 qts of 2-1/2 8 & 3 fertalizer per A.  Finished cutting corn.  Dale commenced digging potatoes on Forester place.

Sunday, October 5, 1902.  Atla, I and the children went to church.  We drove over to Mrs. Patchin's to see Mrs. Pardee about coming here next month.  Father S. [Lorenzo Shaver] called P.M.

Monday, October 6, 1902.  Helped Geo. Grein thrash.  Very dirty awfully nasty job.

Wednesday, Oct. 8, 1902.  Sent pumpkins, apples, featherbed, butter and bed spring to Nellie.

Wednesday, Oct. 10, 1902.  Sold load potatoes at .40

Wednesday, Oct. 22, 1902.  Picked apples.  Found 2 good Strawberry sweets.

Saturday, Oct, 25, 1902.  Sent potatos and apples to Nellie

Wednesday, Nov. 5, 1902.  Got C. A. Avey's ram.  Turned with sheep

Tuesday, Nov. 11, 1902.  Commenced painting horse-barn wall.  Dale worked about ¾ day on job.

Saturday, Nov. 15, 1902.  Worked at mason work some each day since Monday.

Sunday, Nov. 16, 1902.  Sent Dale after Mrs. Pardee about 4 o'clock this morning, then after Dr. Piatt.  About 8 our little girl came to gladden our home.  [Eva Marie].

Friday, Nov. 21, 1902.  Took C. A. Avey's sheep home yesterday.  Dale & I went to Dn. [Dansville] this P.M.

Saturday, Nov. 22, 1902.  Took Atla [Shaver] & M. [Margueritte ?] to Wd [Wayland]. so they could take Sun. morning train for Wallace.

Tuesday, Nov. 25, 1902.  Started at 4 A.M. with colt for Rochester.  Reached the valley at 5; head of lake at 6, lake center at 7; foot of lake at 8, Glenville at 9; Hemlock Lake at 9:30;  Lima at 12:30:  Stopped at 4-30 P.M. with people named Srapp 10 miles south of Roch.

Wednesday, Nov. 26, 1902.  Started at 6-45, arrived at Ed's at 10-16.  Snowy & hard traveling.

Thursday, Nov. 27, 1902.  Took Mrs. Pardee home.  Paid her $13.  Was here 11 days.

Friday, Nov. 28, 1902.  Fixed tank for winter.

Saturday, Nov. 29, 1902.  Took Atla & M. over to her folks then to Wd.

Sunday, Nov. 30, 1902.  Atla & M. Started for Tenn. over D.L.&W. an Nickel Plate.  I seems sad to think of her going back to live with her husband but I can't help being glad that they aren't going to live with us any longer.

            A most remarkable Nov.  The pleasantest month of the year 1902.  "The tender Indian summer" lasted nearly the whole month.  Bees flew several days.  Cattle and colts were in pasture until the last 3 or 4 days.  Wheat sown in Oct. has a fair top for winter.

            Viola's folks were here.

Monday, Dec. 1, 1902.  Had cows in pasture.  Dug carrots.

Thursday, Dec. 4, 1902.  Had cows in pasture.  Went to mill.

Friday, Dec. 5, 1902.  Got cabbage into cellar.  Brot sheep to barn.

Sunday, Dec. 14, 1902.  We all went to Dale's [Dale Shaver's] to dinner.  Reddie's calf born.

Monday, Dec. 15, 1902.  Butchered hog.

Tuesday, Dec. 16, 1902.  Took hog to Dv.  Got 7 cents per lb.

Monday, Dec. 22, 1902.  Took 23 geese to Dv.  Weighed 221 lbs. at .08

Tuesday, Dec. 23, 1902.  Paid school tax 9.46.  Rate .00195.  Paid A. A. Piatt nine dollars on a/c.

Thursday, Dec. 25, 1902.  Dale, Cora & Beulah were here P.M.  Had very pleasant Christmas.  V. got bra and lamp mat. L. picture book.  I, a handkerchief.

Friday, Dec. 26, 1902.  Took 23 chickens to Sw.  Sold to G. W. Clemons at .08.  Came to $7.  Paid $1 on school tax on lower place.

Monday, January 5, 1903.  Took load potatoes to Wd. at .50  Had 12 teeth pulled by W. Gamble.  Paid him $5 on teeth he is to make for me

Saturday, Jan. 17, 1903.  Went to Sw.  The tax on the total valuation of $5550 is 41.30.  Sent club order to Montgomery Ward & Co. amounting to $17.90.

Saturday, Jan. 24, 1903.  Took a log to Shafer & Wolff $10 per M. (?)

Sunday, Jan. 25, 1903.  Dale, Cora & Beulah were here to dinner.  Jake & Lizzie Deitzel called later.

Thursday, Jan. 29, 1903.  Lightning, thunder and rain.  Several days of S. wind.

Sunday, Feb. 1, 1903.  Loyd & I went to church.

Monday, Feb. 2, 1903.  Very warm but not warm enough for bees to fly.  Sleighing about gone.

Wednesday, Feb. 4, 1903.  Bees flew.  Light rain.

Saturday, Feb. 7, 1903.  Went to Canning Co meeting.  Got 15% dividend.

Tuesday, Feb. 10, 1903.  Got 4 bu. Alaska seed peas of Canning Co.

Thursday, Feb. 12, 1903.  Dale & I went to Dv. P.M.

Saturday, Feb. 21, 1903.  Have drawn 8 loads (?) to Karl (?) and 7 to Shafer & Wolff.

Wednesday, Feb. 25, 1903.  Viola's folks were here.  Grant came out - first time in about five months.  Paid him his share of balance of rent.

Thursday, March 5, 1903.  Chas Kuster butchered Dunkleby.  Black birds and robins came.

Friday, Mar. 6, 1903.  Took Hemmer one side of beef weighed 293 at .16 [or .06?]  Hide, 77 @ .05.  Sold B. F. Pursel 1 fore quarter 150 lbs @ 5-1/2

Saturday, Mar. 7, 1903.  Geese commenced to lay.

Tuesday, Mar. 10, 1903.  Went to town meeting.  Paid tax. L.L. ext 41.72  Poll tax $1.

Wednesday, Mar. 11, 1903.  Had auction for the estate.  Small crowd.  Goods sold low.

Saturday, Mar. 14, 1903.  Went to mill yesterday.  Pussy willow in bloom.  Heard a peeper to-night.  Remarkable weather for March.

Wednesday, Mar. 18, 1903.  Bot harness without collar and briddles of M. Kimmel & Sons for $25.  Paid $5. on same.  Bot 2 bu. yellow eye beans of C. A. Avey for 4.50.

Sunday, Mar. 29, 1903.  Plowed some last week.  Dale & family were here P.M.

Monday, Mar. 30, 1903.  Finished plowing orchard for peas.

Tuesday, March 31, 1903.  Removed sawdust from tank and pump.  This has been a remarkably warm month.  More rain than needed.  I heard to-day that Uncle Abner & Aunt Ellen are about to move to Dansville.

Wednesday, April 1, 1903.  Sheep commenced lambing.  Eli Saltsman moved to the Deitzel farm to-day.

Thursday, Apr. 2, 1903.  Pair twin lambs born to-day.

Friday, Apr. 3, 1903.  Mrs. Pursell & Viola went to Wd.  V. went to Gleaner meeting.  Blackie's calf born.

Sunday, Apr. 5, 1903.  Last night was worthy of February.

Wednesday, Apr. 8, 1903.  Finished setting 1050 strawberry plants in garden.  Ground a little too wet to work well.

Saturday, Apr. 11, 1903.  Sowed second field of clover seed.

Saturday, Apr. 18, 1903.  Borrowed at bank $300 to advance to G. on % of the final division of estate.  Dragged field for peas.  Nice time to sow now.  Borrowed $100 of Mrs. Pardie for 8 months.

Sunday, April 19, 1903.  We all took a ride to Aunt Eliza's P.M.  Had dinner.

Monday, Apr. 20, 1903.  Sowed 2-1/4 A. peas with 95 q5\ts 1-1/2-8-7 fertilizer per A.  Cultivated strawberries.

Wednesday, Apr. 22, 1903.  Got 1-1/2 tons fertilizer sent from Buffalo.  Freight 3.30.  Dragged with colt, yesterday.

Saturday, Apr. 25, 1903.  Sowed __ A. oats 155 qts. fertilizer running 2-N-3-1/2 and 2-1/2-8-3.

Sunday, Apr. 26, 1903.  Went to E. Wd.  Drove colt.

Monday, Apr. 27, 1903.  Went to Uncle John Parshall's funeral.

Tuesday, Apr. 28, 1903.  Went to Wd.  Bot incubator for $8

Wednesday, Apr. 29, 1903.  Sheared sheep.

Monday, May 4, 1903.  Turned sheep out.

Tuesday, May 5, 1903.  Commenced plowing 4 A. for oats.

Wednesday, May 6, 1903.  Received draft for $1200 in settlement of balance of mortgage

Friday, May 8, 1903.  Finished plowing oats ground

Sunday, May 10, 1903.  We all went over to Dale's.

Thursday, May 14, 1903.  Finished sowing 6-7/8 A. oats.  76 qts oats per A.  107 qts 2-11-4 ftz.  84 qts 2-1/2-8-3 ftz. and 107 qts 11-4-1/2 ftz. per A.  Dale got 5 bu. ear corn to be paid next fall in corn or money.

Friday, May 15, 1903.  Went to Wd.  Cultivated strawberries third time.

Monday, May 18, 1903.  Commenced plowing corn ground.

Wednesday, May 20, 1903.  G. was out.  Took wool to W. W. Capron Jr. 168 lbs. (20 fleeces) @ .19 = 31.92

Saturday, May 23, 1903.  Finished plowing corn ground.  Very dry, hard plowing.  No rain this month.

Wednesday, May 27, 1903.  Rained at last.

Friday, May 29, 1903.  Planted corn.

Saturday, May 30, 1903.  We all went to Wd. eve.  Had supper and ice cream.  Bot Loyd first ready made suit of clothes.  $2.50.

Sunday, May 31, 1903.  Went to church re-opening.  Pledged $20 toward church debt.

Wednesday, June 3, 1903.  Finished planting sweet corn.

Saturday, June 6, 1903.  No rain since May 27.  No potatoes planted yet except in garden.  Ground very dry and lumpy.

Sunday, June 7, 1903.  Went to church.  When we got home found Viola's folks here.

Monday, June 8, 1903.  Three nice little showers to-day.  How glad we all are!

Tuesday, June 9, 1903.  Planted about ¾ A. potatoes.

Friday, June 12, 1903.  Rained all day, still 15 of the Gleaners came.

Saturday, June 13, 1903.  Finished planting potatoes.

Thursday, June 18, 1903.  Finished planting beans.

Friday, June 19, 1903.  Went to Dv. to mill.

Saturday, June 20, 1903.  Built fence from garden to Glen Abrams'.  Rained about every day this week.

Sunday, June 21, 1903.  Had first mess of green peas.

Monday, June 22, 1903.  Commenced mowing.  Fertilized corn.

Sunday, June 28, 1903.  Went to Church and Father Shaver's.

Wednesday, July 1, 1903.  Commenced cutting peas.

Friday, July 3, 1903.  Drove to Conesus Lake on invitation of S. E. Patchin.  Made trip in a little less than 3 hours.

Saturday, July 4, 1903.  Got up at quarter to four.  Caught 12 perch.  Back home at 8 P.M.

Monday, July 6, 1903.  Rob Marks began work by month

Thursday, July 23, 1903.  Finished drawing peas.

Friday, July 24, 1903.  Commenced cutting wheat.

Saturday, July 25, 1903.  V., Loyd and Eva went to Wallace this morning and I am alone.  This is the first time I have been left alone since we were married - almost five years.

Sunday, July 26, 1903.  Went to Wallace.

Thursday, Aug. 6, 1903.  Social at Glendale.  Nellie and the girls came.

Saturday, Aug. 8, 1903.  N. went up to Albright's.  Finished haying.

Wednesday, Aug. 12, 1903.  N. & the girls, V., I & the children went to the Moose re-union at Albert Moose's

Thursday, Aug. 13, 1903.  First picking of beans

Sunday, Aug. 16, 1903.  N. & all of us went to Aunt Eliza's.  Called at Aunt Ellen's.

Tuesday, Aug. 18, 1903.  N. & the girls went home.  Harold came Saturday & is here now.

Thursday, Aug. 27, 1903.  Went over to Dale's last Sun.  Went to S.S. picnic at Loon Lake with children, V. & Mrs. Cochrane.

Saturday, Aug. 29, 1903.  Harold went home

Sunday, Aug. 30, 1903.  Went to Viola's folks'.

Monday, Aug. 31, 1903.  Picked beans last & sixth time.  Total 4752 lbs.

Thursday, Sep. 3, 1903.  Helped Eli Saltsman thrash half day.  G. was out.  Finished cutting oats.  Delayed by rain.

Friday, Sep. 4, 1903.  Grein boys helped in oats with team & wagon.  We together got 8 loads in.

Saturday, Sep. 5, 1903.  Helped Gudme thrash half day.  Finished drawing in oats.

Wednesday, Sep. 9, 1903.  Went to Shaver picnic at Canadice Lake.  A nice day & a nice time.  Kuhn reunion was to-day too.

Thursday, Sep. 10, 1903.  Cut buckwheat for Mr Gudme.

Sunday, Sep. 20, 1903.  Uncle Parse. Aunt Emma, Harry, Dale, Cora & Beulah were here.

Friday, Sep. 25, 1903.  Sowed 6-7/8 A. wheat, 2 bu. wheat and 107 qts fertilizer per A.  also 2 qts timothy.  Fertilizer 2-8-4 and 0-10-8

Wednesday, October 14, 1903.  Picked -1/4 ton sweet corn.  Sent N. 31 bu. potatoes.  Rec'd letter from G. saying that he expected to be married to-day.  V. Loyd & Eva went over to "grandpa's" leaving me alone until to-morrow night.

Thursday, Oct. 15, 1903.  V. came home and brought her step-mother [Louisa Hurzeler Shaver] along.

Sunday, Oct 18, 1903.  Father S. & Pearl came.  Took Mother S. home.

Monday, Oct. 26, 1903.  Finished digging potatoes

Tuesday, Oct. 27, 1903.  Started coal fire.  Snowy.

Thursday, Oct. 29, 1903.  Paid note favor Mrs. A. J. Pardee  Face $100; interest, $3.18

Saturday, October 31, 1903.  A beautiful, warm day.  finished picking apples.  Drew some pumpkins.

Friday, Nov, 6, 1903.  Banked tank

Saturday, Nov. 7, 1903.  Went to an aucton on Frazer place.  Bought roller for $10.

Thursday, Nov. 12, 1903.  V. went to E. Wayland.  Brought Pearl home with her.

Sunday, Nov. 15, 1903.  Dale & family and V.'s folks were here.  Had roast goose.

Friday, Nov. 20, 1903.  Turned C. A. Avey's ram with sheep.

Thursday, Nov. 26, 1903.  Grant, Matilda and Grantyne were here.  Had roast goose, etc.

Sunday, Dec. 20, 1903.  Went over to Dale's in sleigh.

Tuesday, Dec. 22, 1903.  Drew log to Wd.  Winter began to-day.  We have had about a month of good winter weather.

Wednesday, Dec. 23, 1903.  Drew 2 logs to mill.

Friday, Dec. 25, 1903.  Had Christmas tree for Loyd.  He got rocking chair & sled, knife & fork.  V. got Ben Hur & shoes.  I got spy glass & skates.  Eva got rattle & doll.

Monday, Dec. 28, 1903.  Killed calf.

Tuesday, Dec. 29, 1903.  Went to Dv. to mill P.M.

Tuesday, January 5, 1904.  Last night was the coldest night in this locality in a great many years.  18 degrees below zero here.  In Wd. 30 to 40 below.

Tuesday, Feb. 2, 1904.  Cloudy all day.

Sunday, Feb 7, 1904.  Lightning & thunder.  Showery A.M.  Fair P.M.  Thermometer, 54.  Bees had nice flight.

Monday, Feb 8, 1904.  Stormy.  Thermometer, 4

Thursday, Feb. 25, 1904.  Took load wheat to Dv. to Williams & Co.  29 bw @ .95

Friday, Feb. 26, 1904.  Moved a load of Dale's goods to Bossard place.

Monday, Feb. 29, 1904.  Lightning, rain, hail, snow & wind.

Saturday, March 19, 1904.  Tapped 16 trees in woods.

Thursday, Apr. 14, 1904.  At last, after about 2 months negotiating & running I have bought the old-home, have a $2000 mortgage "plastered" on and have settled with Nellie & Grant.  I also have $35 in notes to pay and about $3 left in my pocket.

Friday, Apr. 15, 1904.  Sowed 7 A. to clover seed

Saturday, Apr. 16, 1904.  About a foot of snow this morning.  Ethel went home this P.M. after working here this week.  Wove some Cyclone fence.

Tuesday, apr. 19, 1904.  Sheared sheep.  Snowed hard about all day.  Mercury at 17 and strong wind to-night

Wednesday, Apr. 20, 1904.  Wind blew and snow flew all day.  Mail carrier didn't get through to-day.

Sunday, May 1, 1904.  V. L. & I took walk.  Gathered May flowers, Arbutus & Sassafras.

Tuesday, May 3, 1904.  Sowed 1-5/8 A. peas 75 qts 0-10-8 fertilizer.

Thursday, May 5, 1904.  Had to go after Mrs. Pardee and Dr. Pratt at 4-30 this morning.  About 6-30 another girl came.  [Eliza Mae]

Sunday, May 8, 1904.  Ethel left us to-day.  Started out at once to find another girl and failed

Monday, May 9, 1904.  Finished setting about 2300 strawberry plants.  Got 2 pigs [or figs] of Aldem Curtis for $5.

Tuesday, May 10, 1904.  Went after Hattie Corey to-night.  Sowed 2 A. oats.

Wednesday, May 11, 1904.  Took Mrs. Pardee home this morning.

Tuesday, May 17, 1904.  Sowed field across road, a big 1-1/2 A. to 1000 to 1 oats.  9 pks to A & 95 qts 1-8-4 ftz.

Thursday, May 19, 1904.  Nice warm showers.  Drew stones from road fence.

Friday, June 3, 1904  V. went to Gleaner meeting.  Finished plowing potato ground.

Friday, June 10, 1904.  Planted potatoes.

Saturday, June 11, 1904.  Sowed beans for canning.

Wednesday, June 15, 1904.  Went to mill.  We all went to Aunt Eliza's.

Friday, June 17, 1904.  Went to Mrs. Eunice Purselle's funeral.

Sunday, June 19, 1904.  Picked first qt. of strawberries.

Monday, June 20, 1904.  Sowed 2 A. buckwheat, 3 pks. buckwheat & 150 lbs. ftz.

Tuesday, June 21, 1904.  Sowed 1-1/2 A. buckwheat.  Covered half of little shed with tarred felt roofing.

Saturday, June 25, 1904.  Drew in first field of hay, 3 small loads.  Took off first new honey - not quite finished.

Sunday, June 26, 1904.  G. & family were here.

Monday, June 27, 1904.  First picking of strawberries 34 qts.

Thursday, June 30, 1904.  Took vane from windmill, put new arm in it and replaced it alone.

Saturday, July 9, 1904.  Cut last of Alaska peas.  Load yielded 719 lbs. of peas.

Wednesday, July 13, 1904.  Uncle Charles' funeral to-day.

Tuesday, Aug. 2, 1904.  Cut wheat.

Thursday, Aug. 4, 1904.  Finished mowing.  Drew in wheat.

Saturday, Aug. 6, 1904.  Finished haying - 45 loads.

Wednesday, Aug. 10, 1904.  Went to union picnic at Loon Lake.

Thursday, Aug. 11, 1904.  N. and girls came.  Started plowing for wheat.

Friday, Aug. 12, 1904.  Sold Chas. Hartz 26 lambs for 72.50

Saturday, Aug. 13, 1904.  Went to Wd. P.M.  V. had a tooth pulled.  Paid G. interest & $100 on note.

Tuesday, Aug. 30, 1904.  Sowed 1-5/8 A.  Harvest King wheat, 7 pks. to A.  85, 95 & 107 qts 4-8-7 ftz.

Saturday, Sep. 10, 1904.  Sowed 2-1/4 A. (scant) Red Clawson wheat 60 & 64 qts wheat, 83 qts 4-8-7 ftz per A.  Hartz drew in 5 loads beans.

Tuesday, Sep. 13, 1904.  C. Hartz finished drawing 16 loads beans into barn.  Viola had teeth filled 5 cavities.

Saturday, Sep. 17, 1904.  C. Hartz sowed 6-1/8 A. wheat, 2 bu. wheat, 83 qts. 4-8-7 fertilizer per. A.

Tuesday, Sep. 20, 1904.  Sowed 1¾ A. 2 bu. wheat per A. 95, 107 & 120 qts. 4-8-7 ftz also 120 qts 0-10-8 mixed with bone & nitrate of soda.

Friday, Sep. 23, 1904.  Finished drawing 10 loads beans.  Drew 1 load buckwheat.

Wednesday, Sep. 28, 1904.  Finished grading front yard.  Sowed timothy seed on it.

Thursday, Sep. 29, 1904.  Drew in buckwheat.

Saturday, Oct. 15, 1904.  Mr. Cochrane finished digging potatos

Sunday, Oct. 16, 1904.  Went to V's folks.

Monday, Oct. 17, 1904.  Threshed oats & buckwheat.

Saturday, Oct. 23, 1904.  Picked apples.  G. was here.

Sunday, Oct. 23, 1904.  We went over to Uncle Will Cole's.

Monday, Oct. 24, 1904.  Sent G. his potatoes, apples & peas.

Friday, Oct. 28, 1904.  Helped G. Grein thresh beans.

Saturday, Oct. 29, 1904.  Pulled turnips & carrots.  Took load apples to Wd. for Mr. Cockrane.

Monday, Oct. 31, 1904.  Made bbl. sweet cider & got ton of coal.  Thermometer at 20 degrees this morning.

Tuesday, Nov. 1, 1904.  Clerk at Mr. Gudme's auction

Wednesday, Nov. 2, 1904.  Threshed beans.  I had 124 bu.

Friday, Nov. 4, 1904.  Fay Millman's funeral.  G. was out.

Friday, Nov. 11, 1904.  Turned ram with sheep Thursday, Nov. 3.  Finished plowing potato & bean field.  Went to quarterly conference at Parsonage in evening.

Thursday, Nov. 24, 1904.  Thanksgiving day.  Plowed A.M.

Saturday, Nov. 26, 1904.  Plowed all day.  Snow on ground.

Monday, Nov. 28, 1904.  First really cold night.  Mercury at 10 degrees this morning.

Tuesday, Nov. 29, 1904.  Warmer to-day.  Plowed P.M.

Wednesday, Nov. 30, 1904.  Finished plowing South lot back of creek.  Viola's folks were here.

Thursday, Dec. 1, 1904.  Put up wind breaks around bees.  Put 3 swarms in cellar.  Stormy.  Left 13 out doors.

Friday, Dec. 2, 1904.  Helped move Mr. Gudme's goods to car.

Saturday, Dec. 3, 1904.  Went to E. W. Doolittle's auction at valley.  Bot Perry harrow for $4.50 and Hallock weeder at $2.

Monday, Dec. 5, 1904.  Took load beans to W. H. Norton Wright about 2580 pounds.  His weight after running through mill 2389 and 165 screenings, total, 2554.  62 lbs per bu & 1 lb pick made 37 bu. & 58 lbs. at $1.90 per bu.  Bought barn truck of Doolittle for $1.25.

Tuesday, Dec. 6, 1904.  Mrs. Pursel kept Eva while rest of us went to church, P.M.  I went to church eve.  Mr. Thompson preached.  Had a cash  (?) rally service.  Brought Mr. T. home with me.

Wednesday, Dec. 7, 1904.  Mr. Dice came after Mr. T. this morning.

Saturday, Dec. 10, 1904.  Started coal fire.

Wednesday, Dec. 14, 1904.  Butchered pigs.  Very cold.

Thursday, Dec. 15, 1904.  V., L., May & I went to Wd.  Took pig to Hemmer.  183 lbs. at .06

Sunday, Dec. 18, 1904.  We all were at Dales for dinner

Monday, Dec. 19, 1904.  Took load buckwheat to W.D. at $1.15 per cwt.

Sunday, Dec. 25, 1904.  We spent the day at home.  Nobody came.

Monday, Dec. 26, 1904.  We all went to father Shaver's.  All the Shavers around here were there.

Friday, Dec. 30, 1904.  G. was here.  Rain last Tues.  Ground nearly bare now.

Saturday, Dec. 31, 1904.  Pearl was here.  Annual meeting of Canning Co.

Sunday, January 1, 1905.  Warm and muddy.  Fields bare.

Monday, Jan. 9, 1905.  Went after Miss Mary Brown to do some sewing for V.

Friday, Jan. 13, 1905.  Took Miss Brown home.  Our jumping-Jack, Eliza May has a tooth.

Sunday, January 15, 1905.  Went to church & S.S.  Dale, Cora & Beulah were here P.M.

Wednesday, Jan 25, 1905.  C. Hartz & (?) took 43 bags beans to W. H. Norton's.  Brought back 7 bu. for seed, and about 4 bu. screenings and sold 87 bu. at $1.67 no pick..

Wednesday, Feb. 1, 1905.  Hay pressers came.

Thursday, Feb. 9, 1905.  Have drawn 3 small loads potatoes at .25.  Drew 2 loads to-day at .20

Saturday, Feb. 11, 1905.  Finished drawing hay.  4 loads 3¾ tons.  Very stormy week.  When Eliza was 9 months old she had two teeth and could creep.

Monday, Feb. 13, 1905.  Very cold & windy.  Picked up potatoes and sorted beans.

Tuesday, Feb. 21, 1905.  Went to Dv. to mill.  Took 8 bu wheat.  Got 250 lbs flour.  Folks went along.


[A 1905 election ballot was attached to the top of the page. Spelling of "Democratid" for "Democratic".   Names as follows]:





For Supervisor,


For Supervisor,


For Town Clerk,


For Town Clerk,


For Justices of the Peace,


For Justices of the Peace,




For Assessors,


For Assessors,






For Commissioners of Highways,


For Commissioners of Highways,






For Overseer of the Poor,


For Overseer of the Poor,


For Collector,


For Collector,


For Constables,


For Constables,












Sunday, February 26, 1905.  Last week was very fine.  Have potatoes about all drawn at 25 & 20 cents.  Had 5 T. fertilizer to look after yesterday.  Have a little more than 2 T. worth $50 in barn.  went to church.  Mr. Dice's last Sunday as pastor.

Tuesday, Mar. 14, 1905.  town meeting.  Rosa Hartz & Katherine Weiermiller called eve.

Wednesday, Mar. 15, 1905.  Tagged sheep.

Tuesday, Mar, 21, 1905.  Walked to Wd.  Got $305 at the bank, walked to Dv., paid Mr. Uhl the interest $100 and $200 on principal.  Paid aunt Eliza balance of interest on note to Apr. 6, 1905.  Walked home.  Received offer of $800 for Forrester place of Mr. Richards.

Friday, Mar. 24, 1905.  G. was here

Saturday, Mar. 25, 1905.  Bought 1 bu. Clover seed 8.50.  Bot 1 cwt. linseed meal 2.

Wednesday, Mar, 29, 1905.  Snow about all gone.  80 degrees in shade.  Ground nearly dry enough to drag.

Thursday, March 30, 1905.First lambs came.  First black lamb I ever owned died when one day old.

Monday, April 3, 1905.  Dragged on ground for peas.

Wednesday, Apr. 5, 1905.  Dragged on pea ground.

Thursday, Apr. 6, 1905.  Snowed about 2 inches last night.

Monday, Apr. 10, 1905.  Sowed field across road to clover seed also "old house" lots last week.  Sowed two "bouts" on flat-iron to-day.  Sowed 4 bu. Alaska peas on 1 acre.  Also -1/2 A. Admiral peas at about 3-1/2 bu. per A.  75 qts fertilizer per A. running 1-1/4-9-4�.  New moon.  Sowed nitrate of soda on patches in wheat fields.  Sold Forrester place to Jesse Richards for $875.  Cost father $1800.

Friday, Apr. 14, 1905.  Sowed 1-1/2 A. Admiral peas, same as Apr. 10.  New Moon.

Friday, Apr. 21, 1905.  Swallows came.

Wednesday, Apr. 26, 1905.  Sowed 2-1/4 A. oats.  2-1/2 bu per A.  2-8-4 fertilizer 170 lbs per A.  Old moon

Thursday, Apr. 27, 1905.  Got pigs of Fred Kuhn.

Monday, May 1, 1905.  Bot 1-1/2 loads manure of Mrs. Overpeck at .75 a load.

Thursday, May 4, 1905.  Set about 480 strawberry plants

Friday, May 5, 1905.  Eliza May's birthday.  Took a few steps alone to-day.  Mr. Richards settled for Forrester place and got deed to-day.

Thursday, May 11, 1905.  Sowed 1-1/2 A. oats 70 qts per A.  75 qts 2-8-4 fertilizer, 8 pts clover & timothy seed.  New moon.

Tuesday, May 16, 1905.  Bot of Chas. Snyder 20 rods fence 9 wires 49 inches high at .26 per rod.  Eliza May tried to walk some to-day.

Saturday, May 20, 1905.  Planted 14 rows potatoes along west side of field across railroad.

Sunday, May 21, 1905.  Went to Father Shaver's.  Uncle Parse & Harry wer there.

Tuesday, May 23, 1905.  Finished planting corn.

Thursday, May 25, 1905.  Took wool to Albert Snyder's.  Sold to E. Brozitsky of Avoca 26 fleeces, 193 lbs. @ .27.  Hard frosts.

Wednesday, May 31, 1905.  Finished planting potatoes.  C. Hartz sowed 8 A. beans 100 lbs 10-8 ftz. per A.  Old moon.

Thursday, June 1, 1905.  Sowed 2-1/2 A. beans, 200 lbs 2-9-7 fertilizer per A.  Nitrogen from nitrate of soda.  Old moon.

Saturday, June 3, 1905.  Took calf to Wd.  147 lbs @ 5-1/2.  Rev. S. C. Reamer came home with me from quarterly conference, staid all night.

Sunday, June 4, 1905.  Called at Mr. Schwick's eve.

Tuesday, June 6, 1905.  Went to Nell Rose's funeral.

Friday, June 9, 1905.  Went to school picnic at Dale's.  Good crowd & good time.

Saturday, June 10, 1905.  Telephone put in A.M.  Went over beans & potatoes with weeder.  Went to Wd. P.M.  Bot 40 rds. Pittsburg 45-in. fence at 24 cents.

Friday, June 16, 1905.  Went over beans with weeder.

Sunday, June 18, 1905.  Heavy thunder showers.  Picked 4 qts strawberries.

Saturday, June 24, 1905.  Cultivated beans.  Commenced mowing.

Monday, June 26, 1905.  Jesse Richards borrowed 3 bags buckwheat not re-cleaned.  Pearl came yesterday and is staying a couple of days.

Tuesday, June 27, 1905.  Ladies Aid met here.  40 were present.

Friday, June 30, 1905.  Finished Alaska peas.  4 loads.  ___lbs.  Drew first load hay.

Tuesday, July 4, 1905.  Cultivated corn A.M.  Took off 34 boxes honey.  V. went to Wd.

Thursday, July 6, 1905.  Aunt Ellen Reynolds came eve.

Tuesday, July 18, 1905.  Cut Harvest king wheat.  Drew in one load.

Friday, July 21, 1905.  Finished cutting wheat.

Sunday, July 23, 1905.  Uncle Jonah & family, Scott & Harry Shaver, Lottie & Mildred Cole and Bernice Range were here.  Discovered that dogs had been at sheep and bitten six.

Tuesday, July 25, 1905.  Weaned lambs.  Albert Snyder and Geo. Tucker came and assessed damage to sheep by dogs.

Wednesday, July 26, 1905.  finished drawing wheat.

Friday, Aug. 25, 1905.  Went to Canadice lake to Shaver picnic.

Saturday, Aug. 26, 1905.  Father & mother Shaver brought V. & the children home from the lake and staid all night.

Wednesday, Aug. 30, 1905.  Herm Sterner threshed 44 bu. Harvest King wheat.  74 bu. Red Clawson wheat, 151 bu. oats and 148 bu. partnership Red Clawson wheat.

Thursday, Aug. 31, 1905.  Lent J. Richards 3 bags oats.  See Oct. 4.

Wednesday, Sep. 6, 1905.  Sowed 5+ A.  7 pks. of wheat and 83 qts. 4-8-7 ftz per A.  Strip from corner of field at wooded island without ftz.

Thursday, Sep. 7, 1905.  Kuhn reunion.  Did not go

Saturday, Sep. 9, 1905.  Finished drawing in beans.

Sunday, Sep. 10, 1905.  Harold called P.M.  Took our pictures.

Sunday, Sep. 17, 1905.  Went over to Father Shaver's.

Wednesday, Sep. 20, 1905.  Finished sowing 9+ A. red Clawson wheat.  2 bu. per A.  Lower corner has 67 qts. ftz. mixture per A.  South side 7 qts mixture then high grade 4-8-78; then 85 qts.; then a sack of potato ftz. 2-1/2-8-3; then part of a strip just south of Hubbarts - ton apple tree without ftz.; then 2-1/2-8-3 again and then mixture until it ran out.  Broadcasted about 2 qts. timothy seed per A. and rolled.

Wednesday, Sep. 27, 1905.  Took 40 bu. potatos to Wd. at .45

Thursday, Sep. 28, 1905.  Loyd & I went to Bath fair.  V. & girls went as far as Wallace.

Friday, Sep. 29, 1905.  Went to mill at Dv.  Very still and hot.

Wednesday, Oct. 4, 1905.  Lent J. Richards 1 bu. oats by measure.  See Aug. 31.

Thursday, Oct. 5, 1905.  Finished dragging potatoes.  Light yield.

Saturday, Oct. 7, 1905.  Took lambs to Wd. 15 for $50.  Finished drawing coal. 4610 lbs. pea coal, $10.38.

Sunday, Oct. 8, 1905.  Ed. & Harold were out, also Ruth.

Tuesday, Oct. 10. 1905.  Recd. school tax list.

Monday, Nov. 6, 1905.  Turned ram with sheep.

Saturday, Nov. 25, 1905.  Nice Indian summer weather.

Sunday, Nov. 26,  1905.  Father & Mother Shaver were here to dinner.

Thursday, Nov. 30,  1905.  Set up coal stove.  Had piece of beef for dinner.

Friday, Dec. 1, 1905.  Went to Dv. to mill.  Offered 1.50 for beans.  Called on Aunt Eliza.

Saturday, Dec. 2, 1905.  Went to Sw.  Could get but 1.40 for beans.  Sold by telephone load wheat at .80 to Williams & Co. to be delivered latter part of next week.

Sunday, Dec. 3, 1905.  About 6 inches snow fell last night and to-day.  First of any consequence this fall.

Friday, Dec. 15, 1905.  Took 17 bags beans to Atlanta.  35-1/5 bu. after cleaning.  Picked 2 lbs.(?) [his "(?)"].  Came to $56.  Fine wheeling.  No snow.

Saturday, Dec. 16, 1905.  Sold black mare Jett to Joe Weinhart. $125.

Sunday, Dec. 24, 1902.  Had our Christmas.  Father & Mother Shaver & Pearl; Dale, Cora & Beulah were here.  Had tree.  Nice time.

Saturday, Dec, 30, 1905.  Walked to Wd.  Got money at bank.  Went to Dv. & paid Mr. Uhl interest to next Apr. $90. and $300 on principal of mortgage.  Home at 1-45

Monday, January 1, 1906.  Drew load bean pods to sheep barn and did books.

Saturday, Jan. 13, 1906.  Took load beans to Atlanta.  Got 1.35 as for other load.

Sunday, Jan. 21, 1906.  One of the most remarkable days I ever saw.  Wind in S. since Friday.  Thermometer at 60.  Sun shining brightly.  Bees flying.  Much S. wind & warm weather.  No snow now.  No frost in ground.

Monday, Jan. 22, 1906.  therm. 53 degrees at daylight this morning.  Sprinkling.  Ice nearly out of pond.  Therm. above 60 degrees at 10 A.M.  Plowed P.M.  Had coat off all afternoon & until chores were done.

Tuesday, Jan. 23, 1906.  Plowed A.M.  Warm again.  Went to Wd. P.M.  Rained & got cooler.

Wednesday, Jan. 24, 1906.  Froze up again without any snow.  Went to donation eve.

Friday, Jan. 26, 1906.  Sawed wood at mill P.M.

Monday, Jan. 29, 1906.  Bot at bay mare of Will Bartz for $35.

Tuesday, Jan 30, 1906.  Finished sawing my wood at mill.

Friday February 2, 1906.  4 degrees below this morning and very little snow on fields.  Blackie calf.

Saturday, Feb. 3, 1906.  A little warmer.  Commenced putting up track in old barn P.M.

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 1906.  Went to Shafer Bros' auction.  Bot bean puller at 11.50

Tuesday, Mar. 13, 1906.  A run of thin sleighing.  Took two beech logs to Shafer & Wolf.  First time I have been to town with sleighs this winter.  Dale & B. F. P. drove into each others' rigs this eve.  I hitched up and went after Frank.  Brot him home.  Broke both buggies.

Saturday, Mar. 24, 1906.  Real winter this week.  Snowed and blowed until yesterday.  Zero weather last night.  Drew four logs at 2 loads P.M.  Sent for 8 bu. clover seed for myself & neighbors.

Sunday, Mar. 25, 1906  L., Eva & I went to church in cutter.  First time it was used this winter.  Very nice day.

Tuesday, Mar. 27, 1906.  Went to Dv. to mill.  Very muddy from D.L.&W. down.

Friday, Mar. 30, 1906.  Dale went over to E. Springwater and brought Mrs. Kurtz for us.

Saturday, Mar. 31, 1906.  Called up at 1-30 this morning and phoned for the doctor.  Soon after noon our second boy [Lyal Dale] arrived.

Monday, April 2, 1906.  Minnie Livenguth came to work for us.

Friday, Apr. 13, 1906.  Sowed 5 A. wheat to clover seed.  Started plowing P.M.

Saturday, Apr. 14, 1906.  Bought 3 bu. marrow beans of W. N. Willis at 2.75.  Minnie L., Eva & I went to Wd. P.M.

Monday, Apr. 16, 1906.  Finished plowing across R.R.

Tuesday, April 17, 1906.  Sowedd medium & Alsike clover and timothy on 9 A. field of wheat.

Monday, Apr. 30, 1906.  Sowed 7-1/2 lbs Alfalfa.

Tuesday, May 1, 1906.  Sowed peas, nearly 2 A. 108 qts 1-9-7 ftz. per A.  Finished field with oats.

Tuesday, May 15, 1906.  Took wool to Wd. 28 fleeces 173 lbs at 29 C.

Saturday, May 19, 1906.  Planted garden except tomatoes, beans & cabbage.

Tuesday, May 22, 1906.  Finished fitting corn & potato ground.

Wednesday, May 23, 1906.  Planted corn

Friday, May 25, 1906.  Finished planting potatoes.

Monday, May 28, 1906.  Went to Dv. to mill.

Tuesday, May 29, 1906.  Born to Ethel Lawrence Perkins & husband, a girl.

Wednesday, May 30, 1906.  Sowed scant 3 A. White kidney beans.  Largest & next to largest pinon in fast feed.  Sowed 1-3/5-10-8 ftz. in six tubes of drill set for 155 qts. per A.  Strip at corner of old barn without ftz.  Sowed about 1 bu. beans per A.

Thursday, May 31, 1906.  Took 25 bu. wheat to Dv. at .85 per bu.

Monday, June 4, 1906.  C. Hartz sowed field this side of woods to beans

Wednesday, June 27, 1906.  sowed scant 3 A. in brook field back of upper orchard to buckwheat.  About 28 qts buckwheat, 8 qts. clover mostly crimson and 150 lbs. ftz. per A. E. of brook, 2-9-7-1/2 W. of brook, 4-8-7.  New moon.  Mowed field across road yesterday.  Turned grass to-day.

Saturday, June 30, 1906.  Got hay from across road in.  Slow curing.

Tuesday, July 31, 1906.  Finished cutting wheat.  Finished cutting hay yesterday.

Wednesday, August 1, 1906.  Finished drawing hay and wheat.

Wednesday, Aug. 16, 1906.  Finished cutting oats.  Used this season on my grain about one ball of twine, about 4 miles.  Monday was first time a binder was ever on field across R.R.

Sunday, Aug. 19, 1906.  Frank Hartz's barns were burned by lightning.  All his hay & grain in them.

Thursday, Aug. 23, 1906.  Threshed wheat 290 bu. and oats 175.  Very hot.

Wednesday, Aug. 29, 1906.  Finished pulling beans.

Thursday, Aug. 30, 1906.  Went to the Shaver picnic at Canadice lake.  John Wolls and N. W. Clark's dogs were at my sheep.

Saturday, Sep. 8, 1906.  Cut buckwheat

Sunday, Sep. 9, 1906.  Uncle Phil, Aunt Martha, Father Shaver, Pearl and Harold were here.

Monday, Sep. 10, 1906.  Drew manure on wheat ground.

Monday, Sep. 17, 1906.  Sowed 6-1/2 A. Harvest King wheat 7 pks. per A.  Commencing on S. side, sowed 135 qts. 3-6-15 per A. composed of Nitrate of soda, acid phosphate ground bone & muriate of potash.  Check strips without ftz. just N. of road in woods and from stone pile to E. fence.  Just N. of driveway between fields commenced with 4-8-7 ftz. sowed 155 qts until just S. of first maple tree N. of bars, then changed to 135 qts ftz.

Sunday, Sep. 23, 1906.  Ed, N. & the girls were here P.M.

Monday, Sep. 24, 1906.  Mother Shaver & Amelia Patchin came and helped V. sew.  N. & Eleanor came down from Albright's P.M.

Wednesday, Sep. 26, 1906.  Took N. & Eleanor to Dv.

Sunday, Sep. 30, 1906.  We went to Father Shaver's.

Friday, Oct. 5, 1906.  Bot cow of Father Shaver for $12.

Sunday, Oct. 7, 1906.  Grant & Harold were here.

Thursday, Oct 18, 1906.  V. received letter from Atla saying that she was dying.

Friday, Oct. 19, 1906.  Turned ram with sheep.

Saturday, Oct. 20, 1906.  Atla had surgical operation.

Thursday, Oct. 25, 1906.  Aunt Eliza came on her way from Aunt Mary's.  Threshed beans.

Sunday, Oct. 28, 1906.  We all went up to Ed & Kate Bill's.

Monday, Oct. 29, 1906.  Aunt E. went over to Uncle Ira's  Dale & Cora went to Canton, PA to see Atla.

Wednesday, Nov. 14, 1906.  V. & Lyal went to Canton, PA. to see Atla.

Thursday, Nov. 15, 1906.  Got apples into cellar - 25 bu.  Last Tuesday banked tank & pump.

Tuesday, Dec. 25, 1906.  Spent the day at Father Shaver's.  All of his children and their families were there for the first time since Atla's marriage.

Thursday, Dec. 27, 1906.  Loyd & I attended a game party a little while at Dale's.

Tuesday, January 1, 1907.  Dale's, Atla's and Father Shaver's were here.  Had roast goose.

Friday, Jan. 4, 1907.  Made bluff at plowing.  Plowed 3 times around.  Frost in some places.

Sunday, Jan. 6, 1907.  V. & Eva went to church

Tuesday, Jan. 8, 1907.  Plowed some.

Saturday, Jan. 12, 1907.  Paid tax.  V. says that Lyal has tooth nearly thro.

Saturday, Jan. 26, 1907.  V. sent first Larkin club order.  Yesterday Hattie & Blanche Albright were here.

Saturday, Feb. 23, 1907.  Atla went to Sunbury, Pa.  Left Margueritte here.  Having grip.  Worste yesterday.

Thursday, Mar. 7, 1907.  At last my premium desk from Montgomery Ward & Co. arrived.  I am very much pleased with it.  It is just what I have wanted so long.  Freight from Evansville, Ind. $2.30.

Thursday, Mar. 14, 1907.  finished husking corn.

Friday, Mar. 15, 1907.  V. went to Wd.  Pearl came home with her.

Saturday, Mar. 23, 1907.  Uncle Ira called.  He walked over.  Went to Wd. P.M.  Roads very bad.

Tuesday, Mar. 26, 1907.  A very warm period since the 17th.  Plowed P.M.  Peepers out.  Borrowed $100 of B. F. P. to pay Uncle Ira.

Thursday, Mar. 28, 1907.  Thunder storms.  Finished plowing field by barns.

Sunday, Mar. 31, 1907.  Cold again.  Easter and Lyal's birthday.  He weighs 20 pounds.

Saturday, April 6, 1907.  Aunt Ellen Reynolds came P.M.  Margueritte went to Scranton on 7-35 train this evening.  Six weeks ago to-day Atla went.

Tuesday, April 9, 1907.  Took Aunt Ellen R. to Dale's P.M.  Plowed P.M.

Wednesday, Apr. 10, 1907.  Snowed last night.  Snowy and windy all day.  Fletch Moose is failing fast.

Monday, Apr. 15, 1907.  John Didas came to set up drilling machine to drill in old well at house.

Tuesday, Apr. 16, 1907.  Commenced drilling about 9 this morning.

Wednesday, Apr. 17, 1907.  Finished well at 4 P.M.  Had about 30 ft. of water.  Total depth 65 ft.

Friday, Apr. 19, 1907.  V. borrowed Dale's pig to run with ours.

Saturday, Apr. 20, 1907.  Sowed part of wheat field to medium, Alsyke & timothy.  Put up some fence along E. side of road.  Went to Wd.  Paid John Didas $60 on acct.

Wednesday, Apr. 24, 1907.  Loyd & I went to a moving picture show at W.  First I ever saw.

Thursday, Apr. 25, 1907.  Sowed 2 bu. Alaska peas & about 2 on Admiral peas.  50 qts 12-5 ftz.

Thursday, May 2, 1907.  Finished shearing sheep.

Friday, May 3, 1907.  Sold wool 23 fleeces, 187 lbs @ .28.  J. Didas put in pump.  Water pumped out of well.

Friday, May 10, 1907.  Finished sowing 4 A. oats back of upper orchard.  2-1/2 A. sowed with 150 lbs 1-8-4 ftz.  1-1/2 A. 95 qts ftz.  Very cold P.M.  Snowed hard.  Ground white this eve.  Took Dale's pig home Monday.

Saturday, May 11, 1907.  Three inches of snow this morning.  Cold all day.  Went to Patchinsville to mill.

Sunday, May 12, 1907.  Ed Bill & family were here to dinner & P.M.

Monday, May 13, 1907.  Sowed 2-1/2 bu Admiral peas.

Tuesday, May 14, 1907.  Built fence.  Quite hot.

Saturday, May 18, 1907.  Helped all day at Frank Hartz's barn raising.

Sunday, May 19, 1907.  Took first ride in surrey.  Stopped a while at Ed Lawrence's.

Monday, May 20, 1907.  Cold!  Snowed P.M.  Plowed for oats.

Tuesday, May 21, 1907.  Hills white with snow this morning.  Cold all day.  Froze last night.

Sunday, May 26, 1907.  Grant & family were here.  Rainy.  Finished sowing oats last Friday.

Thursday, May 30, 1907.  Commenced plowing for corn and potatoes.

Tuesday, June 4, 1907.  C. Hartz sowed beans in flat-iron lot.

Wednesday, June 5, 1907.  Dragged bean ground.

Friday, June 7, 1907.  Sowed 2-1/2A. W. K. beans.  Last day of school.  Loyd received prize for attendance.  Mr. Peck assisted by Eugene Harter castrated colts.

Saturday, June 8, 1907.  Finished plowing for corn and potatoes.

Sunday, June 9, 1907.  We all went to church.  Children's day.

Friday, June 14, 1907.  Finished planting corn.

Saturday, June 15, 1907.  Planted potatoes.  Yesterday & to-day were the first warm "growing" days this month - the first this spring.

Monday, June 17, 1907.  Went to Wd. P.M.  Verne Rosenkrans barn burned.  This evening heard whip-poor-wills sing for first time in perhaps ten years.  It brot back fond memories of by-gone days.

Thursday, June 20, 1907.  Cultivated beans.  Reese Pursel is out.

Friday, June 21, 1907.  My second finger on left hand felt as tho it had a thistle in it.  It grew worse fast.  All night it pained so I walded the floor.  Had on it lemon & salt, hot lye and a soap & terpentine poultice.

Saturday, June 22, 1907.  My finger stopped paining and I knapped all day.  Swollen badly.  Piatt called this morning and left some stomach pills and physic.

Tuesday, June 25, 1907.  Finger still swollen and tender.  Went up to see Piatt.  Told me to poultice it.  It was getting along all right.  Borrowed $50 at bank.

Wednesday, June 26, 1907.  Went to Ward's for binder twine and scale for Geo. Grein.

Thursday, June 27, 1907.  Finger bothered so could not sleep last night.  Shows signs of festering.

Friday, June 28, 1907.  Went to Wd. this morning.  Piatt opened finger in 3 places.  Took a good knap this P.M.

Saturday, June 29, 1907.  I opened 2 more places on finger this morning & one this evening.  Re-planted corn & cultivated A.M.  Rained all P.M.  First rain in more than 2 weeks.  Belle Amos & Cora came to fish.  Were here for dinner & supper yesterday.

Sunday, June 30, 1907.  G. staid all night.

Thursday, July 4, 1907.  Cultivated beans.  No celebration.  Not even lemonade.  Loyd had 15 cents worth of fire-crackers and caps.

Saturday, July 6, 1907.  Commenced mowing.

Sunday, July 7, 1907.  We went to church and to Viola's folks.

Monday, July 8, 1907.  Went to circus street parade.  Drew in hay P.M.

Thursday, July 11, 1907.  Drew first load peas.

Friday, July 12, 1907.  Took second & last load of Alaska peas.  V. went to Dale's at Gleaner meeting.

Sunday, July 14, 1907.  Went to Dv.  Took dinner at Aunt Ellen's.

Monday, July 15, 1907.  Helped Eli S. draw hay A.M.

Tuesday, July 16, 1907.  Mowed field across R.R.

Friday, July 19, 1907.  Finished drawing hay from across R.R.

Sunday, July 21, 1907.  Went over to uncle Jone's [Jones' ?]

Thursday, Aug. 1, 1907.  Commenced cutting wheat.

Tuesday, Aug. 6, 1907.  Finished cutting wheat.

Thursday, Aug 8, 1907.  Finished drawing in wheat and hay.  Only 25 loads hay and 11 of wheat.

Friday, Aug. 16, 1907.  Finished drawing peas.  Lawrence came out to Albright's

Sunday, Aug. 18, 1907.  Nellie & girls came out.

Monday, Aug. 19, 1907.  Mowed brush on rode-side.  Lawrence helped P.M.

Tuesday, Aug. 20, 1907.  Cut one field of oats.

Wednesday, Aug. 21, 1907.  Took N., Lawrence and the girls to Dv

Thursday, Aug. 22, 1907.  Cut a field of oats for Mr. Swick. A.M.  Took N. & girls to station P.M.

Friday, Aug. 23, 1907.  Cut last field of oats for Mr. Swick.

Sunday, Aug. 25, 1907.  Chas, Ida & Olive Avey and Josephine L. called P.M.

Tuesday, Aug. 27, 1907.  Josephine L. came P.M.  Went home with Olive Avey eve.  Grantyne came on evening train.

Thursday, Sep. 12, 1907.  Went to Kuhn reunion at Fred Traxler's.

Saturday, Sep. 14, 1907.  Sowed 2-1/2 A. Gold Corn [Coin ?] wheat at 7 pks. per A.  7 qts clover & timothy, 107 & 120 qts 10-8 ftz.  Strip west of W. end of cow barn without ftz.

Wednesday, Sep. 18, 1907.  Threshed 170 bu oats 137 wheat.

Monday, Sep. 23, 1907.  Pearl came.

Thursday, Sep. 26, 1907.  Atla, Margueritte and W. D. came to Dale's from Wallace.

Saturday, Sep. 28, 1907.  Atla & family were here at supper and went back to Dale's.

Sunday, Sep. 29, 1907.  We went to Viola's folks.

Wednesday, Oct. 9, 1907.  Finished cutting corn and began digging potatoes.

Saturday, Oct. 12, 1907.  Took lambs to D.L.&W.  Nine aver [over ?] aged 89 lbs. each at .06-1/2 per lb.  Drew 2 loads potatoes this week at .52 & .50

Sunday, Oct. 13, 1907.  Grant was out.  Dale & family, Atla & Margueritte were here.

Saturday, Oct. 26, 1907.  Finished digging potatoes.

Sunday, Nov. 3, 1907.  Father & Mother Shaver were here.

Thursday, Nov. 7, 1907.  Stormed sleet all day.  Got all stock except hogs up.

Friday, Nov. 8, 1907.  Turned out sheep and colts.

Wednesday, Nov. 13, 1907.  Pearl came yesterday to help V  Mildred Swarts came to-day to sew.  Turned in ram Nov. 1.  Fixed tank and pump for winter to-day.

Friday, Nov. 15, 1907.  Loyd, Eva & I went to Rochester on morning train.

Saturday, Nov. 16, 1907.  Went to mill at Wd.

Sunday, Dec. 1, 1907.  Grover Pursel died.

Wednesday, Dec. 4, 1907.  Went to Grover Pursel's funeral.  Pearl came home with me.

Sunday, Dec. 8, 1907.  Loyd, Eva, Eliza and I went to church.  Uncle Will Cole and family came.

Saturday, Dec. 21, 1907.  Took 11 loads, 21 logs to Wd. this week.

Wednesday, January 8, 1908.  Christmas week was warm and spoiled the sleighing.  We spent Christmas at home alone.  Had oyster soup for dinner.  Monday, Dec. 30, Uncle Pars brot Aunt Electa, Uncle Jay and Mabel.  Aunt E. & Mabel staid all night.  Tuesday, Jan. 2, Ray Shaver & Alma Rowley were here.  Georgie and Adalaide Grem have diphtheria.  Geo. has been very sick.  Adalaide has it more lightly.

Monday, Jan 20, 1908.  Went to Mena Leaper's [Laper's ?] funeral.

Thursday, Jan. 23, 1908.  Drew beans to Wd.  Sold to an Avon dealer.  $1.65 for yellow eyes and 2.15 for white kidney direct from machine.

Sunday, Feb. 9, 1908.  The past week has been very cold and stormy.  School bus one day.  Called on Jas. Pursel P.M.  He shows age.

Sunday, Feb. 16, 1908.  A very warm week.  Grant & Grantyne came last night and went to Chas. Mooses' funeral to-day.

Saturday, Feb. 22, 1908.  Went to stone mill.  Got cwt. spring wheat flour at 30 lbs for 1 bu. of wheat.  No bran.  Cora came down and helped V. bake.

Monday, Mar. 2, 1908.  Pearl came to work.

Thursday, Mar. 12, 1908. Went after Mrs. Kurtz eve.  Called Dr. Pratt about 8:30.  Baby [Loya Josephine] born about 10-30.

Sunday, Mar. 22, 1908.  Father & Mother S. were here.  Rose Hartz & Mildred Swarts called.  Took Mrs. Kurtz home eve.

Tuesday, Mar. 24, 1908.  First pair of twin lambs.

Thursday, Mar. 26, 1908.  Dale & family called eve.  Heard first peepers.

Saturday, Mar. 28, 1908.  Finished picking stones along road side of orchard.  11 boat loads.

Tuesday, Mar. 31, 1908.  Commenced plowing.

Tuesday, Apr. 14, 1908.  Sheared sheep.  23 head.  Alfred Glover charged 2.50.  Made wool weigh 203-1/2 lbs.  Baby (Loya) weighed 12� lbs. when a month old the 12th.  9-1/2 at birth.

Thursday, Apr. 23, 1908.  Sowed 2 bu. Alaska peas and about 1-1/2 bu. Admiral peas.  Sowed about 125 lbs. per A. of 2-8-10 ftz.

Friday, Apr. 24, 1908.  Drove Cub & Walt to Wd with wool.  Got trees & plants at D.L.&W.  Set berries & part of trees P.M.

Saturday, Apr. 25, 1908.  Finished setting trees.  Saw swallows.  Planted half bu. early potatoes and sowed half lb sugar beet seed.

Sunday, Apr. 26, 1908.  Took walk in woods with the four oldest children.  Mark, Candace & Lynn called

Monday, Apr. 27, 1908.  Dragged half day with each of the colts.

Tuesday, Apr. 28, 1908.  Sowed 3 A. around upper orchard to oats.  2-1/4 bu. per A.  95 qts ftz. but only used about 150 lbs. per A. of 2-8-10 and finished from between 3rd & 4th post E of gate with 1-8-4.  Check strips at S.W. corner and N.E. corner of orchard and between brands of ftz.  6 qts clover & timothy with drill.

Wednesday, Apr. 29, 1908.  Commenced plowing old sheep pasture at head of pond for oats.

Thursday, Apr. 30, 1908.  Drew two loads lumber from Wd.  Rainy.

Friday, May 1, 1908.  Six inches of snow last night.  Drew load of timber from Wd on stone boat.  Load lumber.

Saturday, May 2, 1908.  Drew two (last) loads lumber.  Caught in rain & sleet storm.

Tuesday, May 12, 1908.  Sowed another A. of Admiral peas 100 qts. per A.  Baby [Loya] weighs 14-1/2 lbs.

Thursday, May 14, 1908.  Went to Wd. A.M.  Bot pair leather boots for $3.  Pearl came home with me.  Rainy.

Friday, May 15, 1908.  Finished plowing old sheep pasture.

Sunday, May 17, 1908.  Rode with Ed. L. to Springwater creamery & back.  First time I ever saw separator in operation.

Friday, May 22, 1908.  Planted corn.

Monday, May, 25, 1908.  Sowed 50 lbs. alfalfa on about 2 A.  Everything favorable for a successful field excepting, possibly inoculation.

Thursday, May 28, 1908.  Sowed last of peas.  Also about 3 A. oats & peas.  2-10-8 ftz.  Corn is coming up.  Took Pearl home last Sun.  First time V. had been home since last September.

Saturday, May 30, 1908.  Dragged for oats.  Put 2 supers on bees.  Mowed first grass for horses.

Sunday, May 31, 1908.  Went to Dale's P.M.

Wednesday, June 3, 1908.  Sowed 4-1/2 A. oats in old sheep pasture.  100 qts 2-10-8.  Dried blood & 10-8 mixed.

Saturday, June 6, 1908.  Sowed 1-7/8 A. W. K. beans.

Friday, June 12, 1908.  Planted potatoes.

Saturday, June 13, 1908.  Went to Wd.  First time in over 4 weeks.  Went to valley P.M. after fence & timothy seed.

Sunday, June 14, 1908.  Made ice cream.  Uncle Phil & aunt Martha were here last Sunday.  Loya weighed 15 lbs. at 3 months old.

Wednesday, June 17, 1908.  Sowed 1-5/8 A. W.K. beans 10-8 ftz.

Thursday, June 18, 1908.  Grant was here.

Sunday, June 28, 1908.  Took ride P.Mm to Advent camp meeting.

Monday, June 29, 1908.  Cut early peas.  2 loads.

Sunday, July 19, 1908.  Went over to Uncle Ira's, got Aunt Mary and took her, Loyd & Eliza to Spencer & Emma Park's.

Monday, July 20, 1908.  Cousin Mary came to-day.

Tuesday, July 21, 1908.  Took Aunt Mary & Cousin Mary to Mark's.

Saturday, July 25, 1908.  Finished drawing in wheat.  Aunt Mary came.

Sunday, July 26, 1908.  Aunt M. & I went to Uncle David's.  Met young David & wife.

Tuesday, July 28, 1908.  Finished hilling beans and haying except oats & peas.  Cousin Mary came yesterday.  Took Aunt M. to Dv. yesterday.

Friday, July 31, 1908.  Met Aunt Mae & Josephine at station.  N. & girls came out eve.

Saturday, Aug. 1, 1908.  First Lawrence family re-union at Uncle Ira's.  About 90 there.  Fine time.  Aunt Mae, Josephine, Mary, N. & girls were here all night.

Sunday, Aug. 2, 1908.  G. & family were here.  Took N. to Albright's.  G. went in eve.

Monday, Aug. 3, 1908.  Took Aunt Mae & girls to train this morning.  Cut oats & peas hay.

Wednesday, Aug. 5, 1908.  Finished cutting peas.  Uncle Ira died.

Saturday, Aug. 8, 1908.  Attended Uncle Ira's funeral.  Frank, Albert, Mark, John, Spencer Parks & I bearers.  V. has grip.

Sunday, Aug. 9, 1908.  Have tooth & head ache.  Went to Wd.  Had last 6 of teeth out.

Monday, Aug. 10, 1908.  Cut one field oats.

Tuesday, Aug. 11, 1908.  All went to Wd. P.M. to see old home week doings.

Thursday, Aug. 13, 1908.  Went to see the parade at Wd. P.M.

Saturday, Aug. 15, 1908.  We all went to the Weld reunion at Ingleside.

Sunday, Aug. 16, 1908.  Loyd, Eva & I went to church.  First time since baby was born.

Monday, Aug. 17, 1908.  End of first decade of married life.  Worked much the same as any other day.

Wednesday, Sep. 2, 1908.  Threshed 169 bu. oats & 71 wheat.

Friday, Sep. 4, 1908.  Gleaners were here to-day.

Saturday, Sep. 5, 1908.  Sowed wheat in flat-iron lot 7 pks. per A.  About 200 per A. of 2-8-7-1/2 fertilizer mixture.  Rolled until too dark to see.

Tuesday, Sep. 8, 1908.  Finished pulling first piece of beans.

Saturday, Sep. 12, 1908.  Finished drawing first piece of beans.  Hot, dry & smokey.

Friday, Sep. 18, 1908.  Drew in second field of beans.

Sunday, Sep. 20, 1906.  V. took Loyd, Eva & Eliza to S.S.  Their first experience in S.S.

Tuesday, Sep. 22, 1908.  Cut corn.

Sunday, Sep. 27, 1908.  We went over to Uncle Phil's after S.S.

Sunday, Oct. 4, 1908.  Called at Grein's P.M.

Thursday, Oct. 8, 1908.  Picking apples this week.

Saturday, Oct. 10, 1908.  Commenced digging potatoes.

Sunday, Oct. 11, 1908.  Ram got out into road and butted Jas. Pursel on leg so he could not walk.  Called to see him P.M.

Sunday, Oct. 18, 1908.  Uncle Geo. Shaver & Aunt Cora came.  Later Uncle Bert & family came.

Tuesday, Oct. 20, 1908.  Finished digging potatoes.

Saturday, Oct. 24, 1908.  Took beans to Dv.  Got 2.20 hand picked.  Load came to 103.09 and brought home 2 bags full.

Monday, Nov. 2, 1908.  Tagged sheep and turned in ram.

Sunday, Nov. 15, 1908.  Went over to Viola's folks.

Thursday, Nov. 26, 1908.  Plowed all day.  A fine day.  Was thankful for good weather to plow.  Not a very big dinner, not even a pumpkin pie but had chicken and enough other fare to be thankful for.  V. had callers.  Hattie & Florence, Rose H. & Mildred Swarts.

Friday, Nov. 27, 1908.  V. & Eliza have gone to Wd. this P.M.  Lyal & I are keeping the baby.

Sunday, Nov. 29, 1908.  Loyd, Eva, Eliza & I went to S.S.

Tuesday, Dec. 1, 1908.  Was plowing at 6-55 this morning.

Wednesday, Dec. 2, 1908.  Froze up last night.  Guess I am through plowing this year.

Saturday, Dec. 5, 1908.  Put ladder in E. side of barn from breast girt to scaffold.

Thursday, Dec. 10, 1908.  Butchered.  Malty calved yesterday.

Friday, Dec. 11, 1908.  V. & Mrs. P. went to Wd. P.M.

Friday, Christmas, 1908.  Spent the day and part of the evening with the Shavers at Uncle Jone's.  Mild weather.  Good wheeling [biking].

Thursday, Dec. 31, 1908.  Ray & Alma were here.

Saturday, Jan. 2, 1909.  Left eye commenced to run and get red.  Went to Wd.

Sunday, Jan. 3, 1909.  Eye worse, other eye commenced.  Frankey P. called.

Tuesday, Jan. 5, 1909.  Both eyes very much inflamed and sore.  Have used witch hazel and cold cream.  No good.  Salt water makes them discharge too much.  Grated carrot makes them comfortable and camphor seems to clear them and make them feel better.  Cleaned tank.

Wednesday, Jan. 6, 1909.  Rained last night.  Filled tank half full.  Am staying in the house trying to heal my sick eyes when I would like to be out plowing.

Sunday, Jan. 10, 1909.  Eyes improving now.  Franky called.

Wednesday, Jan. 13, 1909.  C. Kuster dressed Blacky.  Received letter with twenty dollar bank note from Aunt Mary.  This is probably all I ever will get from her, tho I could & would make as good use of a bit of her money as anyone could.

Saturday, Jan. 23, 1909.  Loyd & I took Dunkleby & 2 yearlings to Frank Stuart's.  Walked both ways.  Aunt Mary buried yesterday.

Sunday, Jan. 24, 1909.  Pearl & Will were here.  Very warm.  Thermometer above 60.

Monday, Jan. 25, 1909.  Bot calf of Mr. Swick.  Plowed P.M.

Tuesday, Jan. 26, 1909.  Plowed.  Sold white colt to Mr. Swick

Wednesday, Jan. 27, 1909.  Went to Da.  Paid $125 on mortgage.  Called on Mrs. Wheaton & Ida, Aunt Ellen & Uncle Abner & Aunt Eliza.

Sunday, Feb. 21, 1909.  All went, on invitation, to Saltsmans' for dinner.  Mr. S.'s birthday.

Monday, Mar. 8, 1909.  G. came out.

Tuesday, Mar. 9, 1909.  Mr. Saltsman & I went to town meeting.

Wednesday, Mar. 9, 1909.  Heard that the town went for license.

Friday, Mar. 12, 1909.  Baby 1 yr. to-day.  Can get up and stand alone.  Topped trees.  V., Lyal, baby & I went to Wd.

Thursday, Mar. 18, 1909.  Pearl came, spent the day.

Friday, Mar. 19, 1909.  Commenced to raise the buggy-house.

Saturday, Mar. 20, 1909.  Finished elevating buggy-house.

Friday, Mar. 26, 1909.  Coal gone.  Set up chunk stove.

Sunday, April 4, 1909.  Received phone from John L. that Uncle David died last night.  Dale's folks here P.M.

Monday, Apr. 5, 1909.  Alfred Glover sheared sheep.  Went to Dv. eve and brought Aunt Eliza up.  Lyal fell from back door of horse barn.

Tuesday, Apr. 6, 1909.  Aunt E. & I went to Uncle David's funeral.  Rainy & muddy much of the way.  Met Arthur L. first time in I don't know how long.

Thursday, Apr. 8, 1909.  Took Aunt E. home.  Got 5 bu Y.E. beans for seed at $4 a bu.

Thursday, Apr. 15, 1909.  Worked in cemetry forenoon.  Got fertilizer P.M.  Loya trying to walk.  Took first step alone the 12th, at 13 months.  Sowed clover seed morning.

Saturday, Apr. 17, 1909.  Took wool to Wd. 25 fleeces 213 lbs. at .26

Sunday, Apr. 18, 1909.  Saltsman's were here for dinner

Monday, Apr. 19, 1909.  Sowed 1 bag Alaska peas with 95 qts per A.  10-8 ftz.

Tuesday, Apr. 20, 1909.  Commenced plowing field across road for potatoes.

Friday, Apr. 23, 1909.  Dale & Mr. Swick helped move buggy house.

Sunday, Apr. 25, 1909.  We went to Father Shaver's.

Wednesday, Apr. 28, 1909.  Drew manure on potato ground this week.

Wednesday, May 5, 1909.  Jas Redmond laid wall under buggy-house yesterday & to-day.

Thursday, May 6, 1909.  Sowed 1� A. oats 76 qts per A.

Friday, May 7, 1909.  V. & L. set out 166 strawberry plants & planted early potatoes.  V. went to Gleaner meeting P.M.

Saturday, May 8, 1909.  Sowed bag Alaska & bag Admiral peas  Ftz same as former sowing.

Tuesday, May 11, 1909.  Commenced plowing corn ground

Wednesday, May 12, 1909.  Finished plowing corn ground.

Thursday, May 13, 1909.  Sowed 6 bu. oats & peas in orchard and finished with oats.

Friday, May 14, 1909.  Sowed about 4 bu. Admiral peas 116 qts per A. & 85 & 95 qts 10-8

Saturday, May 15, 1909.  V. set out 300 strawberry plants.  Fixed fence and turned out sheep and cows part of day.

Monday, May 17, 1909.  Went to Wd. after jacket for big kettle [Rittle ?] and roofing for old barn.  G. was here

Tuesday, May 18, 1909.  Plowed garden.

Wednesday, May 19, 1909.  Planted qt. early Huron dent corn and 2-1/2 bu. potatoes.  Ethel, Alma & Lolita were here.

Thursday, May 20, 1909.  Dragged & marked corn ground

Friday, May 21, 1909.  Plowed for oats on my multi-cornered field.

Saturday, May 22, 1909.  H. W. Wilcox and I helped Albert and Mark divide their land.  Went to Wd. P.M.

Sunday, May 23, 1909.  We went over to Uncle Will's.  Cold riding.

Monday, May 24, 1909.  Planted corn P.M.

Tuesday, May 25, 1909.  Finished planting corn.  Made garden.

Wednesday, May 26, 1909.  Finished plowing for oats.

Friday, May 28, 1909.  Sowed last of peas.  1 bu Adm & 2 bu. market garden.

Saturday, May 29, 1909.  Took calf and 2 sheep to Wd.  Sowed part of bog lot to oats.  2-1/2 bu. oats 83 qtx.  1-2/3 -8-4 ftz. 8 qts. timothy & clover per A.  Baby weighs 23 lbs.

Monday, May 31, 1909.Finished sowing 4-1/2 A. oats 82 & 76 qts. oats 8 qts. timothy & clover 83 & 75 qts ftz 1¾-8-4 per A.  rolled.

Wednesday, June 2, 1909.  Planted potatoes in field across the road.

Thursday, June 3, 1909.  Fixed fence and changed sheep to south field back of brook.

Friday, June 4, 1909.  Loyd & I went to Dv. to mill.  V. & Eva went to Gleaner meeting at Edna Curtis'.

Saturday, June 5, 1909.  finished floor in buggy-house, made scaffold brackets, etc.

Sunday, June 6, 1909.  Made ice-cream.  Pursel's & Saltsmans were here eve.

Monday, June 7, 1909.  Helped Swick plant potatoes.

Sunday, June 20, 1909.  Grant was out.

Tuesday, June 22, 1909.  Commenced sowing buckwheat.  Rained off twice.

Wednesday, June 23, 1909.  Finished sowing 6¾+ A. buckwheat 30 qts. per A.; about 145 lbs 10-8 ftz. per A.

Tuesday, June 29, 1909.  Went to Dv. P.M. to see Aunt Eliza & Robt Pratt about the Aunt Mary affair.  Went down on train, walked back.

Wednesday, June 30, 1909.  Called on Albert & Mark & talked with John about answering Straight's complaint.

Thursday, July 1, 1909.  finished roofing old-barn.

Saturday, July 3, 1909.  Loyd & I went to Dv. P.M.

Monday, July 5, 1909.  G. was out.

Wednesday, July 7, 1909.  Commenced cutting peas.

Monday, July 12, 1909.  Cut last load of Alaska peas.

Sunday, July 25, 1909.  Eva & I drove to Dv. P.M.

Thursday, July 29, 1909.  V. went over home.  Brot Josephine from D.L. eve.

Saturday, July 31, 1909.  Finished drawing in wheat.  Josephine stayed with children while V. & I went to Wd. eve.

Sunday, August 1, 1909.  All went to quarterly meeting.

Thursday, Aug. 5, 1909.  Finished haying.  V., children & Josephine went to Wd. to S.S. picnic.  Tuesday.  I was elected trustee first time.  Hired Mildred Walker teacher.

Friday, Aug. 6, 1909.  Aunt May & Mary came P.M.  Lawrence & Harold came eve.

Saturday, Aug. 7, 1909.  Lawrence day.  68 of family present.  Very nice time.

Sunday, Aug. 8, 1909.  V. Aunt May & Mary drove down to Mark's P.M.

Monday, Aug. 9, 1909.  Took canistes (?) friends & Lawrence & Harold to D.L.&W.  Commenced cutting oats.  G. was out.

Thursday, Aug. 12, 1909.  Drew in oats.  Lawrence & Harold helped.

Saturday, Aug. 14, 1909.  We all went to Gleaner meeting in grove.

Tuesday, Aug. 17, 1909.  Made ice-cream.  Saltsman's and Mrs. Francis with 3 children, Frank and Caroline Pursel called eve.  Very pleasant time.

Thursday, Aug. 19, 1909.  Commenced plowing for wheat.  Plows hard.

Friday, Aug. 20, 1909.  Threshed wheat 161 bu.  Heard to-day that G. with a N.Y.-bound excursion ran into the side of a freight train at Savona last night and was seriously injured.  Was going to Corning to see him to-night but could not very well get ready.

Saturday, Aug. 21, 1909.  Went to Corning.  Found G. comfortable.  Tillie & Grantyne came to C. P.M.

Friday, Aug. 27, 1909.  Commenced cutting late oats.  Dale was injured in a run away.

Saturday, Aug. 28, 1909.  Sold 11 lambs 840 lbs. @ 5-1/2 & calf 180 lbs at 7-1/2

Monday, Aug. 30, 1909.  Finished cutting oats.

Wednesday, September 1, 1909.  Went to Dv. mill and took wheat & oats to Aunt e.

Sunday, Sep. 5, 1909.  Ed. N. & Eleanor came from Albright's P.M. - stayed all night.

Monday, Sep. 6, 1909.  N. & I drove over to cemetry.

Tuesday, Sep. 7, 1909.  Cut buckwheat

Saturday, Sep. 11, 1909.  Sowed 4 A. wheat 7 pks per A.  107 qts. per A. 2-8-5-1/2 fertilizer mixture.  Strip on N. side 175 qts ftz. per A.  3 qts. per A timothy.

Sunday, Sep. 12, 1909.  Pearl & family came after church.

Tuesday, Sep. 14, 1909.  Finished setting up buckwheat.

Wednesday, Sep. 15, 1909.  Finished plowing orchard for wheat.

Friday, Sep. 17, 1909.  Sowed lower orchard to wheat at 60 qts. per A.  2+A.  Sowed bag of ftz. mixture 2-8-5-1/2 at 107 qts. per A. then tankage at 225 qts per A.  Tankage strip from two drill widths E. of lower harvest apple tree to upper harvest apple tree.  Then ftz. mixture at 175 qts. per A.  About 3 qts. timothy seed per A.

Saturday, Sep. 18, 1909.  Bot bu. peaches of Henry Brewer for 1.50.

Sunday, Sep. 19, 1909.  Grant & family came

Monday, Sep. 20, 1909.  Took G. & family to train P.M.

Tuesday, Sep. 21, 1909.  Had to kill and bury Walt this morning.  23 years old.

Saturday, Oct 2, 1909.  Pointed chimneys & patched potato crates.  Erma Weld came.

Sunday, Oct. 3, 1909.  V. & Erma went to church

Tuesday, Oct. 19, 1909.  Finished digging potatoes.  362 bu. on field across road.  Shipped N's potatoes yesterday.

Tuesday, Oct. 26, 1909.  G. was out.

Tuesday, Nov. 2, 1909.  Threshed oats 157 & buckwheat 166.

Friday, Nov. 5, 1909.  Threshed beans 98 bu in all

Monday, Nov. 8, 1909.  Took 50 bu Y.E. beans to Belden & Co at Wd. at 2.90 per bu.  Heard that G. had been discharged.

Saturday, Nov. 27, 1909.  All went to Dv. and sat for family picture.  Aunt Eliza has been subpoenaed on the Straight case, and says that I must go with her to Ithaca.

Wednesday, Dec. 1, 1909.  Went to Livonia to see Scott Crane but saw him but a few minutes at train.

Sunday, Dec. 5, 1909.  Went to Dv. early this morning.  got aunt Eliza.

Monday, Dec. 6, 1909.  Aunt E. & I took morning train for Rochester.  I made short call at Grant's then we took 10-50 Lehigh train for Ithaca  Arrived at Ithaca 1-10.  Case put over until next Monday at 2 P.M.  Arrived at Roch. 9-15 P.M.  Stayed all night with G.

Tuesday, Dec, 7, 1909.  Called at Westfall's and Jim Milliman's.  Stayed at Nellie's

Wednesday, Dec. 8, 1909.  Came home eve.

Thursday, Dec. 9, 1909.  Pearl & family stayed here while I was gone and went home P.M.

Saturday, Dec. 11, 1909.  Loyd & Eva went to Wd. to do Christmas shopping & have some teeth filled.

Saturday, Dec. 18, 1909.  Walked to Dv  Got photos  Called at Aunt Ellen's & Aunt Eliza's.

Friday, Dec. 24, 1909.  Went to exercises at school house.

Saturday, Dec. 25, 1909.  All took morning train for Atlanta.  Called at Emma Parks'  Went to Aunt Electa's.  Had fine time.  On way to station, called at Will Waite's.  Train more than four hours late.  Loyd & I came home; the rest staid at Waite's

Sunday, Dec. 26, 1909.  L. & I went to Wd. after rest of family.

Saturday, January 1, 1910.  Had oysters & ice cream.  Caroline P. took dinner with us.

Monday, Jan. 3, 1909.  Alzina called and served citation

Wednesday, Jan. 19, 1910.  Dale, Cora, Beulah and Mildred W. spent eve.  Played bunco & trolley

Thursday, Jan. 20, 1910.  Butchered pig & calf.  DeWitt Pursel died this afternoon.

Sunday, Jan. 23, 1910.  Went to DeWitt Pursel's funeral P.M.  Called at Swick's

Saturday, Feb. 12, 1910.  Intended to go to Dv.  Very heavy fall of snow last night.  Snowed to-day.

Sunday, Feb. 13, 1910.  Snowed and blew some last night.  A magnificent lot of snow.

Tuesday, Feb. 15, 1910.  Went to Dv.  Took dinner with Aunt Eliza.  Paid Mr Uhl interest and fifty dollars.

Sunday, Feb. 20, 1910.  Melvin, Mary & Fern Roberts were here.  Nice and warm but windy.  Willie Clark died in hospital at Hornell after an operation for appendicitis.

Wednesday, Feb. 23, 1910.  Stormy and cold since Sun.  I think only two trains went to-day.  Willie Clark's funeral.

Saturday, Feb. 26, 1910.  Took a load of goods for Mr. Cochrane to the Moses Richards farm

Sunday, Feb. 27, 1910.  Weather moderated.  Elected teacher of bible class in S.S.

Sunday, Mar. 6, 1910.  Heard robin last Wed. or Thurs.  G. was out Wed.  Very warm and pleasant all last week.

Tuesday, Mar. 22, 1910.  Went to Chas. Avey's auction.

Thursday, Mar. 24, 1910.  Commenced plowing.

Sunday, Mar. 27, 1910.  A beautiful Easter.  Plowed 3 days last week.  Went to Wd. last eve.  Swicks were here to dinner  Frank Lawrence's Breakle house burned.  Caught from a R.R. fire.

Monday, Mar. 28, 1910.  Mr. Swick & I went to the valley and bot Alsyke seed at $8  Bot 3 cwt. wire at 2-1/2  Pearl & son came

Tuesday, Mar. 29, 1910.  Sawed Eli's wood at mill 15-1/2 loads.

Wednesday, Mar. 30, 1910.  Finished 9 A. field plowing.  Took up sap dishes.  Hot & muggy.  Snow almost gone.  May flowers in bloom.

Friday, Apr. 8, 1910.  Chosen juror on law suit at Springwater.

Monday, Apr. 11, 1910.  Sowed clover seed on wheat   Finished chimney on wood-house

Wednesday, Apr. 13, 1910.  Moved stove into wood-house.

Saturday, Apr. 16, 1910.  Sowed 4-1/2 A. on back end of 9 A. lot.  70 qts. oats, about 8 qts. Timothy, Alsyke, medium and orchard grass, about 125 lbs. of 1-1/2-9-7 ftz mixture per A.

Tuesday, Apr. 19, 1910.  Sowed 1¾ A. barley at 2 bu. per A. about 75 qts 2-8-10 ftz. and 8 qts clover & timothy.  Sowed orchard grass by hand.

Saturday, Apr. 23, 1910.  Sowed 2 A barley, 2 bu per A. 95 & 120 qts 2-8-10 per A.  Sowed clovers, timothy, red top & orchard grass by hand.

Monday, May 9, 1910.  May thus far has been wet and rather cold.  Froze two nights last week.  Last Sat. night was the first that sheep out all night, and Sat. P.M. first cows were out.  Yesterday we all went to S.S. and to Viola's.  Last Fri. night, some one took 7 goslings - all we had

Wednesday, May 11, 1910.  V. Loyd & Eva went to a show eve.

Thursday, May 12, 1910.  Finished 6¾ A. oats 82 qts. per A. 95 & 85 qts 1-1/3 -9-8 and finished with 2-8-10  About 10 qts per A. of timothy, Alsyke, medium, red top & orchard grass.  Uncle Joe's funeral yesterday.

Friday, May 13, 1910.  Got up at 3 A.M. to see Halley's comet.  Not brilliant but extensive.

Tuesday, May 17, 1910.  Planted corn.  V. set some strawberry plants.

Sunday, May 22, 1910.  Went down to Aunt Eliza's P.M.  She gave me Eliza's bank book to take care of.

Tuesday, May 24, 1910.  finished planting 4 A. 71 rds. potatoes back of orchard.  Put boxes on bees.

Wednesday, May 25, 1910.  Three lambs were hit by train this morning and injured.

Thursday, May 26, 1910.  One injured lamb died last night.

Friday, May 27, 1910.  I killed another injured lamb this morning.  Loyd & Eva have just recovered from measles.  Others have not had it yet.

Saturday, May 28, 1910.  Finished dragging bean ground.  Saw Halley's comet last night and to-night after it has rounded the sun and started on its long southward trip.  It has been cloudy much of the time.  Saw it but once in the east before it had rounded the sun.

Tuesday, May 31, 1910.  Finished 6-1/2 A. beans.  Sowed 6-1/2 bu & 1/3 T  10-8 ftz.

Sunday, June 5, 1910.  V. was in bed yesterday sweating out measles.  Eliza, Lyal and Loya have not entirely recovered.

Tuesday, June 7, 1910.  Went over potatoes with weeder.

Wednesday, June 8, 1910.  Went to Elizabeth Kuster's funeral P.M.

Thursday, June 9, 1910.  Finished plowing buckwheat groune

Saturday, June 25, 1910.  Finished sowing 4� A. buckwheat 1 bu. per A.  95 qts 10-8 ftz per A.

Sunday, June 26, 1910  drove to Dv. P.M.  Took aunt E. and Josephine to the cemetery.

Monday, June 27, 1910.  G. & Tillie were out.  Cut first hay.

Tuesday, June 28, 1910.  Loyd did first cultivating.

Wednesday, July 20, 1910.  Finished hilling beans.  Cut barley.

Monday, Aug. 1, 1910.  Finished mowing.

Wednesday, Aug. 3, 1910.  Finished drawing hay.

Thursday, Aug. 4, 1910.  finished hilling potatoes.

Friday, Aug. 5, 1910.  A.M.  Brot Aunt Eliza up to Clara Miller's.  P.M.  Went over to the D.L.&W. after Mary.  Eve  Went after Nellie, Lillian & Eleanor.

Saturday, Aug. 6, 1910.  We all went to the reunion at Frank's.

Sunday, Aug. 7, 1910.  Took Aunt E. and N. over to Edna Kimbell's P.M.

Monday, Aug. 8, 1910.  Took Mary, Lawrence & Harold to the 7-15 Shawmut train morning.  Commenced cutting oats.

Tuesday, Aug. 9, 1910.  Took N. & girls to Wd.

Wednesday, Aug. 10, 1910.  Jennie Kuhn came from Bert Smith's P.M.

Thursday, Aug. 11, 1910.  Lawrence & Harold went P.M.

Friday, aug. 12, 1910.  Took Jennie K. over to Bert Smith's.

Sunday, Aug. 14, 1910.  All went to S.S.

Tuesday, aug. 16, 1910.  Cut late oats.

Wednesday, Aug. 17, 1910.  Took some honey A.M.  Loyd had mess of fish for dinner.  V. & I went to Wd. P.M. for celebration and left children at home.

Saturday, Aug. 20, 1910.  B.F.P. took Loyd, Eva and me to Wd. in his auto.  First time I ever was in one.  Enough to give one the fever if we (?) dared indulge such a thot.

Sunday, Aug. 21, 1910.  Went over to Father Shaver's after S.S.

Monday, Aug. 22, 1910.  Mr. Swick, Mr. Hubbell, Mr. Saltsman, Chas. S., and Dale helped draw 7 A. oats.

Friday, September 2, 1910.  V. entertained Gleaners.

Saturday, Sept. 3, 1910.  V. went to Wd. eve with Saltsman's.

Tuesday, Sep. 6, 1910.  Threshed yesterday & to-day

Thursday, Sep 8, 1910.  Finished pulling beans

Wednesday, Sep. 14, 1910.  Lyal & I went down to Aunt Eliza's  Got -1/2 bu. prunes.

Thursday, Sep. 15, 1910.  Finished cutting buckwheat.

Friday, Sep. 16, 1910.  Drew in last of yellow eye beans.

Sunday, Sep. 18, 1910.  Aunt Martha & Uncle Phil were here.  Finished drawing beans yesterday.  Sold 11 lambs $54.90.

Monday, Sep. 19, 1910.  G. was out.  Set up buckwheat P.M.

Friday, Sep. 23, 1910.  Sowed wheat 6-1/2 A. yesterday and to-day.  60 qts. wheat per A.  About five qts. timothy and about 150 lbs. 2-8-5 fertilizer.  Went after Aunt Electa, Alma & Mabel eve.

Saturday, Sep. 24, 1910.  Finished drawing in buckwheat.  Commenced digging potatoes.

Saturday, Oct. 22, 1910.  Ram got with sheep.

Monday, Oct. 31, 1910.  Turned ram with ewes.

Tuesday, Nov. 1, 1910.  Had bbl. cider made.  Pearl came home with me.

Wednesday, Nov. 9, 1910.  Went to Dv. to deliver chicken feed to Aunts Ellen & Eliza.  No market for yellow eye beans.

Monday, Nov. 21, 1910.  Bean buyer came and offered $1.50.  Nobody sold.

Thursday, Nov. 24, 1910.  Warm pleasant day.  We all went after the beets and carrots.  Finished pulling & topping soon after noon.  The children let the fire go out so our spare rib was rather rare.  Put up eave trough for B.F.P.  P.M.

Saturday, Dec. 24, 1910.  The Shavers to the number of 25 met here and had dinner.

Sunday, Dec. 25, 1910.  Pearl & family staid last night.  Took them home P.M.

Monday, Jan. 2, 1911.  Drew in corn P.M.  Very warm.

Thursday, Jan. 5, 1911.  Drew beans to Wd. at $1.60.  Mark Hartz & Mildred Swarts married yesterday.

Sunday, Jan. 8, 1911.  All called at Dale's P.M.

Tuesday, Jan. 10, 1911.  V., Lyal, J. & I went to Wd. P.M.  Bean field account.  6-1/2 A.


Cost of production etc.


            35             loads manure                                                                                  35.00

            1/3T.         10-8 ftz               [at] 21.                                                                   7.00

                                                Total fertilizing                                                             42.00

            40 H         plowing

            18-1/2 H      harrowing

            3 H           picking stones

            6 H           planting


            67-1/2 H                                         @   .40                                                       27.00

            6-1/2            bu. beans                  3.00                                                             19.50

                             Fitting land & planting                                                                       46.50

            1-1/2 lbs.      Carbon bi-sulph.                                                        .60

            3-1/2 H.       treating woodchucks                                                  .70

            33 H         cultivating     9.90

            2 H           pulling thistles                                                                 .40

                                                Cultivating & tending                                                   11.60

            11-1/4 H.     pulling                                 .40                                   .40

            42¾ H.     bunching                               .20                                  8.55

            23¾ H.     turning                                  .20                                   4.75

            13    H.     hauling 2 men & team         .60                                   7.80

            1      H.     hauling 1 man & team       .40                                       .40

            1-1/2   H.     hauling 3 men & team       .80                                 1.20

                                                Harvesting                                                                  27.20

                             Fhg. (?)  134  bu.              .05                                     6.70

            29-1/4 H.     9 men 3-1/4 H                      .20                              5.85

            7               meals threshers & help      .15                                   1.05

                             Coal estimated                                                              .75

                                                Total threshing                                                            14.35

            4      H.     Marketing                         .40                                                          1.60

            5%            interest on cost of land $325.                                                      16.25

                             Taxes on land (last yr rate)                                                            4.00

                                                Total cost                                                                 163.50

                             Cost per A. 25.15  -  Cost per bu.  1.11


Value of crop.

            128 bu      (by weight) Y.E. @ 1.60                                                              204.80

            19 bu        (by weight) W.K. @ 2.40                                                              45.60

            3  T.          (estimated) pods @ 12.                                                                36.00

                                                Total value                                                                286.40

                                                Total cost                                                                 163.50


                                                Net profit                                                                  122.90


            Net profit per A. 18.91   Yield per A  22-1/2 bu.


Saturday, Jan. 14. 1911.  Finished husking corn.  Warm damp week.

Wednesday, Mar. 1, 1911.  Went to Dv.  Called at Uncle Abner's.  Very fieble.  Ate dinner with Aunt Eliza.

Friday, Mar. 3, 1911.  All went to Gleaner supper at Hydes

Saturday, Mar. 4, 1911.  All the Hartzes, Saltsmans and Lawrences surprised Swicks & had supper.  Mrs. S's birthday yesterday.

Monday, Mar. 6, 1911.  G. was out.

Tuesday, Mar. 7, 1911.  Pearl & Dayton came stayed until Thursday.

Thursday, Mar. 30, 1911.  All took supper at Swick's on invitation.  Dale's were there.

Wednesday, Apr. 5, 1911.  Sent Aunt E. & Mr. Uhl the interest due them to-morrow.  First real springlike day.

Thursday, Apr. 6, 1911.  Took 44 bu. wheat to Wd at .82

Sunday, Apr. 9, 1911.  Dale's were here.

Monday, Apr. 10, 1911.  Commenced plowing.  Heard peeper last week.

Sunday, Apr. 16, 1911.  Loyd, Eva & I went to Easter entertainment at church eve.

Monday, Apr. 17, 1911.  Sowed part of wheat field to clover seed.  Commenced plowing field across R.R. for corn.

Thursday, Apr. 20, 1911.  Sheared sheep.

Tuesday, Apr. 25, 1911.  The dear little swallows have come again.  Saw bumble bee.

Wednesday, Apr. 26, 1911.  Sowed a bag of Alaska and a bag of Admiral peas.  120 qts & 100 qts respectively.  About 175 lbs per A 10-8 ftz.

Saturday, Apr. 29, 1911.  Went to Uncle Abner's funeral.  Grant, Nellie, Jennie K., May L., Eva Brettle and Fred were there.

Friday, May 5, 1911.  Sowed 4¾ A. barley 70 qts. per A. 120 qts 4-8-7 ftz. & about 8 qts. clover & timothy per A

Monday, May 8, 1911.  G. was out.  Finished road fence from barnyard to upper end of orchard.

Thursday, May 11, 1911.  Sowed 4¾ A. oats  2-1/2 bu. oats and about 160 lbs. 1-8-4 ftz & 10 qts. grass mixture per A.

Friday, May 12, 1911.  Drew manure A.M.  Went to D.L.&W. after trees P.M.

Saturday, May 13, 1911.  Sowed 2 bu. Admiral peas 3 bu. per A.  no ftz. A.M.,  P.M. set 3 apple, 6 prune, 5 pear trees in orchard and 50 peach trees across R.R.





            .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .


S             Niagara                                           Champion                             N  

o          ----------------------        --------------------------------------------------           o                

u          .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .                                  r             

t                                                                                                                    t  

h                                                                                                                   h                                                                                                                                                       

            .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .


            -----------------------       --------------------------------------------------

                   Banner                                          Carmen


            .    .    .    .    .




Saturday, May 20, 1911.  Planted corn

Tuesday, May 23, 1911.  No rain since Mon. the 15th and then only a light shower until this P.M.  Rain & hail.

Tuesday, May 30, 1911.  Finished plowing potato ground.

Monday, June 5, 1911.  Finished planting beans.  6-2/3 A.  1 bu beans + 125 lbs. 10-8 ftz per A.

Friday, June 9, 1911.  Planted potatoes.

Saturday, June 10, 1911.  Cultivated corn.

Tuesday, July 4, 1911.  Cultivated corn A.M.  Made ice cream first time this summer.  Went up to Dale's eve.

Sunday, July 9, 1911.  Very hot weather commenced Fri. the last day of June.  Hard wind storm and very little rain came last Thu.  Reasonably cool Fri., then extreme heat again.  Temperature 90 - 98.  Peas wilting & hardening before fully grown.  Some young trees dying.

Sunday, July 16, 1911.  V. & Eva went to S.S. & then walked over to Father Shaver's.

Saturday, July 29, 1911.  Finished haying.  Sold calf Monday, weighed 210 @ 7-1/2.

Friday, Aug. 4, 1911.  Met Lawrence, Harold, Ruth & Lillian at evening train.

Saturday, Aug. 5, 1911.  Went to reunion at Clara Miller's.  Splendid time.  About 80 there.  Aunt Eliza, Mary, Ruth & Lillian came home with us.

Sunday, Aug. 6, 1911.  Aunt E. & I drove to Carrie Wolfanger's and spent the P.M.  Ruth & Lillian went over to miller's.  Lawrence & Harold came.

Monday, Aug. 7, 1911.  Took Mary, Lawrence & Harold to 7-20 A.M. train on Shawmut.  Aunt E. went over to Miller's.

Tuesday, Aug. 8, 1911.  Ruth & Lillian came from Miller's

Wednesday, Aug. 9, 1911.  Took Ruth, Lillian & Eva to 4 P.M. train.  Eva went home with them.  Lawrence & Harold came from Canisteo.  Brot Ora Cook home with me from Wd.

Thursday, Aug. 10, 1911.  L. & H. went up to Albrights.

Friday, Aug. 11, 1911.  Took Ora Cook over to Millers' P.M.

Sunday, Aug, 13, 1911.  Met Tillie at morning train

Monday, Aug. 14, 1911.  G. came this morning.  Took them to evening train.

Wednesday, Aug. 16, 1911.  Went to a union S.S. picnic down to Glen's

Thursday, Aug. 17, 1911.  So many days off this month that we had no celebration.  V. & I went to Wd. P.M.

Friday, Aug. 18, 1911.  Finished plowing wheat ground.

Saturday, Aug. 19, 1911.  V. went with Dale to the Weld reunion.

Sunday, Aug. 20, 1911.  We six went to the M.E. Church

Monday, Aug. 21, 1911.  G. came out to Wd. & brot Eva.  Lloyd & I met them at the station.  [Note:  This is first time the spelling "Lloyd" is used rather than "Loyd."]

Wednesday, Aug. 23, 1911.  V. & Eliza went on morning train to Rochester.  How lonely it is without my dear girl even with four children.  Started to shingle S. side of buggy house.

Thursday, Aug. 24, 1911.  Rainy.  Churned, 6¾ lbs.  Shingled some.

Friday, Aug. 25, 1911.  Sixteen years!

Saturday, Aug. 26, 1911.  Helped G. Grem thresh, P.M.  Loyd went to Wd. & I churned 7-1/2 lbs. A.M.

Sunday, Aug. 27, 1911.  Loyd & Eva went to Advent church.

Monday, Aug. 28, 1911.  Lyal & I met V. & Eliza at evening train.

Tuesday, Aug. 29, 1911.  Threshed, P.M.

Friday, September 1, 1911.  V. went to Gleaner meeting at Cook's.  Pearl came home with us.

Sunday, Sep. 3, 1911.  Took Pearl home P.M.

Monday, Sep. 4, 1911.  Finished pulling beans, A.M.  Went to Wd. P.M.  Saw flying machine operate.

Friday, Sep. 8, 1911.  V., J. & I went to Aunt Eliza's.  Got prunes & pears.

Sunday, Sep. 10, 1911.  Went to Advent church A.M.  Dale's called P.M.

Tuesday, Sep. 12, 1911.  Mr. Saltsman & I went after peaches at Henry Brewer's.

Saturday, Sep. 16, 1911.  Sowed scant 2 A. to wheat.  7 pks wheat, 4 qts timothy & 155 qts 1-8-4 ftz. per A.

Sunday, Sep. 17, 1911.  All went to M.E. church.

Wednesday, Sep. 20, 1911.  Finished shingling S. side of buggy-house.  Commenced cutting corn.  First hard frost last Thursday morning.

Tuesday, Sep. 26, 1911.  V., J. & I went over to Father Shaver's.  Helped pick apples.

Friday, Sep. 29, 1911.  Finished cutting corn Wed.  V. & J. went over to Hornell.  I helped Father Shaver pick apples.

Tuesday, Oct. 17, 1911.  Finished digging potatoes.  355 bu on 3 A.

Wednesday, Oct. 18, 1911.  Took load barley to SW. depot at $1 per bu.  Brot load 3 sq. slate from Frank Stewart's.  Got another 3 sq slate P.M.

Thursday, Oct. 19, 1911.  Sent Thompson and N. potatoes.  V. & Loyd went to High school entertainment eve.  Joined grange last Sat. eve.

Thursday, Oct. 26, 1911.  V., J. & I went over to Father Shaver's.  Erma W. came home from Wd. with us.

Friday, Oct. 27, 1911.  Took Errna (?) [or Erma] to Dale's.  Pearl came.

Saturday, Oct. 28, 1911.  Took Pearl home and met Aunt Electa & Mabel at eve. train.

Sunday, Oct. 29, 1911.  Took Aunt E. & Mabel to eve train.

Saturday, Nov. 4, 1911.  Tagged sheep & truned in ram.

Wednesday, Nov. 8, 1911.  Three Mooses came to slate.

Friday, Nov. 10, 1911.  Finished slating south side of house.  Nearly six squares.

Sunday, Nov. 26, 1911.  Helped Frank D. Pursel kill & bury "Nig"  Gave me two dollars.

Saturday, Dec. 9, 1911.  Drew beans and plowed some.

Tuesday, Dec. 12, 1911.  Plowed yesterday and this A.M.

Wednesday, Dec. 13, 1911.  Went to Conesus to see beans run.

Friday, Dec. 22, 1911.  Went to school Christmas exercises & tree.

Saturday, Dec. 23, 1911.  All went to S.S. tree & exercises at church.

Monday, Dec. 25, 1911.  All went to Aunt Deb's to Shaver Christmas.  Warm day.  Bad roads.  Fine feast.  Good time.

Wednesday, Dec. 27, 1911.  Plowed to-day & yesterday P.M.  [The following scripture certainly defines Will Lawrence's work habits as being non-sluggardly:  "The sluggard will not plough by reason of the winter; he shall beg in harvest, and have nothing."  Proverbs 20:4]

Thursday, Dec. 28, 1911.  Cold & stormy.  Got sheep up again.  Looks like winter now.

Saturday, Dec. 30, 1911.  Uncle Geo Shaver & Aunt Cora came eve.

Sunday, Dec. 31, 1911.  All spent P.M. at Dale's.  Had dinner.  Father Shaver's were there.  V. made the following number of garments during year for the children:  Loyd, 4;  Eva, 15;  Eliza, 15;  Lyal, 3;  Josephine, 13;  herself, 5;  total 55.

Thursday, Jan. 4, 1912.  While working up an apple tree a big limb fell on toes of left foot bruising them badly.

Thursday, Jan. 11, 1912.  V. & Eliza went to Wd. P.M.  Toes getting along nicely.  Have not put on boots yet.

Saturday, Feb. 17, 1912.  Arthur L. & family came P.M.

Sunday, Feb. 18, 1912.  All we and Arthur's drove to Dv. and had dinner with Aunt Eliza.  Nice day.  Fair sleighing.

Monday, Feb. 19, 1912.  Arthur's went home.

Monday, Feb. 26, 1912.  G. was out.

Saturday, Mar. 9, 1912.  Pearl came Thurs.  V. went with me to the valley.  Took two degrees in Grange.

Sunday, Mar. 10, 1912.  Took Pearl home.

Thursday, Mar. 14, 1912.  Took V. & Pearl up home & I went to Ed. Hoffman's auction.

Monday, Mar. 18, 1912.  Caroline Pursel died this afternoon

Thursday, Mar. 21, 1912.  Caroline Pursel's funeral this P.M.  Wind in all directions to-day.

Saturday, Mar 23, 1912.  Hattie Secor staid with children while V. & I went to grange meeting.

Monday, Mar. 25, 1912.  G. was out.

Friday, Mar. 29, 1912.  Following grange now.  V. & I went to Livonia to Liv. Co. Pomona.  No good!

Wednesday, apr. 24, 1912.  V. & I went to Dv.  Paid Aunt E. interest.

Monday, May 27, 1912.  G. & Tillie were here.

Thursday, June 6, 1912.  Planted corn.

Sunday, June 9, 1912.  Took Aunts Eliza & Ellen to visit cemetry P.M.

Monday, June 10, 1912.  Planted beans

Tuesday, June 11, 1912.  Planted 3 pks. wax beans.

Friday, June 14, 1912.  Planted potatoes.

Wednesday, July 3, 1912.  Rain at last after about 2 months of drouth.

Thursday, July 4, 1912.  Rain again.  Dale's & Swick's were here eve.

Friday, July 5, 1912.  Father Shaver's were here.

Sunday, July 7, 1912.  We all went to Dv.  N. & Eleanor were at Aunt Eliza's.

Wednesday, July 17, 1912.  V. & Lyal went to Hornell & Canisteo.

Thursday, July 18, 1912.  V. & Lyal returned from Hornell.

Friday, August 2, 1912.  Josephine, Mary, Alice, Lawrence and Harold came.

Saturday, Aug. 3, 1912.  Reunion at Mark's.  Rainy all day.  Good crowd.

Wednesday, Aug. 7, 1912.  All went to Grange picnic at Frank Stuart's.

Thursday, Aug. 8, 1912.  Pearl came.

Sunday, Aug. 11, 1912.  Took Pearl home.

Thursday, Aug. 29, 1912.  Loyd & I went to Canisteo.  Had dinner and came back to Hornell fair.  Called at Aunt Ellen Reynolds'.

Monday, Sep. 9, 1912.  Helped Mark Hartz thresh on Niles place.  G. & Tillie were out.

Friday, Sep. 13, 1912.  Pulled beans.

Monday, Sep. 16, 1912.  Finished plowing wheat ground.

Wednesday, Sep. 18, 1912.  Threshed

Friday, Sep. 20, 1912.  Sowed 2-1/4 A. Red wave wheat.  52 qts. per A.  135 qts 2-8-4 ftz.  4 qts timothy per A.

Monday, Sep. 23, 1912.  V. & I went to Aunt Eliza's and picked prunes.  Rainy.  Priced surrey at Peck's $115 - 5% cash.  Mailed order to Ward's - 77.75

Saturday, Sep. 28, 1912.  Finished sowing 6-1/2 A. Red Clawson wheat.  2 bu. wheat, 4 qts timothy 135, 175 & 200 qts. 2-8-4 ftz mixture per A.  Drew two loads beans.

Monday, Oct. 14, 1912.  G. & Tillie were out.

Saturday, Oct. 19, 1912.  N. & Eleanor came Thurs. night.  Finished digging potatoes.

Sunday, Oct. 20, 1912.  Tried new Ward surrey.  Took N. to visit cemetery.

Monday, Oct. 21, 1912.  Took N & Eleanor to Wd.  A.M.  Picked apples P.M.

Saturday, Dec. 7, 1912.  A nice autumn since the Sep rains.  Snowed and froze up about the last week of Nov.  Had all stock up.  Came off nice again.  Turned out.  Had colts out one night.  Colder again now.  Plowed on corn stubble to-day.

Tuesday, Dec. 10, 1912.  Threshed beans 120 bu. 6 A.

Monday, Dec. 23, 1912.  Drew beans

Wednesday, Dec. 25, 1912.  All went to Uncle Parse's

Thursday, Dec. 26, 1912.  Dale & I went to Conesus to see beans run and weighed.  Sold in all 133 bu. beans for $267.50 6 A.

Monday, Dec. 30, 1912.  While Loyd & I were falling the big maple north of Pursel lot the tree split apart and fell both ways.  I was caught, thrown & strained in leg and back.

Wednesday, January 1, 1913.  Uncle Johne & Arlie were here.

Tuesday, Jan. 7, 1913.  Eli & Chas. helped work at the big maple.

Friday, Apr. 25, 1913.  It must be that I have not been doing much or have neglected to record my doings.  Clover seed has been sown more than a week.  Sowed bag Alaska peas and nearly a bag of Admiral to-day.  Sowed 95 qts 2-8-4 ftz. mixture and 2-8-5 Patron's ftz.

Saturday, May 3, 1913.  Finished 6 A. barley with 165 lbs. per A. of Patron 2-8-5 ftz.

Sunday, May 4, 1913.  All went to S.S. A.M.  V. & I went to Mrs. Abrams' funeral P.M.

Wednesday, May 7, 1913.  Sowed 3 T. marl 50% calcium oxide in upper orchard lot.  First lime ever sown on this farm, no doubt

Saturday, May 10, 1913.  Sowed oats on above field.  New kind on S. side to first tree on E. side of orchard.  150 lbs. 2-8-5  2-1/4 bu oats about 12 qts. seed mixture.

Monday, May 12, 1913.  G. & Tillie were out.  Turned cows out.

Tuesday, May 13, 1913.  Sowed bag Admiral peas 13 pks. per A. old drill.

Friday, May 16, 1913.  Planted about -1/2 A. corn

Saturday, May 17, 1913.  Planted nearly 2 A. Potatoes

Tuesday, May 20, 1913.  Finished plowing potato ground.

Wednesday, May 21, 1913.  Planted some more corn.  Rain at last again.  Last rain was 3 weeks ago last Monday.  Sowed bag Adm. peas.  same as last bag.

Thursday, May 22, 1913.  Plowed old garden.  Dragged both gardens.  Sowed some beet seed on muck yesterday.

Monday, May 26, 1913.  Finished planting corn.

Saturday, May 31, 1913.  Finished planting potatoes.  Sold calf 170 at 9 cents.

Tuesday, June 3, 1913.  Sowed fodder corn.  Sowed pk. pea beans.

Wednesday, June 4, 1913.  Moved stove into wood-house

Monday, June 9, 1913.  Frost this morning.  Cold yesterday.  Moved stove too early.

Tuesday, June 10, 1913.  Another frost.

Thursday, June 12, 1913.  Dragged buckwheat ground.

Thursday, June 19, 1913.  Helped Mr. Swick & John Selbig shingle on school-house

Sunday, June 22, 1913.  G. & Tillie and cousin Eleanor were here to dinner.

Monday, June 23, 1913.  Helped diesect and re-erect P. Marks' barn.

Tuesday, June 24, 1913.  Sowed 3¾ A. buckwheat.  1 bu. per A.  About 165 lbs 10-8 and 2-8-5 ftz.  Check strip near N. side between fertilizers.

Sunday, July 13, 1913.  Drove over to Father Shaver's P.M.

Monday, July 14, 1913.  Eleanor Holland came eve.

Tuesday, July 15, 1913.  Eleanor went back to Wd. this P.M.

Wednesday, July 16, 1913.  Ate the last russet in the cellar.  How I have enjoyed the apples!

Wednesday, July 30, 1913.  Cut last of peas.  Finished mowing Monday

Friday, August 1, 1913.  Picked beans.  Went to meet Aunt May, girls & Nellie eve.

Saturday, Aug. 2, 1913.  Family, Nellie, Eleanor, Aunt May, Josephine, Mary and Harold went to reunion at Carrie Wolfanger's.  Fine day.  Good time.

Sunday, Aug. 3, 1913.  Took Josephine to D.L.&W.

Monday, Aug. 4, 1913.  Aunt Eliza came.  Took Aunt M. & girls to train.

Tuesday, Aug. 5, 1913.  Alice L. married to-day.  Took Aunt E. & N. & Eleanor to Clara Miller's

Wednesday, Aug. 6, 1913.  Took N. & Eleanor to Wd.

Thursday, Aug. 7, 1913.  Cut oats for Mr. Swick yesterday and to-day about � day.

Sunday, Aug. 10, 1913.  Took walk upon west hill

Saturday, Aug. 16, 1913.  Worked until 8-45 P.M. drawing oats.  7 loads.  6 A.

Sunday, Aug. 17, 1913.  Big day 15 years ago.

Thursday, Aug. 21, 1913.  Went to Canadice Lake to grange picnic.

Sunday, Aug. 24, 1913.  G. & Tillie were out.

Thursday, Aug. 28, 1913.  Loyd & I went on Canning Co's excursion to Charlotte

Friday, Aug. 29, 1913.  Went to Grange social at C. E. Jackman's

Tuesday, Sep. 9, 1913.  Shipped organ to E. H. Gleason at Bath toward piano.  Shipped 16 bu. wheat to L. K. Williamson Supt. county home Bath.

Wednesday, Sep. 10, 1913.  Hard frost this morning.  First of season.  Drouth held potatoes back for a month and now frost has ended their growth.  Finished plowing for wheat.  Father & Mother Shaver, Lottie & Dayton were here for supper.  Corn frosted in spring did again before it is ripe.  Last frost in spring June 10.

Friday, Sep. 12, 1913.  Cut buckwheat

Wednesday, Sep. 17, 1913.  Finished sowing 5-7/8 A. Red wave wheat.  About a bag of 2-8-5 fertz.  3 qts timothy.  7 pks wheat per A.

Friday, Sep. 19, 1913  Sowed 3 A. Red wave & red Clawson wheat 60 qts per A.  Nearly a bag per A. of 2-8-5 2 qts. timothy

Monday, Sep. 29, 1913.  G. was out.  Helped dig potatoes A.M.

Wednesday, Oct. 1, 1913.  G. had second bad wreck and quit the railroad.

Sunday, Oct. 19, 1913.  Drove over to Arther L.'s and back to Milton Kuhn's.

Monday, Oct. 21, 1913.  First snow.  Commenced feeding hay to cows.  Gave them some grain too.

Wednesday, Nov. 5, 1913.  Went to Dv.  Bot 50 peach, 5 quince, 5 pear, 5 plum trees for $5.  Set peaches across R.R. to replace those died.  Keeping varieties same as chart of May 13, 1911.

Thursday, Nov. 6, 1913.  Set trees in lower garden as follows:  First row north Carmen peach, second row, Champion.  Third row commencing at west, German prune, York State prune, Lombard plum, Fellenburg plum, then Late Crawford peaches, Fourth row, Worden-Seckel, Koonce, Clapp pears, Niagara plum.  Two by hen house, Bartlett and Keiffer pears.  Three peaches by privy, Champion in corner and two Niagara.

Friday, Dec. 19, 1913.  Went to Rochester.  Dined with Grant.  Went to poultry show & moving pictures P.M.

Saturday, Dec. 20, 1913.  G. & I went to Batavia P.M.  Came back to Roch. eve.  Called at Ella Hollard's & at Jennie's.

Sunday, Dec. 21, 1913.  Went over to Nelly's morning and spent day.  Came home eve.

Thursday, Dec. 25, 1913.  All went to Uncle Jone's.  Mild weather.  Fine wheeling.

Friday, Dec. 26, 1913.  Went to J. Hartz's eve.  Neighborhood party.

Saturday, Dec. 27, 1913.  Christmas trees and lunch at Grange to-night.  Cold.

Thursday, January 1, 1914.  Uncle Jone, Arlie, Ray & Alice Shaver were here.

Sunday, Jan. 18, 1914.  V. & I went to Frank E. Lawrence's funeral.

Wednesday, Mar. 25, 1914.  Scott & Rend Hill were here P.M.

Saturday, Mar. 28, 1914  Buzzed part of wood yesterday.  Very high water.  The Grein [or perhaps Green] culvert under R.R. washed out early this morning.

Tuesday, Mar. 31, 1914  Drew 2 loads fertilizer from Springwater depot.

Friday, April 10, 1914.  Drew manure and wood on sleigh.  Drew some logs from woods to road yesterday.

Wednesday, Apr. 15, 1914.  Commenced plowing in 11 A., orchard and lot west.

Thursday, Apr. 23, 1914.  Sowed clover seed on 9 A. wheat before breakfast.

Friday, Apr. 24, 1914.  Unloaded second car of ftz. for Grange at SW.

Saturday, Apr. 25, 1914.  Sheared sheep.

Friday, May 15, 1914.  Sowed bag of Alaska and a bag of Little Gem peas.  No ftz.

Monday, May 18, 1914.  Sowed 3 bu. Admiral peas.

Wednesday, May 20, 1914.  Sowed 2-1/4 A. oats 2-1/2 bu. per A. 107 qts 1-8-4 ftz per A.

Friday, May 22, 1914.  Commenced sowing oats on brook field back of upper orchard.  2-1/4 bu. per A.  About 10 qts grass & clover mixture; about 250 lbs. 1-8-4 ftz per A.  Check strip near middle of field.  Rain off when 2/3 done.

Monday, May 25, 1914.  Sowed last of peas 240 lbs 1-8-4 and barley - 240 lbs. 1-8-4 check strip at corner of pond then 2-8-4.

Wednesday, June 10, 1914.  Planted wax beans yesterday and to-day.

Thursday, June 11, 1914.  Commenced planting potatoes last Friday in 9 A. lot and orchard.  Finished to-day.

Thursday, June 18, 1914.  Went over potatoes with weeder.  One of Scott Swarts' cows killed on R.R.

Sunday, June 21, 1914.  Scott Swarts tested milk for me.  Ifex [Ibex?], 3.9  Red cow 4.2  Yellow 5.5

Saturday, July 4, 1914.  All went to grange social at hall eve.

Saturday, July 18, 1914.  V. & I went to dialog practice at Grace Haights.

Monday, July 20, 1914.  Cut 6 A. wheat.

Wednesday, July 22, 1914.  V. & I went to rehersal at Scott Swarts'.

Monday, July 27, 1914.  Finished drawing slate out of Walter Longwell.  221 + 602 + 851 + 815 + 190 18 x 9 slate and pieces.  12-4/7 squares at 3.25.  Finished drawing wheat.

Friday, July 31, 1914.  Went after Aunt Eliza P.M.  Went after Josephine eve.  Mary came P.M.

Saturday, Aug. 1, 1914.  All went to Arthur's to reunion.  Chas. S. helped take the crowd.  Nellie and Eleanor came home with us.

Sunday, Aug. 2, 1914.  All lunched at Glen's

Monday, Aug. 3, 1914.  Josephine & Mary went this P.M.  Aunt E. came from Ed Bill's

Wednesday, Aug 5, 1914.  Took Aunt E., N. & Eleanor to Dansville.

Sunday, Aug. 9, 1914.  Picked a ton of beans last week 7 of us.

Monday, Aug. 10, 1914.  G., Tillie & Grantyne came eve.

Sunday, Aug. 16, 1914.  G. Tillie & Grantyne visited around during week and went home this eve.  Picked nearly a ton of beans last week.

Thursday, Aug. 20, 1914.  Aunt May (?), Josephine, her Mr. Willis, Mary came in auto for picnic at Glen Dale.  Rained.  Staid all night.

Friday, Aug. 21, 1914.  Canisteo folks went home.

Thursday, Sep. 3, 1914.  Threshed

Saturday, Sep. 12, 1914.  Sowed 4 A - wheat, red wave, 7 pks 120 + 107 qts. 2-8-3 2 qts timothy.

Thursday, Sep. 17, 1914.  Dug 41 bu potatoes.  .62 per bu.

Saturday, Sep. 26, 1914.  Dug 49 bu potatoes.  .40 per bu.  Went to Bath fair Thurs.

Sunday, Oct. 4, 1914.  Harold A. & Ralph Miller were here to dinner.

Friday, Oct. 30, 1914.  Finished digging potatoes to-day.  V. & Eliza went to Aunt Ellen Reynolds' funeral Tuesday and to see Atla Wed.

Friday, Nov. 13, 1914.  Commenced plowing.  Rainy, windy day.

Saturday, Nov. 14, 1914.  Grange served dinner to Livonia and Honeoye.  Served about 200.  Fine day.

Saturday, Dec. 5, 1914.  Went to Pomona Grange at Avon.  Paid our dues to Jan. 1, 1915.

Monday, Dec. 14, 1914.  Took early train for Geneseo to serve on trial jury.  First experience in county court.




December 14th, 1914


1    Applin, George -- West Sparta

2    Ayrault, Allen -- Mt. Morris

3    Blank, E. H. -- Ossian

4    Baldes, Frank -- N. Dansville

5    Booth, W. E. -- Geneseo

6    Barron, M. M. -- Mt. Morris

7    Collar, Nelson -- Conesus

8    Dutcher, Frank -- Avon

9    Dalton, Matthew H. -- Lima

10  Edmonds, Bert J. -- Portage.

11  Green, Sheldon -- Nunda

12  Gelser, Albert -- Nunda

13  Gray, P. J. -- Livonia

14  Graves, C. P. -- N. Dansville

15  Hough, George -- Mt. Morris

16  Hogan, Edward -- Lima

17  Irwin, James -- Lima

18  Irwin, Thomas -- Geneseo

19  Johnson, L. L. -- N. Dansville

20  Jerome, William S. -- Livonia

21  Kavanaugh, Michael -- Lima

22  Lawrence, William A. -- Springwater

23  McCormick, Andrew -- Leicester

24  Osborne, Chauncy J. -- Geneseo

25  Reed, O. C. -- Livonia

26  Smith, Frank -- York

27  Sterner, H. F. -- Conesus

28  Stoner, Morris -- West Sparta

29  Toland, H. S. -- Groveland

30  VanZandt, I. M. -- Livonia

31  Watkins, George -- Mt. Morris

32  White, Richard E. -- Geneseo

33  Williams, W. J., Jr., -- Caledonia

34  Warford, L. W. -- Geneseo

35  Waldron, William -- Livonia

36  Wood, Richard -- Livonia


Wednesday, Dec. 16, 1914.  Went to Rochester eve after adjournment of court.  Called at N's Staid with G.

Friday, Dec. 18, 1914.  Reached home in evening after a week of interesting experience as juror.

Tuesday, Dec. 22, 1914.  Went back to Geneseo to hear last case of term.  Home at 10 P.M.

Friday, Dec. 25, 1914.  All went to Aunt Electa's

Wednesday, Jan 6, 1915.  Took qr. of beef to Dv.  Took 13 lbs to Aunt Eliza.

Friday, Jan. 8, 1915.  Sent a crate of 30 doz eggs to New York.  First shipment I ever made to a commission merchant.

Thursday, Jan. 21, 1915.  V. taken with pains in bowels which proved to be a billious attack.

Wednesday, Jan. 27, 1915.  Arthur staid all night.  V. still sick.  Dale & Cora called.

Sunday, Jan. 31, 1915.Dale & Cora called.  V. better.

Tuesday, Feb. 2, 1915.  V. dressed first time since sickness began.

Sunday, Apr. 18, 1915.  Atla & Mr. Dorsia came.  Margueritte and Roma Marsh came Fri night.  All went home this eve

Tuesday, Apr. 20, 1915.  Commenced dragging.

Thursday, Apr. 22, 1915.  Sowed 4 bu Alaska peas 128 qts. per A.  2 bu Little gems, 132 qts. per A.  107 qts 2-8-2 ftz. per A.

Thursday, Apr. 29, 1915.  Sowed 2 bu. Admiral peas 3-1/2 bu. per A.  2 bu. Market Garden peas 4 bu per A. 107 qts ftz.  Check strip at N. end of R.R. stone pile.  Last bu. 62 (?) drill widths' inoculated.

Monday, May 3, 1915.  Finished sowing nearly 9� A oats.  About 2-1/4 bu. per A. ftz same as on peas.  Check strip near back furrow.

Saturday, May 8, 1915.  Mrs. Cochrane, Margaret & Ida came P.M. and stayed all night.

Thursday, May 12, 1915.  Mrs. Jacob Hartz died.  Was sick more or less all winter

Friday, May 13, 1915.  Finished planting 2 A. No. 9 potatoes.  New moon none.  Most of piece planted in old moon.

Saturday, May 14, 1915.  Finished plowing corn and potato ground.

Friday, May 28, 1915.  Planted corn yesterday and to-day.  Planted 5 bu. State of Wis potatoes.  15 rows along corn.

Saturday, May 29, 1915  Finished planting potatoes.  Roxbury about 12 rows then No 9.

Monday, May 31, 1915.  Sowed fodder corn

Tuesday, June 1, 1915.  Commenced plowing the bog for buckwheat.

Friday, June 4, 1915.  Helped Mr. Swick about 3 hours with team.  Went over first planted potatoes with weeder.

Friday, June 25, 1915.  Sowed 5 A - buckwheat on bog lot.  1 bu per A & 30 qts per A.  About 200 lbs 2-8-2 and 12-2 ftz.

Saturday, June 26, 1915.  All went to Canadice lake to Grange picnic

Saturday, July 3, 1915.  Commenced on peas.

Wednesday, July 7, 1915.  Ate last apples.

Sunday, July 11, 1915.  Went over to Cochrane's

Saturday, July 31, 1915.  Cut a little wheat Thurs.  Very wet all this month.  Wheat ripe but no chance to cut it.  Rains so much.  6-1/2 A grass to cut yet.  Some potatoes to hill and reunion next week.

Sunday, Aug. 1, 1915.  Brot Aunt Eliza here.

Monday, Aug. 2, 1915.  Finished cutting wheat.  Got 2 loads in

Wednesday, Aug. 4, 1915.  Grant, Tillie and Grantyne came.

Friday, Aug. 6, 1915.  G. & family went to Arthur's.  Mary came.

Saturday, Aug 7, 1915.  all went to Ed Wambold's to the reunion.  Fair day small crowd.

Sunday, Aug. 8, 1915.  Took Aunt Eliza home eve.

Monday, Aug. 9, 1915.  Went over to call on V's father who is sick.  Took Mary to station.

Wednesday, Aug. 11, 1915  Finished haying and drawing in wheat.

Friday, Aug. 13, 1915.  Commenced cutting oats.

Friday, Aug. 20, 1915  Finished drawing in oats.

Thursday, Sep. 9, 1915.  Spent day at SW. depot unloading grange fertilizer.

Wednesday, Sep. 15, 1915.  Finished sowing 8¾ - A.  Prizetaker wheat 7 pks. per A.  107, 117, 135 qts. 2-8-2 per A.  Also Timothy seed.

Thursday, Sep. 16, 1915.  Commenced cutting buckwheat.

Wednesday, Nov. 3, 1915.  V. & I went to Milton Kuhn's.  Got about 1-1/2 bu hickory nuts.  All went to Grange surprise party at Scott Swarts eve.

Friday, Nov. 19, 1915.  V. & I went to M. L. Kuhn's in eve.  Staid all night.

Saturday, Nov. 20, 1915.  Fred Seward took Kuhn's and us to Honeoye to grange dinner.  Nasty roads and day.  Stormed all day.  Home at night.

Saturday, Dec. 4, 1915.  Attended Pomona Grange at Sw. yesterday and to-day.  Mary Marks' wedding Nov. 23.

Tuesday, Dec. 7, 1915.  Milliman's auction P.M.

Wednesday, Dec. 22, 1915.  V. & I went to Gunlock banquit

Saturday, Dec. 25, 1915.  Twenty-five of the Shavers spent the day with us.

Friday, Jan. 21, 1916.  Drew 49-1/3 bu potatoes at $1.  Warm.  Bees had nice fly P.M.

Thursday, Jan 27, 1916.  Warm week.  Worked in woods to-day with coat, vest and cap off.

Friday, Mar. 31, 1916.  The pond went out slowly last night & today.

Friday Apr. 28, 1916.  Lloyd [note spelling], Eva, Lyal, Viola & I went to grange box social at Wd.

Sunday, Apr. 30, 1916.  Called at C. Selbig's (?) and at Dale's

Wednesday, May 3, 1916.  Sowed 2 bu each of Alaska and Little gem peas.  About 180 lbs. ftz.

Saturday, May 6, 1916.  Planted little field across road to Roxbury potatoes.

Friday, May 12, 1916  Sowed 2 A. Davis perfection, admiral M. G. peas.

Saturday, May 13, 1916  Sowed about 2-1/2 A oats.

Saturday, May 27, 1916.  Finished sowing oats.

Saturday, June 10, 1916  Finished planting potatoes

Tuesday, June 13, 1916  Cultivated early potatoes.

Wednesday, June 14, 1916.  Commenced plowing long field for buckwheat.  Still very wet.

Saturday, June 17, 1916  Rained last night.  Highest water of the season this morning.  Another hard shower this eve.

Wednesday, June 28, 1916.  Went to Flora night at E. E. Wemett's.  Large crowd.

Saturday, July 1, 1916  Finished sowing 7 A. buckwheat.  55 qts. 16% acid phos. per A.  Chas. Saltsman & I went to W. J. Erwin's eve.  Ice cream social.

Sunday, July 9, 1916.  Father Shaver and family called.

Friday, July 28, 1916.  Finished cutting peas and finished cutting wheat.  Pearl & children came last night.

Monday, July 31, 1916.  Drew in 8 loads wheat

Friday, Aug. 4, 1916.  Finished haying.  G. D. Abrams took Eva, Eliza & me to Dv. P.M.

Saturday, Aug. 5, 1916.  Reunion at Dorr & Mate Conderman's.  Nice crowd, nice time.  Harold came here for the night.

Monday, Aug. 21, 1916.  Mr. & Mrs. Sprague Patchin came

Tuesday, Aug. 22, 1916.  Eleanor Albright came Aug. 10 and went to-day.  Took Mr. & Mrs. Patchin to Pearl's eve.

Wednesday, Aug. 23, 1916.  Commenced plowing for wheat.

Friday, Sep. 1, 1916  Finished plowing wheat ground.

Sunday, Sep. 3, 1916.  First frost of season this morning.

Saturday, Sep. 9, 1916.  Commenced cutting buckwheat.  G. & Tillie came P.M.

Tuesday, Sep. 19, 1916.  Sowed 5 A. wheat, 2 bu. 58 qts 16% phosphoric acid and a little timothy seed.  Sowed 3 T. lime stone on the 5 A. last week.

Wednesday, Sep. 20, 1916.  Alfred Glover finished painting back porch

Saturday, Sep. 23, 1916.  Finished digging little field of potatoes across road.  Drew load this P.M. at 1.03

Wednesday, Sep. 27, 1916.  V., Lyal & J. & I went to Aunt E.'s and got prunes & some peaches.  Last Sunday went to Mate Mooses funeral.

Monday, Oct. 2, 1916.  Went with Mr. Skerrit soliciting life insurance in W. part of town.  Dined at Scott  (?) Hill's.  First freeze of season last Sat. night.

Friday, Oct. 6, 1916.  Gave Glen Abrams $5 to take Eva, Eliza, Lyal, Josephine & me to Hemlock.

Tuesday, Oct, 24, 1916.  Took load potatoes to Wd yesterday.  $1.52  came to 81.32  They are 1.60 to 1.65 to-day.

Monday, Nov. 6, 1916.  Threshed 190 (?)wheat, 54 buckwheat 2610 (?) oats.  John Kramer's funeral a week ago last Saturday.

Sunday, Dec. 17, 1916.  Lottie Cole came about 11 A.M.  The doctor came a little later.  The last boy arrived about 12-30 [Willis Grant].

Monday, Dec. 25, 1916.  Lottie & the children went to Uncle Phil's  V., the boy & I stayed at home.

Monday, Jan. 1, 1917.  Took Lottie home  Tried to get hired girl.  Didn't find her.

Wednesday, Jan. 3, 1917.  Hired girl came yesterday.  Was sick & went to-day.

Friday, Apr. 6, 1917.  Lloyd went with senior class to Washington via Rochester.

Sunday, Apr. 29, 1917.  Lyal & I went to Rochester.  Stayed with G. at night.  Went with G. & Tillie to Ed. Albright's funeral Mon P.M.  Came home Tues. morning.

Friday, May 18, 1917.  Finished sowing oats.  Season very cool dry and late.  Very little pasture yet.

Saturday, June 2, 1917.  Finished planting 6 A potatoes

Tuesday, June 5, 1917.  Sowed last of peas.

Tuesday, June 12, 1917.  Planted corn.  G. & Till were out Sat. night & Sunday.

Friday, June 22, 1917  Commenced cultivating potatoes.

Thursday, July 5, 1917.  Sowed 4-1/2 A. buckwheat with 75 qts. per A. of 16% acid phosphate.  Mowed orchard Tuesday.

Friday, July 6, 1917.  Cultivated corn first time

Monday, July 9, 1917.  Commenced roofing horse barn.

Tuesday, July 24, 1917  Took first load of peas

Saturday, Aug. 4, 1917.  G., Tillie and Eleanor came last night.  All went to the reunion at Rosencrans'.  Grant & Tillie stayed all night.

Thursday, Aug. 9, 1917.  Wleanor went home.  Eva went with her.

Friday, Aug. 24, 1917.  Drew in last load of hay.

Saturday, Aug. 25, 1917.  Lloyd, Lyal & I cut and shocked 7 A. oats, the last of 15 A.  Glen A. tipped his auto over and escaped serious injury.

Wednesday, Aug. 29, 1917.  G. & Tillie came P.M.

Thursday, Aug. 30, 1917.  Intended to go to Hornell fair but it rained.

Friday, Aug. 31, 1917.  G. Lloyd, Lyal & I went to Hornell.  G. drove his Ford over

Tuesday, Sep. 25, 1917.  Sowed 5 A. wheat 95 qts acid phos.

Thursday, Sep. 27, 1917.  Cut buckwheat.

Saturday, Sep. 29, 1917.  Sowed 6 T limestone on 6-1/2 A wheat ground.

Tuesday, Oct. 2, 1917.  Dragged and drilled on wheat ground.

Wednesday, Oct. 3, 1917.  Finished sowing 6-1/2 A. wheat.  3 A. 95 qts 16% acid phos. then 1-10-0 quantity reduced until only about 100 lbs. per A. was sown.  Check strip near N. side.

Tuesday, Nov. 20, 1917.  Went with Dale to Hornell.

Wednesday, Nov. 21, 1917.  Plowed, P.M.

Saturday, Dec. 1, 1917.  Chas. S. & I went to Livonia attended Pomona grange.

Saturday, Dec. 8, 1917.  Went to Mt. Morris where a Farm Bureau Association was organized.

Friday, Mar. 22, 1918.  Went to Rochester on the Grein Yohan law suit.

Saturday, Mar. 23, 1918.  Came home from Roch. eve.

Sunday, Mar. 31, 1918.  Last Sun. night returned to Roch.  Mon. testified in case. P.M.  G. & I went to auto show.  Tuesday called on N.  Wed. called at N's again and came home.

Thursday, Apr. 4, 1918  Chas. Whiteman buzzed wood about 6 hours for $5.

Friday, Apr 5, 1918.  Neil Hosley came P.M.  V. & I went to Wd.  [Note from Josephine Lawrence Cortnik:  Neil Hosley was a friend of Lloyd's.  Both went to Syracuse University.  Neil was from Arkport.  One weekend he came home with Lloyd.  At Sunday dinner we had chicken as usual.  In the conversation Neil mentioned that chicken should always be killed the day before cooking it.  I didn't know enough to keep my big mouth shut ( I was about 10 years old) and I said, "You probably won't like this chicken" as it was just killed and dressed this morning.  Naturally Neil was embarrassed and my folks could have paddled me].

Thursday, May 2, 1918.  Sowed 4-5/8 A. oats with 100 lbs 16% Phos. acid.  Saw first swallows.  Sowed clover seed about a week ago.

Monday, May 6, 1918.  Sowed 2 A. oats across R.R.

Friday, June 14, 1918.  Finished planting potatoes and wax beans.  G. & Tillie were out May 26 & 27

Saturday, June 15, 1918.  Cultivated corn.

Tuesday, June 25, 1918.  Sowed 3-1/2 A buckwheat.  Have beans cultivated & thistles cut out last week.  Frost last Fri morning.  Mercury 36 Sun. morning.

Sunday, June 30, 1918.  Took ride thru Pumkey (?) Hollow.  Called at Cockrane's, came home thru Tabor's Corners.

Friday, July 19, 1918.  All went to ice-cream social at Wilson Humphrey's eve.

Saturday, Aug. 3, 1918.  Reunion again in Rosenkrans' grove.  G., Tillie and aunt E. here at night.

Sunday, Aug. 4, 1918.  In P.M. G., Tillie, V., Aunt E. and I went over past Scott Hill's then to Clark's corners.  Stopped at Cousin Jake Kuhn's, the cemetery, Nettie Traxler's and Aunt E's.  The first time I had ever been thru the neighborhood of father's boyhood and the first time I had seen Starta [Sparta] Center cousins in more than twenty years.

Sunday, Aug. 18, 1918.  All went to see Josephine Willis by way of Loon lake, Hornell.  48 miles.  First long trip in car.  3-1/4 hours on return.  About 7 gals. gasoline round trip.

Wednesday, Aug. 21, 1918.  V., Eliza, Josephine, Lyal, Baby & I went to grange picnic at Brewer's

Thursday, Aug. 22, 1918.  Finished hilling potatoes.

Tuesday, Sep. 24, 1918.  Much rainy weather.  Some of beans pulled last of Aug.  still out.  Corn badly frosted also potatoes Sep. 10.  Finished cutting buckwheat yesterday.  Cut corn P.M.  About half cut.

Saturday, Sep. 28, 1918.  Yesterday sowed about 4-1/2 A. wheat in flat-iron lot 2 bu. per. A and a little timothy seed 75 pts 14% acid phosphate.  Drew beans off remainder of field.

Tuesday, Oct. 1, 1918.  Finished sowing wheat.  Rolled wheat & cut corn.  Hard frost & freize last night.

Friday, Oct. 11, 1918.  Finished drawing buckwheat.  Last Fri. we went to the fair.  Nice day.  Nice time.  Digging potatoes now.

Saturday, Oct. 19, 1918.  Finished digging potatoes yesterday.  Went to the valley on Liberty Loan business.  Commenced plowing.

Monday, Nov. 11, 1918.  An armistice submitted by the allies and agreed to by Germany went into effect this morning.  The streets were "ripe with people" celebrating.

Wednesday, Nov. 13, 1918.  Finished building a chimney for kitchen stove.  About 28 feet of brick & 24 feet of tile.

Sunday, Nov. 17, 1918.  Called at Aunt Elizas P.M.

Wednesday, Nov. 27. 1918.  Called again on Aunt E.  Found her failing.

Tuesday, Dec. 17, 1918.  Called on Aunt E.  Still failing.

Thursday, Dec. 19, 1918.  Took car and Ida Avey to Dv.  Had Robt Pratt fix some little uncertainties in Aunt E's will.

Friday, Dec. 20, 1918.  Delivered beef to Ida Avey & Chas. Snyder at 15 & 16.  Shipped 1 hind quarter to N.Y.

Thursday, Dec. 26, 1918.  Walked to D.L.&W.  Went to Dv.  Walked home in 1¾ hours.

Friday, Dec. 27, 1918.  Took load beans to L. J. Hyde & Son.  2049 lbs after being run.  No pick 7 cents per lb. $143.43

Sunday, Feb. 2, 1919.  Drove car to Dv.  Took Mr. & Mrs Swick & Mary & V. along.  A bright pleasant, mild day.

Monday, Feb. 3, 1919.  Warm and fair.  Very mild winter so far.

Tuesday, Feb. 4, 1919.  Aunt Eliza died this morning.  Went to Dv.  Phil Miller & I selected casket, $175 for job.  Went to cemetery and made arrangements there.  [Note from Josephine Lawrence Cortnik:  Aunt Eliza lived in Dansville on Verine Street, and we used to go there often.  We kept her prunes picked and Dad did many things for her.  She left $'s to Dad and that was when we got the bathroom.  (No more outside privy). [Note: Eliza lived on "Perine Street", not "Verine Street"].

Thursday, Feb. 6, 1919.  Buried Aunt E. this P.M.  Grant, Arthur, Spencer Parks, Phil Miller, Austin Kimball and I acted as bearers.  After ceremony, will was read and lunch served.  Nellie came home with us.

Sunday, Feb. 9, 1919.  N. went this morning.

Monday, Feb. 10, 1919.  Drove car to Dv.  Made a start at settlement of Aunt E's estate.

Monday, Feb. 17, 1919.  Made second trip to Dv. in settlement of Aunt E's estate.  Walked down.  Came back on bus.  Bus fare 54 cents.

Wednesday, Mar. 12, 1919.  Went to Atlanta.  Called at Parks'

Thursday, Mar. 13, 1919.  Drove and walked to Will Smiths' in Conesus, then walked from home to Ed Lawrence's to serve citations

Friday, Mar. 14, 1919.  Went to Rochester to serve citations.

Saturday, Mar. 15, 1919.  Came home

Wednesday, Mar. 26, 1919.  Commenced plowing.  Warm and dry.  Good wheeling.  Many cars out.  Mildest winter ever seen.  Very little snow.

Saturday, Mar. 29, 1919.  Violent change in the weather last Thursday.  Hardest storm of the winter.  Went to Dv. to hearing on Aunt E's will.  Admitted to probate without objections.  Expected to come home on bus but bus was not running.  Got stuck on road yesterday.  Walked home.  Neighbors met here eve.  Had nice time.  Sandwiches, coffee, cake, ice-cream, etc.

Monday, Mar, 31, 1919.  Miss Penny came to treat V's cancers.  [Note from Josephine Lawrence Cortnik:  Miss Penny was a tiny little woman who came to Wayland by train, and walked to her patients.  Mamma heard of her when she treated a sore on Carl Becker's Mother's face.  Ma had a place on her back that bothered her, so Miss Penny put a salve on it, keeping it always covered.  White stuff oozed out and collected into a cake which finally got so big and heavy it slid off her back.  It was a cake about 5 inches in diameter and about 1 inch thick.  It left an awful looking scar on M's back.  The "cake" was kept as a souvenier for many years.  See May 24, 1919].

Monday, Apr. 7, 1919.  Buzzed wood.

Tuesday, Apr. 15, 1919.  Sowed clover seed and 6 A. wheat.

Thursday, Apr. 17, 1919.  Went to Dv. got some fruit trees.  Aunt E's estate was appraised.

Thursday, Apr. 24, 1919  Auctioned Aunt E's goods to nieces and nephews.  Yesterday set 400 strawberry plants very warm and pleasant.  Stormy growning colder to-day

Saturday, Apr. 26, 1919.  Snowed three days in seccession.  Real winter weather.

Saturday, May 3, 1919.  Sowed 1 bag Alaska & 1 bag Little Gem peas.  G. & Till came P.M.

Thursday, May 8, 1919.  Commenced sowing oats.  Sowed about 1 A.

Sunday, May 11, 1919.  Rained since Thursday.  No more sowing for a few days.  Coal fire still going.

            On Apr. 18 last planted along W. side of road commencing at barnyard apple trees as follows:  Fanny, McIntosh, Jonathan, 2 Hubbardston nonesuch, 3 Dutchess of Oldenburg, American blush, Ontario, Winter bananna, Seek no further, Rambo, Gravenstein, Fall pippin, Fameuse.

Wednesday, May 14, 1919.  Let coal fire out for season.  Finished 4 A. oats

Saturday, May 17, 1919.  Grange degree team went to Conesus and put on 3 & 4th degrees.

Tuesday, May 20, 1919.  Finished sowing oats 10-1/2 A. in all.  Rained P.M.

Wednesday, May 21, 1919.  Had car cleaned & valves ground.  Work cost $7.13.  Very rainy since yesterday P.M.

Friday, May 23, 1919.  Still more rainy.  High water.  Hail storm to-day.

Saturday, May 24, 1919.  V's cancer on her neck slid down her back to-day after 8 weeks of treatment.  [See Mar. 31, 1919]

Monday, May 26, 1919.  Miss Penny came for the 9th time to-day.  Made second sowing peas.

Wednesday, May 28, 1919.  Planted potatoes across road.

Friday, June 6, 1919.  Went to Jas. Pursel's funeral.  Planted corn the 3 & 4th.

Friday, June 13, 1919.  Yesterday, sowed 5 A beans.  Finished planting potatoes.  Springwater Grange degree team and others went to Dansville Grange and worked 3 & 4th

Sunday, June 15, 1919.  P.M. took ride on E Hill.  Stopped at Geo Peabody's, Conderman's & Uncle Jones

Thursday, June 19, 1919.  Lawrence, Edith & Arthur Albright made call.

Tuesday, July 1, 1919.  Sowed 3¾ A. buckwheat

Sunday, July 13, 1919.  D. W. Doughty's, Sewards, Hydes, Wicks' Peabody boys & their girls and we went to Watkins Glen.  Four hours drive each way.

Wednesday, July 16, 1919.  Atla & Marguerite came.

Friday, July 18, 1919.  Finished cutting wheat.  Went to Dv. P.M.

Sunday, July 27, 1919.  Six cars of Springwater folks including ourselves went to Letchworth Park, Silver Lake and the High banks - another splendid tour of sight seeing.

Tuesday, July 29, 1919.  Carpenters finished their work on garage.  $36 at 4 per day, and board two meals a day.

Wednesday, July 30, 1919.  All went to grange picnic at city park at foot of Hemlock Lake.

Monday, Aug. 18, 1919.  Eva & Eliza came back from 10 days visit in Roch.

Wednesday, Aug. 20, 1919.  All went to farmer's picnic at Long Point, Conesus Lake.

Tuesday, Aug. 26, 1919.  Sold 2 cows and their calves to Bruce Erwin for $285

Wednesday, Aug 27, 1919.  Went to Auto club picnic at Hemlock Lake.

Sunday, Aug. 31, 1919.  Leo & Josephine Willis came after noon and stayed until five.

Monday, Sep. 1, 1919.  V. & I took Mr & Mrs. Swick & Rose Hartz on Farm Bureau trip.  Went from Brewer's to Snyder's to Hyde's to Hemlock Lake where we had dinner then to Markham & Puffer's (?) at Avon then thru the town of York.  Home just before dark.

Thursday, Sep. 4, 1919.  Sowed 3 A wheat 54 qts wheat & 195 lbs Acid phos. & 2-8-2 then 160 lbs. 2-8-2 2 qts timothy.

Friday, Sep. 5, 1919.  Drew oats

Saturday, Sep. 6, 1919.  All went to Dv. to Pomona Grange P.M.  Drew a load of oats and then went to our Grange.  Dorothy Z. came home with me.

Monday, Sep. 8, 1919.  Finished drawing in oats.  Helped Glen thresh.  Mr. & Mrs. Humphrey and Theodore called eve.

Wednesday, Sep. 17, 1919.  Sowed 4 A. wheat, 7 pks per A.  150 lbs 2-8-2 finished with 200 lbs per A.  A little timothy seed.  Better put on some more in the spring.

Friday, Sep. 19, 1919.  Pearl and Ellis Patchin were here to-day.

Saturday, Sep. 20, 1919.  Dug about 90 bu. potatoes.  Sold them to John McCarthy Mt. Morris at 1.22-1/2

Tuesday, Sep. 23, 1919.  Finished cutting buckwheat.  First I ever cut with a binder.

Wednesday, Sep. 24, 1919.  Drew fourth load of coal for next winter.  Pea coal 8.75 per T.

Thursday, Sep. 25, 1919.  Got in one load beans.  Rains every day.

Friday, Sep. 26, 1919.  Another light frost.  Not quite so light as the first one

Saturday, Sep. 27, 1919.  Another frost, just a little harder than the 26th.  Yet not a killing frost.  Finished drawing in beans.

Friday, Oct. 3, 1919.  Finished cutting corn.  Not frosted yet.

Wednesday, Oct. 8, 1919.  First killing frost and light freeze of the season.  Just 4 weeks later than the early freeze of last year.

Wednesday, Nov. 26, 1919.  Lloyd came home in eve.

Sunday, Nov. 30, 1919.  Lloyd went to Syracuse eve.

Tuesday, Dec. 2, 1919.  Went to Geneseo to annual Farm Bureau meeting

Saturday, Dec. 6, 1919.  Went to Pomona Grange at Avon

Wednesday, Dec. 10, 1919.  Went to Rochester.  Came back at night.  Serving citations to final accounting.

Thursday, Feb. 19, 1920.  B. F. Pursel was buried to-day from F. D. Pursel's house.  He died at Pemberton's last Sunday morning.  We are having grippe so I could not go to funeral.

Friday, Feb. 27, 1920.  All of us have had the grippe.  All about over it now.

Friday, Mar. 26, 1920.  We have had a steady, severe winter.  Unbroken sleighing for nearly 3 months.  Very brilliant aurora borealis last Tuesday night.  Very warm pleasant weather since.  70 degrees to-day.  A little thunder and a light sprinkls.  Wind changed to N.  Peepers first made themselves heard this P.M.

Monday, Mar. 29, 1920.  Went on evening train for Syracuse to attend conferrence of cooperative associations.  Arrived in Syracuse about 2 A.M.

Tuesday, Mar. 30, 1920.  Found Lloyd this noon.

Friday, Apr. 1, 1920.  Reached home.  Was in Roch all day.

Saturday, Apr. 17, 1920.  Went to grange with car.  First drive of season.

Sunday, Apr. 18, 1920.  Drove over to Father Shaver's P.M.

Saturday, Apr. 24, 1920.  Planted 1-1/2 bu. early potatoes.

Saturday, May 8, 1920.  Finished 9¾ A. oats.

Saturday, May 22, 1920.  Finished sowing oats.  Turned stock out yesterday.

Wednesday, June 9, 1920.  Planted corn about May 23.  Planted potatoes May 28.  Lloyd came home June 5.  Springwater team put on 5th degree at Pomona grange last Saturday.  Yesterday, June 8 planted 1-1/2 A beans.  Knights insurance expires Apr. 12, 1923.  Amt. 1900.  Bond & Mortgage amt 1500  Dated Apr 12, 1920.  Int. begins Apr 1, 1920.  6% payable semi-annually.  Mtg recorded Apr 15, 1920.  Liber 160 page 159

Friday, June 25, 1920.  Sowed 7 A. buckwheat with 150 lbs. ftz 1-8-1 per A.

Monday, June 28, 1920.  Commenced mowing.  Mowed road and went to Hornell Saturday.

Saturday, July 31, 1920.  Finished haying this week.  Finished drawing in wheat to-day.  Lloyd has worked 2 weeks in canning factory.  Eva and Eliza have worked there 4 weeks.

Saturday, Aug. 7, 1920.  Reunion at Ed Lawrence's.  Harold was here over night.

Sunday, Aug. 15, 1920.  Lillian & Eleanor came Friday.  Went Monday, Aug. 16

Thursday, Aug. 26, 1920.  Lawrence, Edith and Albert were here to-day.  L. & I went to Frank D. Pursel's funeral.

Friday, Aug. 27, 1920.  Called at Buttons'  Met Riley and Edwin Sherman.

Sunday, Sep. 5, 1920.  Last Sun. I called on Julian Morris and borrowed a book of Mrs. Morris.  To-day I went to his funeral.  Last Tues. we commenced slating the house.  Got the upright finished Fri. noon.  Went to the auto picnic Sat.

Wednesday, Sep 8, 1920.  Geo Robinson came to-day and helped on the house roof.  Finished it all but a few slates on last course & ridge boards.  He charged 9 dollars for about as many hours work and had two measl [meals] beside

Monday, Sep. 13, 1920  Lloyd went to Syracuse this morning.

Tuesday, Sep. 14, 1920.  Finished cutting buckwheat.

Friday, Sep. 24, 1920.  Sowed 8-1/2 - A Leaf's prolific wheat.  200 lbs 1-8-1 ftz and a little timothy and mixed seed.

Saturday, Oct. 2, 1920.  Celebrated [anniversary] by sowing 1-1/2 A wheat.  About 120 qts 1-8-1

Sunday, Oct. 3, 1920.  Drove out to Josephine's.  Leo took the children & me into Pa.

Friday, Oct. 8, 1920.  Oliver Wicks cut corn with corn binder.

Saturday, Oct. 9, 1920.  Dug about 90 bu potatoes.  First we dug.

Sunday, Oct. 10, 1920.  Brot Father & Mother Shaver and Lottie over to have dinner.  Sold lambs last Wed. at .10 a pound  5 weighed 490

Sunday, Oct. 17, 1920.  Grant & Tillie were out and got apples

Saturday, Oct. 23, 1920.  All started for Syracuse at 11-45.  Arrived at Lloyd's rooming place about 6-30

Sunday, Oct. 24, 1920.  Left Syracuse about 10-30.  Home at 4-55

Tuesday, Nov. 2, 1920.  Oct. was a month of beautiful weather.  Warm & dry.  No freeze yet.

Tuesday, Dec. 21, 1920.  Lloyd was home a few days at Thanksgiving time and came home to-night.

            Christmas day found us all at home.  No company except ourselves;  but with six young people in the house it could not be dull.  We were unable to buy expensive presents but had plenty of nuts & candy and were glad.

Monday, Jan. 3, 1921.  Lloyd went back to Syracuse this evening.

Thursday, Jan. 6, 1921.  Went to Lew Hyde's funeral.

Tuesday, Jan. 11, 1921  Henry Pries & I went to Bath to annual meeting of Grange Fire Relief Asso.

Wednesday, Jan. 26, 1921.  Eva, Eliza & I went to the Star's social evening.  Chas. Saltsman and Florence Kuster married.

Tuesday, Feb. 22, 1921.  Went to Masons' entertainment of Odd Fellows.

Wednesday, Feb. 23, 1921.  Neighbors went to Saltsman's for evening & supper.

Monday, Mar. 7, 1921.  Neighbors gave Rose Hartz a birthday surprise this evening.  Her birthday was the 5th.

Wednesday, Mar. 16, 1921.  Went to Rochester and attended conferrence on rural schools.  Called on N.  Stayed at G's all night

Wednesday, Mar. 23, 1921.  Lloyd came home for Easter vacation.  Went back Mar 30.

Tuesday, Apr. 12, 1921.  Sowed clover seed yesterday and this morning.

Monday, Apr. 25, 1921.  Sowed 5-1/4 A oats 2-1/2 bu per A.  About 125 lbs acid phos.

Saturday, May 21, 1921.  Finished planting potatoes.  Been planting all week.  Planted corn the 10th.  Sowed 7 A. oats first week this month.  G. & Tillie were out the 7 & 8th.

Tuesday, June 21, 1921.  Sowed 3-1/2 A. buckwheat

Monday, June 27, 1921.  Commenced mowing

Tuesday, June 28, 1921.  Eva & Eliza went to Conesus lake for the week.

Tuesday, July 5, 1921.  Took Eva to Geneseo to attend summer session at Normal.

Friday, July 15, 1921.  Eva came home for week end.

Friday, July 22, 1921.  Eva and Margaret Miller came for week end.

Saturday, July 30, 1921.  Went to Grange picnic at Canadice Lake.

Saturday, Aug. 6, 1921.  Went to Lawrence reunion at Austin Kimball's  G. & Tillie stayed all night

Thursday, Sep. 1, 1921.  Yesterday and to-day sowed wheat and 107 & 120 qts per A fertilizer mixture 1-1/2-12-2.  Timothy seed from road to first maple tree east of oak tree except headlands.

Saturday, Sep. 3, 1921.  Republican caucus.  I was in field for nomination for Supervisor.  Received 65 of about 240 votes cast.

Thursday, Sep. 8, 1921.  Poultry selection demonstration by Mr. Andrews under Farm Bureau here this A.M.  Cut buckwheat P.M.  Eva commenced school at Mt. Pleasant Tuesday.

Friday, Sep. 9, 1921. Lloyd went to Syracuse for third year.  Finished cutting buckwheat.

Saturday, Sep. 10, 1921.  Cut corn with John Wicks' corn binder.

Wednesday, Sep. 14, 1921.  Took Eliza to Geneseo.  V., Emma & Mrs Folts went along.

Saturday, Sep. 17, 1921.  Sold first load potatoes.

Saturday, Sep. 24, 1921.  Finished drawing buckwheat.  Mr. & Mrs. Wm Miller, Mrs Penoldson [Renoldson?] and Erma Weld of Naples were here.

Friday, Sep. 30, 1921.  Threshed yesterday and to-day.  Eliza came home with Ruth Bous [Boies?], & Dorothy.

Sunday, Oct. 2, 1921.  Celebrated [anniversary] by going to S.S. & church and by taking Eliza, Ruth & Dorothy to Geneseo.

Saturday, Oct. 15, 1921.  Finished digging potatoes.  No freeze or killing frost yet

Wednesday, Oct. 26, 1921.  First hard frost and freeze this morning.

Sunday, Jan. 8, 1922.  The holiday season, the home-coming of the children and other joys have come and gone.  Three have left again for a little time.  Mother Shaver's funeral yesterday.  Went with car and to church to-day.  Warm and bright to-day.

Friday, Feb. 24, 1922.  Eva & I went to mother & daughter banquet at the valley.  About 200 there.

Saturday, Apr. 8, 1922.  Lloyd came home for Easter vacation.

Tuesday, May 9, 1922.  Finished sowing oats.  First sowing up now.

Thursday, May 18, 1922.  Sowed corn.  Drill set at [    ] qts per A.

Friday, May 26, 1922.  Met Eliza in Dv.  V., Eva and Eliza joined the Stars

Saturday, May 27, 1922.  Finished planting potatoes.

Saturday, June 3, 1922.  V., Eva & I went to Scottsburg to Pomona Grange.  G. & Tillie came

Sunday, June 4, 1922.  Lloyd came home from Syracuse.  G. & Tillie went home

Sunday, June 11, 1922.  The most violent storm that ever visited this neighborhood passed over about 6 o'clock this morning.  Trees and barns were blown down.

Monday, June 12, 1922.  Lloyd commenced working in wireless at Springwater.

Friday, June 16, 1922.  Sowed 6 A. W.K. beans about 5/6 bu per A.  120 qts. Acid phos. & nitrate of soda.

Friday, June 23, 1922.  Drove to Geneseo and brot Eliza home

Sunday, July 9, 1922.  N., Harry and Eleanor Dinkey were here for the day.

Friday, July 14, 1922.  Arthur & Grantyne Peck were here

Sunday, July 23, 1922.  N. Lillian and Paul Wilde were here.  Eva was home, went back this evening.  We had charge of Grange program last night.

Friday, Aug. 4, 1922.  Grange members met here for a social evening.  Ice cream and cake.

Saturday, Aug. 5, 1922.  Reunion at Albert's.  Grant, Grantyne and Harold were out and called.

Sunday, Aug. 6, 1922.  V., Lyal, Willis, Eliza, Mrs. Zimmer & I went to Letchworth Park

Saturday, Aug. 26, 1922.  Went to Grange picnic evening at Murray Clemons'

Saturday, Sep. 2, 1922.  V., Lola Wheaton & I went to Grugsville [Greigsville?] Pomona Grange.

Friday, Sep. 8, 1922.  Sowed 4¾ A. wheat, 7 pks. old wheat.  107 qts. 1-8-2 check, first strip S. of first walnut stump.  Timothy, orchard grass and clover mixture.

Sunday, Oct. 15, 1922.  G. & Tillie came last night.  Got apples, walnuts, eggs & honey.

Friday, Nov. 3, 1922.  Lloyd and Eliza came home this eve.

Sunday, Nov. 5, 1922.  All of us went to church.  Eliza went back this eve.

Saturday, Feb. 17, 1923.  Near zero weather since Wednesday.

Sunday, Mar. 4, 1923.  Robins!  Mr. Albright's funeral Feb. 22.

Wednesday, Apr. 25, 1923.  Swallows!

Friday, Apr. 27, 1923.  First bumble bee!  Yesterday put about 360 chickens in brooder house.  Josephine has a caller this eve.  Huh!

Friday, May 4, 1923.  Sowed 1 A. Alaska peas and -1/2 A. Admiral

Sunday, May 6, 1923.  G., Tillie and Grantyne came.  Uncles Pars and Freman and Atla called.

Tuesday, May 8, 1923.  Erwin Walker shot himself this P.M.

Friday, May 11, 1923.  Went to Ernie Walker's funeral

Thursday, May 24, 1923.  Sowed last bag peas.

Tuesday, May 29, 1923.  Sowed 1-1/2 A corn 4th pinion in slow feed  250 lbs 3-8-6 per A.  Later:  Cron not any too thick.

Wednesday, May 30, 1923.  Lloyd came home.

Saturday, June 2, 1923.  Pomona Grange at Sw.  Team put on 5 degree.

Tuesday, June 12, 1923.  V., Lloyd, Willis, Curtice Marvin and I went to Syracuse.  Willis had his first street car ride and went to city theatre.

Wednesday, June 13, 1923.  Commencement at the University.  Class of about 900.  Came home P.M.

Wednesday, June 20, 1923  Henry Pries took us to Batavia to attend lecturers' conference.  I visited cousins

Friday, June 22, 1923.  Charley S. took V. Eva & me to Eliza's commencement.

Tuesday, June 26, 1923.  We went to Lyal's high school commencement.

Thursday, June 28, 1923.  Commenced haying.

Sunday, July 1, 1923.  A Shaver day at Uncle Parsi's cottage at Conesus Lake

Thursday, Aug. 2, 1923.  A Shaver picnic at Uncle Will Cole's.  All of oldest generation present but Aunt Electa dnd Uncle Bert.

Saturday, Aug. 4, 1923  Lawrences met at Chas Grouse's.  Large gethering and a good time.  Grant, Tillie, Grantyne, Harold and Lillian came home with us.  Finished haying yesterday.

Sunday, Aug. 19, 1923.  Lloyd started for Buffalo en route to his work at Pittsburgh

Monday, Sep. 3, 1923.  Eliza went to Gowanda [possibly Towanda?] to teach her first school.

Monday, sep. 10, 1923.  finished plowing wheat ground.

Saturday, Sep. 15, 1923.  Sowed 6 A wheat 7 pks 120 qts 1-8-1 and Timothy mixture.

Sunday, Sep. 16, 1923.  called with Aunt Martha at Aunt Electa's P.M.

Monday, Sep. 24, 1923.  Sowed 5-1/2 A. wheat 7pks. 135 qts. 1-8-1, 2-8-1 & 3-8-6 per A.  2 qts Timothy seed.

Sunday, Oct. 14, 1923.  G. & Tillie came out.

Wednesday, Oct. 17, 1923.  Chas Robinson came P.M. to help with porch.  Worked 2-1/4 days and left the rest for me to do.

Saturday, Oct. 20, 1923.  Eliza came with Mildred & Harley Beeman.

Friday, Jan. 4, 1924.  Eva came Friday before Christmas and Lloyd & Eliza the next day.  L. went Jan 1, Eva the next Wednesday.  Uncle Henry, Alma Rowley, Pearl and Lottie Cole were here.

Saturday, Feb 16, 1924.  Last Tuesday, about noon while hauling logs, Chas Saltsman was so badly injured that he died Wednesday morning.  Funeral to-day from Kustens'

Monday, Mar. 10, 1924.  Florence Saltsman's auction and Robert Swick's funeral to-day.  Robert died Thursday morning.  Lyal was one of the bearers.  I was Florence's cashier.  I did chores at Saltsman's since Tuesday Feb. 12.

Saturday, Apr. 19, 1924.  Nearly 2 weeks ago Lloyd had his hand and one finger injured in a machine.  Eva came home Friday Apr. 11.  We met Eliza at Dansville yesterday.  Lila Cummings and Lester Miner were married last Tuesday.

Monday, Apr. 28, 1924.  Chas. Robinson commenced work on inside changes in house.  Chickens put into brooder house yesterday.

Saturday, May 3, 1924.  Set 150 pine trees in E part of woods.

Sunday, May 18, 1924.  Sowed oats on Becker's yesterday used 8-1/2 bags acid phos.

Sunday, May 25, 1924.  Grant & Tillie were here

Tuesday, May 27, 1924.  Sowed corn - about 2-1/4 A.  Used 14-tooth pinion in medium feed.  Seemed to sow thick enough.  Finished sowing oats last Sat.  Planted potatoes across road Wed., the 21.  Later:  Corn too thick.

Friday, May 30, 1924.  Met Lloyd and Eliza at Dv.  Eva came eve.

Sunday, June 1, 1924.  Lloyd, Eva & Eliza went to their work & schools.

Friday, June 6, 1924.  Finished planting potatoes.

Wednesday, June 11, 1924.  Planted beans on Becker's and upper orchard lot.  2-2/3 A. on Becker's.  About 2-1/4 A. at home

Friday, June 13, 1924.  Eva came home.  Finished laying floor in front & back rooms.

Saturday, June 14, 1924.  Put first boxes on bees.

Monday, June 16, 1924.  V. & I went to Hattie L's funeral

Sunday, July 6, 1924.  Eva, Eliza, Willis, V. & I drove to Nellie's.  54 miles via Genesio

Tuesday, July 8, 1924.  Turned Dinkey with Herman Marks' cattle.

Wednesday, July 9, 1924.  Finished sowing buckwheat 2-1/4 A. on Karl's.  5 + A. on bog lot.  30 qts. per A.

Saturday, Aug. 2, 1924.  Lawrence reunion here.  N., Lillian, Harold, G., Tillie & Grantyne here Sunday.

Monday, Aug. 11, 1924.  Shaver reunion here.  Pauline Wilson & Lillian A are here.

Tuesday, Aug. 12, 1924.  Lyal is at scout camp this week.  Finished drawing in wheat.

Thursday, Aug. 21, 1924.  Gladys Walker-Loveland's funeral to-day and Dr. Gamble's yesterday.

Saturday, Aug. 23, 1924.  Lloyd came home for a vacation.

Monday, Aug. 25, 1924.  Threshed 247 bu. wheat.

Friday, Aug. 29, 1924.  Last Tues. & Wed. Chas. Robinson laid chimney.  To-day I finished roofing around chimney and painted ridge boards.

Tuesday, Sep. 23, 1924.  First frost of season last night.  A week too early for corn.

Thursday, Sep 25, 1924.  Sowed 4 - A. wheat very little Timothy seed.  250 to 350 lbs 2-12-2

Sunday, Dec. 21, 1924.  Yesterday met Eliza at Dansville, Eva Fri night and J. last night.  "Winters wild birth-night" To-day, our shortest day is cold but calm.  All are home but Lloyd.  It seems as tho he must be coming too.  This will probably be his first Christmas away from us.

Monday, Jan. 5, 1925.  Eliza, Margaret Abell & Mrs. A. went yesterday morning.  Eva went last evening and J. this morning.  We are again alone with the two boys.  Lyal & I cut the big maple at corner of hen-house.

Tuesday, Feb. 3, 1925.  A heavy snow fall last Thurs. night & Fri.  No mail delivery since.  About 3 ft. of snow fell.



County Court Mar. 16, 1925

Geneseo, Liv. Co., N. Y.


1   Armstrong, Benjamin - Geneseo.

2   Birge, Livingston - Geneseo.

3   Blakely, L. H. - Avon.

4   Booth, W. E. - Geneseo.

5   Brown, Fred C. - Leicester.

6   Baker, Ward - Portage.

7   Bauer, George F. - York.

8   Burkhart, Chester A. - Lima.

9   Carpenter, E. C. - Geneseo.

10 Gerling, Phillp, Sr. - N. Dansville.

11 Goodwin, Robert - N. Dansville.

12 Gilbert, W. J. - Avon.

13 Herkimer, Elmer - Leicester.

14 Hines, Joseph - Avon.

15 Lawrence, Wm. A. - Springwater.

16 Moss, E. A. - Avon.

17 Nevinger, Walter - Portage.

18 O'Brien, Daniel F. - Lima.

19 Odgen, Homer - Groveland.

20 Pike, James - Avon.

21 Rector, W. S. - Geneseo.

22 Ross, M. E. - Geneseo.

23 Ross, Craig - Groveland.

24 Simpson, Edgar - Caledonia.

25 Scott, Henry - Lima.

26 Smith, S. J. - N. Dansville.

27 Sliker, Laurence G. - Conesus.

28 Snell, Alvin A. - Lima.

29 Swarts, Harlan - Sparta.

30 White, Richard E. - Geneseo.

31 Witt, W. C. - Mt. Morris.

32 Walker, Benjamin - W. Sparta.

33 Wilson, Robert J. - Geneseo.

34 Wemett, Floyd J. - Livonia.

35 Welch, Edward J. - Lima.

36 Yorks, Henry - Lima.


Thursday, Mar. 26, 1925.  Mar. 16, went to Geneseo County court.  Came home Fri night.  Went the next Mon. morning and came right back.  Commenced plowing last Tuesday.

Monday, Mar 30, 1925.  Went over to Geneseo again.  This morning came home

Tuesday, Mar. 31, 1925.  Expect to go again Apr. 27.

Sunday, Apr. 5, 1925.  J. came home last night

Tuesday, Apr. 21, 1925.  Springwater Degree team went to Lima and worked 3 & 4th degrees.

Wednesday, Apr 22, 1925.  Lyal set out 1000 strawberry plants.

Friday, Apr. 24, 1925.  Finished 9-1/2 A oats 2-1/2 bu. per A. 200 lbs acid phosphate per A.

Sunday, Apr. 26, 1925.  Grant & Tillie were out.

Tuesday, May 12, 1925.  Sowed 2-1/2 A. corn.  Used 16-tooth pinion in slow feed mostly.  Sowed 2-12-2.

Wednesday, May 20, 1925.  Finished planting potatoes.

Tuesday, June 2, 1925.  Sowed about 1-1/2 A. W.K. beans & ftz.  Thurs, 4.  Sowed about 4-1/2 A W.K. beans & ftz.

Wednesday June 10, 1925.  Josephine came home

Saturday, June 13, 1925.  Went to S.S. picnic at Long Point.

Wednesday, July 22, 1925.  The vacation season hurries on at an awful pace.  Lloyd came the 13th for a week and has gone.  Eva is in Geneseo again for 6 weeks

Saturday, Aug. 1, 1925.  V., Lyal, Eliza, Willis & I went to reunion at Frank & Beatrice Finch's in Atlanta.  Cool & cloud

Sunday, Aug. 8, 1925.  V's Uncle Henry, Muriel & Irene were here.

Sunday, Aug. 16, 1925.  Wickses & we went to Long Point had dinner & spent the P.M.

Monday, Aug. 17, 1925.  Drew some second cutting clover & one load oats.  Margaret Abell came eve.

Thursday, Aug. 20, 1925.  Young folks & I went to Co. picnic at Long Point.  I went up the Indian trail to monument.

Friday, Aug. 21, 1925.  Myra Swicks' funeral

Monday, Aug. 24, 1925.  Margaret Abell & her nephew went home.

Thursday, Aug. 27, 1925.  Distinct frost this morning but not severe enough to damage anything.

Saturday, Aug. 29, 1925.  Received nomination for Supervisor from Republican caucus.  No opposition.

Sunday, Sep. 20, 1925.  G. & Tillie were here.  Hattie Albright Moose came eve.  Much rainy weather on beans.  Corn ripe.  Finished plowing wheat ground yesterday.

Friday, Oct. 2, 1925.  Finished 9-3/8 A wheat.  60 qts. wheat per A 135 and 120 qts 2-8-3.  Finished with 120 qts 1-8-4 and bone mixed.  Small amount of timothy.

Sunday, Oct. 4, 1925.  Harold & wife (Eva), Nellie & Lillian were here.

Monday, Oct. 5, 1925.  V., W. & I drove to Rochester.  Stopped at Grant's.  Called at Nellie's

Sunday, Oct. 11, 1925.  Last night dogs were at my sheep for about the 5th time this summer.  Mutilated 4 badly.  Leo & Josephine Willis called late afternoon on way home from Rochester.  Had neighbors with them.

Thursday, Oct. 15, 1925.  Finished digging potatoes.  Took load to Wd at 1.40

Friday, Oct. 30, 1925.  Eva came home.

Friday, Nov 6, 1925.  Eliza came home

Sunday, Nov. 8, 1925.  Both girls went back to their schools.

Monday, Nov 9, 1925.  Turned ram with ewes.

Monday, Nov. 23, 1925.  Went with Mr Brewer to meeting of Supervisors at Geneseo.

Friday, Dec. 18, 1925.  Josephine came home.

Sunday, Dec. 20, 1925.  Eva came home.

Wednesday, Dec. 23, 1925.  Eliza came home

Monday, Feb. 1, 1926.  Started from Geneseo with other Supervisors for Albany to attend conferrence of tax officials.  Visited Assembly & Senate evening.

Tuesday, Feb. 2, 1926.  Found Josephine's boarding place.  Went thru museum in Education building.

Friday, Feb. 5, 1926.  J. & I went to Mary's for the day.  J. stayed.  I started for Rochester night

Saturday, Feb. 6, 1926.  Visited at Nellie's & Grants and ...

Sunday, Feb. 7, 1926.  Came home.

Saturday, May 22, 1926.  Sowed corn 3 A.  Used largest pinion in slow feed.  Fertilizer

Thursday, June 24, 1926.  Finished 7 A - buckwheat with about 300 per A Acid phosphate.  Lloyd and Dorothy married P.M.  Lloyd came last Friday and took second degree.

Friday, June 25, 1926.  Lyal, mother, Willis & I went to Roch.  Had dinner at Grant's.  Lyal registered at Mechanics'.  Children all home yesterday morning.

Saturday, Aug. 7, 1926  Reunion at Josephine's in Troupsburg.  Drove both cars.

Sunday, Aug. 15, 1926.  Took ride P.M.  Called at Cousin Jake Kuhn's.  G. & Tillie stopped over night on way home from Philadelphia.

Monday, Aug. 16, 1926.  Shaver reunion at Father Shaver's.  Good crowd.

Sunday, Aug. 22, 1926.  Drove out to G's.  V. stayed.

Friday, Aug. 27, 1926.  Drew oats.  First cutting moldy and sprouted.  Spring wheat out yet.

Tuesday, Sep 14, 1926.  First frost last night.  Temperature 36 degrees at sunrise.  Did not appear to hurt corn.

Thursday, Sep 16, 1926.  Last Sat. folks drove to Roch. and brot Eliza and Tillie's sister, Emma back.  Wheat not sown yet.  Rainy.

Monday, Sep. 20, 1926.  Last Friday G. & Tillie came and got Emma.  Last Saturday and to-day sowed 9 A. wheat 1-1/2bu wheat 120 qts 1-9-4 and a little Timothy.

Monday, Sep. 27, 1926.  Commenced cutting corn.  Sat.  Not thru yet.

Sunday, Apr. 3, 1927.  Winter began early with strength and seeming endurance.  It endured until about Jan 15, then broke and we had bare ground almost continually until Apr. 1.  Unusually warm in Feb.  Much warm weather in Mar.  Commenced plowing two weeks ago.  Have about 9 A. plowed.  5 or 6 inches of snow on ground now but mild.  Lloyd called yesterday P.M.

Sunday, Apr. 10, 1927.  J. came Fri. night.  Called at Father Shaver's P.M.  He is much better after the winter's confinement with heart trouble.

Friday, Apr. 15, 1927.  Sowed clover seed on wheat.  Dry & cool.  Sowed 5 A oats yesterday.  Railroad fire ran over hill.  Worked 2 hours at it this evening.  Lyal, Willis, Karl B., Mildred Hartz, their man, Dale, Aubrey, J. O. Swarts and his man were on the job.  J. came last Fri night.

Sunday, Apr. 17, 1927  Eva came last Fri night and Lloyd, Dorothy & Eliza last night.  All home now.

Tuesday, Apr. 19, 1927.  Sowed 3-1/2 A oats & seeds.  Fire at Town Hall yesterday morning.

Tuesday, Aug. 9, 1927.  Father Shaver died last night.  Funeral to-morrow.  Not thru haying yet.

Thursday, Sep 8, 1927.  Sowed 5 A wheat 7 pks ftz mixture & Timothy.

Sunday, Oct. 2, 1927.  Took trip to Canadea and Letchworth Park.  A really hot day.  Had a hot dry September.

Sunday, Oct. 9, 1927.  V., Willis & I went to Troupsburg.  Oliver cut our corn yesterday.  Wonderful corn weather for September.  First hard frost last night

Sunday, Oct. 30, 1927.  Lyal went to Roch. to attend School of Commerce.  Another month of bright, blue, warm weather.

Friday, Dec 23, 1927.  Heard robin yesterday.








Buffalo Street School House, October 7, 1932


A meeting of local farmers was opened at 8 PM with an address by Earl Glady on the needs of organization.  J. B. Conrad then addressed the meeting, explaining the origin and purpose of a movement designed to unite farmers into an organization, the object of which shall be to obtain a fair price for their products.  Twenty five farmers signed an agreement designed to effect such a union.


C. Mark Harts was elected Chairman;  W. A. Lawrence, Sec-Treas.;  Dale Shaver and Frank Kimmel, Committeemen.  Meeting adjourned to meet at call of Chairman.


                                                            W. A. Lawrence, Sec.


Buffalo St. Unit of Rural Protective Assn. met in school house Nov. 9, 1932


Minutes of last meeting read.  Constitution & By-laws read.  Six members present who signed constitution and paid $1 each dues.  Meeting adjourned.


                                                            W. A. Lawrence, Sec.


Three members paid afterward.


Saturday, May 2, 1942.  Started planting potatoes on Lyal's

Wednesday, May 6.  - Willis & Marjory came.

Thursday, May 7. - Finished plowing field for planting.

Friday W & M went to Alfred and will go to Suffern to-morrow.

Sunday, May 10. - Lloyd, Janet and Mrs. Zimmer were here for dinner.  Turned cows out first this P.M.

Wednesday, May 13 - Drilled 2 A. corn.  Smallest pinion (?) in slow speed.  Large side of distributor.

Thursday, May 14 - Planted 3/4 A. beans on Lyal's

Sunday, May 17 - Dorothy was interred in Springwater yard this P.M.

Monday, May 18. - Planted an ear of corn.

Tuesday, May 19. - Turned heifers across RR.  Karl B[ecker] went to Bath hospital.

Thursday, May 21. - Big farewell party at church for Bithsoir (?) family.  End of 9-yr pastorate.

Sunday, May 31 - N. Harold, Eva & boys called P.M.  V. [Viola] & Lyal called at Humphreys.  Cold damp month.

Tuesday, June 9 - Finished planting beans.

Wednesday, June 10. - Cultivated corn.  Commenced mowing on

Sunday, June 21 - Nellie & John came to stay a short time.  Harry L. & family called.

Sunday, July 5. - Nellie & John went.  Harry & Eleanor came & got them.

Friday, July 17. - Commenced cutting wheat.  Very hot.  Hard rain and lightning all night and Saturday morning.

Sunday, July 26, 1942.  Kuhn reunion at Len Trader's (?).  70 present.  Next year at Abel Kuhn's first Sunday in July.  Much rain.  Wheat gets wet every other day.

Friday, July 31. - Dick & Bobby [Brown] came on midnight train.

Saturday, Aug 1. - Bunched hay on Lyal's.  Wheat nearly dry enough to go into barn.

Sunday, Aug. 2, - Light rain this morning.  Lawrences met at Stony brook.  Good crowd No rain

Tuesday, Aug. 4. - Threshed 9 A. wheat only 142 bu.  No rain since Sun. morning but some very wet.

Saturday, Aug. 15. - Rain Thursday.  Drew vats to-day but not in good condition.  Went to grange eve.

Tuesday, Aug. 18. - Josephine & Jonathan [Brown] came.

Wednesday, Aug. 19. - Last load of oats.  Commenced plowing yesterday.

Saturday, Aug. 29. Received word to-day of the death of Geo. Andrus, Pres. of the Fire Relief Asso.  Mr. Andrus was a nice man to work with.

Monday, Aug. 31. - Messrs. Sterner Emo (?) & I went to Mr. Andrus' funeral.  "Alas, my brother."

Tuesday, Sep 1.  School commenced.  Again we have (grand) children to send to school.

Wednesday, Sep 16. - Finished cutting corn.

Thursday, Sep 17. - Sowed 4 A. wheat, timothy & 300 per A. of 20%.

Saturday, Sep. 26 - Finished pulling beans.

Sunday, Sep. 27. - V. and I took dinner at Arthur Sterner's.

Tuesday, Sep. 30. - Executive Com. meeting at Bath.

Thursday, Oct. 1, 1942. - Yesterday, worked in silo for Dale.  To-day plowed & picked apples.  Josephine & baby [Jonathan] went to Eastport.  Boys [Dick & Bobby] are at Eva's so we are alone again.

Monday, Oct. 5 - One of the bearers at Mrs. Ed. Hauech's (?) funeral.

Thursday, Oct. 8. Sowed 2 A. wheat on Lyal's with 300 per A. 20% a little timothy.  Josephine came back from Eastport.

Friday, Oct. 9. - Planted 1 Schmidt, 1 Napolean cherry 1 Rochester peach 1 Macintosh apple.

Sunday, Oct. 25. - Helped Ted pick up potatoes 3 half-days last week.  Lyal & J[osephine] helped several days move them  I. (?)  G. & Tillie were out P.M. which means that it was a very nice afternoon.

Tuesday, Oct. 27. - Snow covered earth this morning.  Cold wind.  J. [Josephine] started work at Gunlock's.

Thursday, Nov. 5, 1942.  Helped Oliver husk corn 1/2 day.

Saturday, Nov 14. - Had phone from Willis in Buffalo who was on his way to Chicago.  Threshed 92 bu. beans, Friday.  Real Winter came Thursday.  16 degrees above this morning.

Friday, Nov. 27. - Dr. Buck drew blood from cows for test for Bang's disease.

Thursday, Dec. 17, 1942. - Much cold stormy weather since Nov. 12.  Bad colds in family last 2 weeks.

Thursday, Dec. 24,  Bart [Brown] came this eve and went the next Sunday.  Jo's family and we had quiet Christmas together.  Mrs. Elizabeth Marks died last week (the 28. I think).

Monday, Jan. 18, 1943.  Karl B. [Becker] has been to a hospital again and got back.  He came back the 9th.  The Fire Relief Asso had their annual meeting the 12th.  Got thru in one day.  I was elected Pres. without opposition.  Grange met here last Sat. night.  14 herd (?) besides V. & me.  Last Mon. the 11th Allie Hemmer dressed a beef for us.  One side weighed 304.  Got 19� for it.  Sold hind quarter at .21.

Sunday, Jan. 24, 1943.  Eva & family called P.M.

Wednesday, Jan. 27. - Sent red heifer to Buffalo yesterday.  Check to-day for $106.06.  13 cents per lb. minus charges.  Weight 860.

Sunday, Jan. 1, 1943.  Temperature 40 degrees, quiet fine day.  Went to church first time in more than 2 months.

Monday, Feb. 1.  J. still working.  Has an offer from Eastport H.S. to teach at $1375.

Wednesday, Feb. 3, 1943.  Josephine and the 3 boys went back to Eastport on 8 P.M. train.  Dick & Bobby came the last day of July.  J. & Jonathan came Aug. 18.

Wednesday, Feb. 10. - Sent Dick & Bob's bicycles by fgt. to-day.

Thursday, Feb 18,  Heard to-day of death of Francis L. Oruston (?), Feb 3

Friday, Mar. 5, 1943. - A generally mild Feb. is seemingly being followed by a rather stiff Mar.  6 degrees below yesterday morning.  Last Wednesday I went with Ted to Syracuse.  Saw copy of deed whereby Maj. David Lawrence obtained title to land in Onondaga town and county, Jan 16, 1799, from John Ellis, presumably his brother-in-law.  Also a deed between the same persons conveying land in 1805.  Former deed states that David L. was from Dalton, Berkshire County, Mass.


Last night Lyal & I saw local draft board in Dansville and secured his release from draft - permanently, we expect.  Later - Classed 2-C.

Thursday, Mar. 18, 1943.  Last Sat. morning was bothered by large amount of stomach gas and consequent heart palpitations.  Had Dr. Richmond come Sat., Sun. & Mon.  No trouble since Mon. A.M.  Got 6900 of chestnut coal this morning of Shaffer, Pa. coal man at $11 a ton.

Wednesday, Mar 31. - Very lamblike.  Above 60 degrees and fair.  Worked on brooder house & went to Wd (?)

Saturday, Apr 3, 1943. - Cold and stormy yesterday.  Colder and more snow this morning.  Got 200 chicks yesterday.

Sunday, Apr. 11. - Used last of apples (greenings) yesterday.  Temperature 20 degrees this morning.  Eva & family called P.M.

Wednesday, Apr. 14, 1943.  Cold and snowy yesterday and to-day.  Cold backward month thus far.

Saturday, Apr. 24. - Two nice days.  Corn ground plowed and stones picked from oats ground.  Saw first swallows to-day.

Wednesday, Apr. 28.  Corneneed (?) dragging for oats & dragged garden yesterday.  Hard thunder storm in N. & west.  Cold & misty to-day.

Saturday, May 1, 1943.  Ground well covered by snow.  Temperature 25 degrees and cloudy this morning.

Saturday, May 15, 1943. - Sowed 2-1/4 A. oats.  Very wet.

May 18 - Sowed another acre oats.  Much fog & rain.  Can't get work done.

Thursday, May 20. - Executive Committee at Bath today.  Next regular meeting July 6.  Still wet.

Saturday, May 22. - Hard shower yesterday and rain last night.  Cold this morn.

Tuesday, May 25, 1943.  Had 3-1/2 days of nice weather worth recording.  Finished 8¾ A. oats - the third attempt at sowing oats.  Raining this P.M.

Thursday, May 27. - Went to Chapter meeting RAM [Royal Arch Masons] last Tuesday night.  Rained about all night.

Saturday, May 29, - Burton B. [Becker] finished planting potatoes on big orchard lot.  Hatodins (?) on S. side 2-1/2 rows past first apple tree.  Planted corn Friday Fourth pinion in slow speed.

Monday, May. 31. - Commenced plowing 5 A. back of brook, probably for buckwheat.

Wednesday, June 9. - Finished plowing for buckwheat.  Sowed soy beans.  Burton sowed beans yesterday.

Sunday, June 13. - Arthur Sterner, wife, mother and daughter were here for dinner.

Friday, June 18, 1943.  Planted corn in thin rows.  V. [Viola] & L. [Lyal] papered for Eva yesterday & brot Carol home with them.

Monday, June 21. - Commenced haying.

Monday, June 28. Sowed 4-1/4 A. buckwheat.  Used 7 bags 0-16-8 ftz (?) cost 1.53 per bag.  L. helped by fileing drill.

Monday, July 12.  Took off first super of honey.  Last fourth seemed to be without any celebration - no firecracker nor fire-works.

Wednesday, July 21. - Finished haying, 30 loads.  Left more than that on the ground.  G. (Grant Lawrence) made an afternoon call.  Stayed to supper.

Tuesday, July 27, 1943 - Lloyd & Janet were here.

Sunday, Aug. 8, 1943.  Eliza came on morning train.

Monday, Aug. 9. - Lyal & I commenced painting his house.

Tuesday, Aug. 10. - Eliza went back to N. York at 8-09 P.M.

Sunday, Aug. 15. - This afternoon, while Wayne Becker was driving a Mr. Sharp's car thru Carney Hollow, it ran into a tree; resulting in the death of the Sharp boy and the Bates boy and the serious injury of two Kramer girls, an Agard (?) girl and himself.

Tuesday, Aug 17, 1943. - Forty five years of married life without a regret because of the contract then culminated.  We celebrated by going to town on business.

Monday, Aug. 23. - Threshed 5 A. wheat, 100 bu. 8 A oats, 150 bu. Poorest oats ever grew on this farm.  First pullet egg Aug 21.

Thursday, Aug. 26, 1943. - N.[Nellie Lawrence] came to-day.  Flower carnival at Spw. yesterday & to-day.  V. won numerous prizes, several cash prizes amounting to $4.

Sunday, Aug. 29. - N. & I called on Sam and Mary Barker, Nettie & Ed Traxler.

Wednesday, Sep. 1. - Uncle Geo. Shaver came & stayed all night.  Finished plowing wheat ground.

Thursday, Sep 2, - Burton [Becker] commenced pulling beans.

Friday Sep 10, - Threshed beans 125 bu.  About 5 A.

Saturday, Sep 11. - Helped mow graveyard in A.M.

Sunday, Sep 12, - We called on Eva and Spence & Ruth called on us P.M.  First light frost.

Monday Sep. 13. - Took yellow-eyes to Groveland 6.25 A cwt. 2% pick.

Thursday, Sep 16. - Sowed 3� A. wheat 2 bu per A. & 16-7 No timothy

Sunday, Sep. 19, 1943. - Harold A. & family came after Nellie.  Finished cutting buckwheat yesterday.

Sunday, Sep. 26. - Tillie died this P.M.

Tuesday, Sep. 28. - V. & I went to Tillie's funeral.

Wednesday, Oct. 13. - V. went to Grant's.  G. brot her home in P.M. and stayed until Sun. P.M.  Our nice bright blue haleyon days lasted until the 15th.

Sunday, Oct. 24. - Lloyd and family called P.M.

Monday, Oct. 25. - Got pig that Ted gave us.

Sunday, Oct. 31, 1943. - A nice mild day.  No snow this month.

Wednesday, Nov. 3. - Was in Geneseo on grand jury to-day.

Saturday, Nov. 6. - Went to grange at Henry Pries'.

Wednesday, Nov. 10. - V. went to Humphrey's to stay while Eva is in Buffalo with Herbert.

Sunday, Nov. 14, 1943. - Winter came with seeming permanence last Thursday.  Snow and cold since.  Took corn to Dansville auction Thursday.  $78.  $74.10 net.

Saturday, Nov. 20. - A let up in the winter weather yesterday and I plowed to-day.

Thursday, Nov. 25. - We had roast goose dinner at Humphreys.  V. stayed there until Friday night.  Ted & Eva took Herbert to Buffalo again.

Wednesday, Dec. 1. - Helped shingle school house P.M.

Saturday Dec. 11. - Grange met here for Christmas party.  17 present.  Near zero this morning.

Saturday, Dec. 18, - Taken with flue in throat last Tues.  Quite sick Wednesday night.  Went down to my bronchi and became looser Thurs & Fri.  Went out some to-day.  Karl dressed pig to-day.

Christmas, 1943. - Willis & M. came last Sun. and went to Buffalo Wednesday.  Our colds are bothering some yet.  Willis & M. expect to go to Suffern to live next Sunday.

Tuesday, Jan. 17, 1944. - Ed and Allie Heavmer (?) dressed a beef (Bug). One side weighed 318 lbs.  18 & 20 a lb.  Hide 8.  We kept a front quarter.

Monday, Jan. 24. - Went to Rochester on morning bus.  Stayed all night with G., next morning went to Syracuse to attend 62nd meeting of Central Organization of Mutual Insurance Companies of N.Y.  Wednesday P.M. stayed with G. again.  G. and I called at Harold Albright's Monday P.M. and at Lloyd's Wed. evening.  Home Thurs. A.M.  Very warm.  No snow.

Sunday, Feb. 6. - Jan was very mild with little snow, not enough for sleighing.  Still mild with bare ground.  Grange at Geo. Wemett's last night.

Sunday, Feb. 1 (?)  Grange committee met here Thurs. night.  Bare roads and not too cold.  Friday, commenced snowing.  A foot of snow Fri. night and high wind all day on Saturday.  This morning quiet and zero temperature.  Much mild weather with little snow in Feb.

Mar. 1. - Cold and stormy - now (the third) mild with light snow.

Monday, Mar. 20, 1944.  Spring day No. 1.  Six inches snow last night and still coming 8 degrees above yesterday and 20 degrees this morning.

Tuesday, Mar 21. - Herbert Stuart sustained a bad head cut while sawing lumber last Fri and died in Wd hospital yesterday.  Funeral Friday.  Commenced buzzing wood Fri.

Monday, Mar. 27 - Finished splitting wood.

Sunday, April 2, 1944.  Last Friday, Elwyn Stuart's funeral - A week after his brother Herbert's.  Elwyn hanged himself.  Eva & family were here in afternoon.  Next Executive committee meeting, July 3.

Sunday, Apr. 9. - Heard peepers yesterday morning.  Plowed yesterday P.M.

Monday, Apr. 10. - Went over to Geneseo on trial jury.  Excused until next Monday morn.

Tuesday, Apr. 11 - Sowed some seeds on wheat.  Snowed P.M.

Saturday, Apr. 15. V. & I went to Hornell to meet Mr. Dennis.

Wednesday, April 19. - Was in Geneseo the 10th and last Monday & Tuesday on jury.  Plowed P.M.  Helped burn grass on cemetery A.M.

Tuesday, Apr. 25. - Cool and rainy.  Plowing alfalfa sod.  Saw a swallow Sunday.  Guess he went back south.  Too cold for insects to fly.

Thursday, April 27, 1944.  Set 100 Premier strawberry plants.

Sunday, Apr. 30. - Grant was out and went to church with us.

Wednesday, May 3, 1944.  Finished sowing 11 A. oats.  2-1/2 bu old oats and 100 qts 20% phos. per A.

Sunday, May 7. - Lloyd & family & Howard & Elsie Tresh called P.M.

Thursday, May 11. - Planted corn Tuesday the 9th.  Second pinion in slow speed.  Plowed for buckwheat yesterday P.M. and went to dance at Grange Hall eve on account of helping with the eats.  Had a faint spell this morning.  V. called Dr. R.

Wednesday, May 17. - Planted about 30 bu. potatoes on nearly 2 acres.  A little more than half a ton of 4-12-4 on the piece.

Tuesday, June 6. - Trying to recover from a bad case of anemia.  Didn't suppose I would ever have occasion to use that word in connection with a record of my life.  Gain is slow.  Two weeks ago, I could work with the horses.  Now I can with fatigue do only hen chores or milk a cow.

Wednesday, June 7. - G. was out all day.  Very wet and cool.

Sunday, June 11. - Friday evening as L. was taking the cows to pasture, Joe Smith broke Daisy's leg and we had to beef her.  [All of Grandpa Lawrence's cows had names.  Daisy was one of his favorites].

Friday, June 16. - Burton B. planted 330 lbs. beans and a T. of 4-12-4 on field across road.

Monday, June 19. - Commenced mowing.

Wednesday, June 21. - Plowed a little A.M.

Monday, June 26. - Got in first load of hay.

Friday, June 30. - Sowed 1-1/2 A. buckwheat.

Sunday, July 2, 1944.  Nellie, Grant, Lillian & Art called P.M.

Monday July 3. - Executive Com. meeting at Bath.  V. went along.

Sunday, July 16. - Mr. & Mrs. Dennis, V. & I had dinner with Steiner's (?).

Saturday, July 22. - Lloyd came P.M. helped with 2 loads hay.

Monday, July 24. - Stacked wheat 5 big loads.

Tuesday July 25.  Threshed 110 bu. wheat from 3¾ A. 29-1/2 bu per A.

Tuesday, July 26, 1944.  Received from Gray Brothers $50 in settlement of claim against Jos. Smith for damage to cow June 9 - erroniously stated June 11 on recipt I gave.

Sunday July 30.  G. came and stayed until Mon. P.M.  Went to tent meeting at Wright's Sun. P.M.


[The following entry is in ink in the hand of Viola Lawrence]


List of Garments made during 1913.


1st wk.             Eva Drawers, 2 Night Shirts. Will

                        V. 2 Night Dresses.                                                                  5

2nd ..               V.  Silk Waist                                                                           1

3rd. ..               El. Brown Dress. J. Green Grey                                              2

4th.                  El. Pink                        V. Yellow                                             2

5th.                  V. Blue Sergo Waist   V. Blue brilliantine                                 2


1st. wk.            Eva Brown Dress.  White Dress                                                2


Sunday, Aug. 6, 1944.  Spence, Ruth and N. called P.M. and stayed to tea.

Wednesday, Aug. 9. - Finished cutting 11 A. oats.  Eliza came yesterday P.M.  Very hot and dry.

Saturday, Aug. 12. - Threshed 11 A. oats this A.M. 515 bu 14 loads.  No rain since they were cut.  Temperature 75 degrees this morning before day-light.  88 degrees in P.M.

Sunday, Aug. 13. - N., G., Lloyd, Janet, Eva and family, Art, Lillian and Miss Johnson were here P.M.  Eliza went this eve.

Wednesday, Aug. 16, 1944.  Took 5-21 A.M. train on DL&W for N.Y.C. and L.I. train to Eastport.  J. & Bart met me at station.

Thursday, Aug. 17 - Went down to bay to see the clammers come in and bring them home.  Bart & Dick had 9 bushels.  After supper drove over to the sound.


[Bob Brown remembers Grandpa Lawrence getting out of the car by a potato field and dig down into the dirt with his hand to see how good Long Island Potatos were.  Bart was uneasy about it, fearing the owner of the field would discover it.  Also, we drove him over "Bridge Hill" where the train track goes straight to Speonk to the East, and to Manorville to the West.  He remarked that he had never seen such a length of straight railroad track. We also went to the Atlantic Ocean beach and Grandpa tasted the water, remarking, "It really IS salty."].


Friday, Aug. 18. - Went back to the city and out to Suffern to see Willis.  Stayed until

Sunday Aug 20. - Went back to city and had dinner with Eliza.  Took 4-40 P.M. train for home One A.M.

Monday, Aug. 21. - Found me home again.  Got last load of oats in.

Wednesday, Aug. 23.  Commenced cutting corn.

Saturday, Aug. 26. - Finished cutting 2 A. corn with Dale [Shaver] & Karl's [Becker] binder.

Sunday, Aug. 27. - N. Harold and Eva here P.M.  Rev. Howsare, his mother & Malvina Totten, also Eva and family here in evening.

Tuesday, Aug. 29, 1944.  Commenced plowing 10 A for wheat.

Saturday, Sep. 2 Went to Pomona Grange at Lima.  Viola's basket of flowers took first prize.

Thursday, Sep. 7. - Mr. Howsare, his mother and Mrs. Drumm were here for supper.  Burton began pulling beans.  I dragged on wheat ground.  Cold and windy.

Tuesday, Sep. 12. - Commenced sowing wheat on big field.  Got rained off at 3-1/4 A.

Wednesday, Sep. 13, - Pearl, Edna & Tommy were here.  Sowed another 3-1/4 A. wheat.

Monday, Sep. 18. - Finished sowing 10-1/4 A. wheat, about 2400 4-12-4 and a little timothy.  Beckers received telegram saying Wayne is in hospital in camp in N.C.  Karl & Arlie went last night.

Tuesday, Sep 26. - Threshed beans Burton B. raised.  About 5A. 113 bu.

Thursday, Sep. 28, 1944.  Burton B. & I took beans to Groveland.  3% pick $6.55 for cwt.

Sunday, Oct. 1 - Brot Clara Miller home with us from church and on arriving found Grant here.  He came as a pre-birthday surprise.

Monday, Oct. 2 - Celebrated by husking corn in P.M.

Wednesday, Oct. 11. - Heard to-day, that N. had light stroke.

Sunday, Oct. 15. - Had first furnace fire of the season.

Monday, Oct. 16. - Dr. Buck's assistant vaccinated Specky & Daisy and took blood for testing from the other four.  [Compare entry June 11, 1944 where he mentions Daisy's leg was broken and they had to 'beef' her].

Wednesday, Oct. 18. - V. & I painted tool house at cemetary.

Tuesday, Oct. 24. - Lucian Hills stored 3 truck loads of potatoes in cellar.

Thursday, Nov. 2, 1944.  A week of nice warm weather.  Saw bees on dandaline blossoms.

Saturday, Nov. 4. - Lyal and V. went to Pen Yan and brot Eliza home from a wedding in which E. was bridesmaid.

Sunday, Nov. 5. - Eva and family called P.M.  Cold & stormy, some snow.

Tuesday, Nov. 7. - Eliza called on Eva and went on 11-11 train from Dansville.  V. worked all day helping with grange dinner and supper.

Tuesday, Nov. 14, - Bussed to Rochester and called on Nellie.

Thursday, Nov. 23.  We went over to Humphrey's to a duck chicken dinner.  Alternate sun and snow - mostly snow.

Thursday, Nov. 30. - Plowed yesterday P.M.  Heavy snow last night, first of the season.  Snow truck went over the road.

Sunday, Dec. 3, 1944.  Temperature 8 degrees  Bright, quiet day.

Monday, Dec. 4 - Zero this morning.

Thursday, Dec. 7. - V., Dale [Shaver] and I went to Hattie Matoon's funeral.

Monday, Dec. 11. - Started for State Grange at Syracuse.

Friday, Dec. 15. - Left Syracuse for Rochester.  Stayed with G. and Saturday called on H. (?) and Lloyd.  Got home about 7 P.M.  Very stormy week.  Much snow for Dec.

Tuesday, Dec. 19. - After a sickness of about 2 weeks, Pat yielded his good patient life of service.  Wish I could be so good and useful.

Friday, Dec. 22.  Twelve below this morning.

Monday, Dec. 25. - Went nowhere, nobody came.  No candy but a pound Jack gave us.  Very sober Christmas!

Thursday, February 1, 1945.  A very cold, stormy January.  Haven't seen our mail box in about a month.  Haven't been to church in 8 weeks.  Were snowed in 3 days last week.  Hydrant in the milk-house froze last night.  Burton Becker and Germaine Frances Quanz were married to-day.  Mrs. Alma Walker buried to-day.

Friday, Feb. 9. - Weather broke and really thawed a very little.  Erie R.R. reopened after being tied up more than a week.

Tuesday, Feb. 20. - Willis & Marjorey came from Buffalo on evening train.  Went back to B. the next Thursday.

Thursday, Feb. 22. - Fred Mehlenbacher died to-day.  Warm and pleasant.  Nearly 50 degrees.  Warmest day since last fall.

Thursday, Mar. 1, 1945.  Heard of deaths of Orton Guile, John Ouderkirk and Frank Folts.  A very nice day.

Saturday, Mar. 17.  A very nice week.  Mercury climed to 70 degrees one day.  Heard peepers the 16th.  Getting some wood cut.  Mr Tolner's auction.

Sunday, Mar. 25.  Lloyd & Janet called P.M.  Lyal was taken with vomiting and gas pains.

Monday, Mar. 26. - Dr. Zone came, examined Lyal and took him to the hospital.  He was operated on in P.M.  V. stayed all night with him.

Tuesday, Mar. 27.  Plowed a little.

Sunday, Apr. 1. - Brot Lyal home.

Wednesday, Apr. 4.  Sowed 3-1/2 A. oats.  Had 5 A. ready to sow Mar. 31 and it rained.

Saturday, Apr. 7, 1945.  Finished sowing about 5 A. oats and about 200 lbs 20% per A.  Herbert Henry took a load of oats to Groveland GLF.

Wednesday, Apr. 11.  Sowed 3-1/2 A. oats.

Thursday, Apr. 12.  President Roosevelt died this P.M. in Warm Springs, Ga.

Sunday, Apr. 22.  Commenced sending milk after a lapse of about 3 months.

Monday, Apr. 30. - Mostly cold stormy sour month.  Several freezes after cherries, pears and apples were in blossom.  So cold grass and wheat can't grow.

Monday, May 7. - First nice warm day since early in Apr.  Finished plowing flat-iron 6 A. for beans.  Planted a few potatoes & corn in garden.  Heard to-day of M. S. Chase's death.

Wednesday, May 9.  Arthur Sterner took Bros. Hammond, Lectsworth (?) and me to M. S. Chase's funeral at Whitesville.

Saturday, May 12, 1945.  Commenced snowing Thursday morning, kept snowing until after midnight.  Had 4 inches of snow Friday morning.  To-day I dragged on bean ground.  A cold week with frosts and freezing.

Sunday, May 13. - Lloyd & Janet called P.M.

Monday, May 14, 1945.  A meeting of school district voters was held in Wd. and voted about 8 to 1 to consolidate thus ending our school district as an active unit.  More centralization and dictation and less democracy!

Tuesday, May 22, 1945.  The worst hurricane that ever here came to-day at noon.  Part of 3 barn roofs blew away, one hen-house wrecked, 10 windows in howse broken and trees prostrated.  Worked remainder of week at roofing barns.

Saturday, June 2, 1945.  Froze some Thursday night.  Hills took me to Pomona Grange at Tuscarora.  Cool and rainy.

Wednesday, June 6. - Sterners took V. & me to Pomona Grange in Bath.

Thursday, June 14. - Planted 5+ A. beans with about -1/2 T. of 5-10-5.  Sold the timber in the woods above 14' in diameter for $800 last Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 19. - Henry P. came and rebuilt our back porch.  The Englerts drew away the remains of the big maple.

Wednesday, July 4.  Yesterday drew first load of hay cut a week ago.  Today drew 2 loads.

Saturday, July 7. - Auctioned the school property this P.M.  Real estate at $410, personal brot about $52.

Friday, July 13, 1945.  Eliza came this evening.  Roger Humphrey shot his arm or wrist while out hunting.

Tuesday, July 24. - Josephine, Robert & Jon came last Wednesday and went Sun. night.  Had a really terrific rain & thunder storm yesterday P.M.  Grant was out the 15th.  Lillian & Art were here at dinner last Sunday.

Thursday, July 26.  Commenced cutting wheat.


[The following entry was crossed out:


Wednesday, July 18  J., Bobby & Jon came and Jo & Jon went Sunday the 22.


[The above crossed out entry is actually the correct version, rather than the one for "Tuesday, July 24", because Bobby remained with the Lawrences after Jo & Jon left for Eastport.  Bobby went on the train with Eliza, and stayed one day in Eliza's apartment in New York City before continuing on to Eastport, L.I. The following entry shows when Bobby left.]


Tuesday, July 31. - Eliza & Bobby went last Sun.  Finished haying to-day.  Have some more to cut and leave on the ground.

Sunday, Aug. 5. - Yesterday V. & I went to farmers' picnic at GlenDale.  To-day we went to L. [Lawrence] reunion at Stony Brook.


[The following entry in ink was probably a 'left-over' entry dating before the Journal was started]


May 16.  Eggs for hatching                                                                   $1.68


Harold and Eva Albright called P.M.

Friday, Aug. 10, 1945,  Lloyd & Janet were here.

Saturday, Aug. 11,  Japanese made peace offer which is not acceptable to Allies.

Monday, Aug. 13. - Stacked 8 loads wheat.

Tuesday, Aug. 15. - This is the long-looked-for J.J. day.  I haven't heard the text of Japan's acceptance of the surrender terms, but whistles & bells indicate its satisfaction.  Drew in 7 loads oats.

Thursday, Aug. 16. - Threshed 143 bu. wheat from 10 A.  Poorest wheat in a long time.  June cyclone & hail cut it down.  Finished cutting oats.  All the nation except poor farmers had yesterday and to day for celebrating the end of the war.

Monday, Aug 20, 1945.  Burton took our wheat to Groveland 5585 lbs at 1.60 bu.

Friday, Aug. 24. - Ted took the refrigerator to Rochester.

Wednesday, Aug. 27. - Got card to-day saying that the refrigerator is ready.  Pearl, Edna & Tommy were here for dinner.  Finished plowing 8 A. for wheat.  Burton's tractor helped by doing more than half of it.  82 degrees at noon.

Thursday, Sep. 6 - Sowed 2 A wheat 7 pks. per A & 155 qts 5-10-5.  No grass seed.  Hot & dry.

Saturday, Sep 8. - Started pulling beans.  Elsie Zimmer Tresch (?) died yesterday.

Wednesday, Sep 12 - Finished sowing wheat - 8 A. in all.  Last 6 A had mixture of 20% and 5-10-10 making about a 1-2/3 - 16-2/3 - 3-1/3  Elsie Z. Tresch's funeral yesterday.

Thursday, Nov. 8. - Oct. was another wet, cold month.  G. came Wednesday, stayed until this morning, then started for Fla.  He went alone.  I went to Stuben Co. Pomona in P.M. at Wayland.  Three days of fine warm weather.

Tuesday, Nov. 20, 1945. - Cold and windy.  First day cows have not out on pasture part of the day.  A little snow & a little icy.

Thursday, Nov. 22. - V. & I went over to Humphrey's for turkey dinner.  Chilly, dreary day.

Thursday, Nov. 29.  Snowed all night and to-day.  About 1-1/2 foot snow this evening.

Sunday morning 4 above.  Rafrid (?) moderation.

Friday, Jan. 4, 1946.  Thrashed 144 bu. beans.  Very mild weather until Jan. 8.  Hope it continues for a long time.

Wednesday, Jan 9, 1946.  Burton B. took beans to Groveland 8135 lbs. and brot home 300 [dollars ?] and 1 bag screenings.

Friday, Jan. 11.  Harry Proeschel dressed Dumpy.  One side weighed 283 lbs.  Beckers came back from Fla. last Tuesday and started for Fla the 15th.

Saturday, Jan. 1946.  Grange meeting here today.  Installation of officers & oyster dinner.

Tuesday, Jan. 29. - V. & I went with Arthur & Mrs. Sterner to Syracuse.  Annual meeting of Central Organization of Insurances.  Home Wednesday evening.

Thursday, Jan. 31. - Fair and warm.  45 degrees

Thursday, Feb. 14, 1946.  Eliza came this evening.

Thursday, Mar. 7, 1946.  Very mild springlike weather so far this month.  Feb was easy for Feb.  Robins & bluebirds came last Sunday.  Yesterday heard song sparrow.  Yesterday went to Harold Carney's funeral.

Saturday, Mar. 9.  Turned colder.  Good!  Buds have not started so we may have some fruit.

Wednesday, Mar. 13, 1946.  Went to Arthur Sterner's auction.  The Englerts finished sawing.

Saturday, Mar 16  Got basket of Fla. fruit from G.  Friday.  Sowed alfalfa seed on 2 A. wheat.  Went to grange at Geo. Fisher's.

Sunday, Mar. 24.  Lloyd & folks called P.M.  Yesterday finished dragging flatiron first time.  Nice & dry.  Heard peepers early last week.

Tuesday, Mar 26.  Commenced sowing oats.

Thursday, Mar. 28.  Commenced plowing.

Sunday, Mar. 31.  Arlie Becker & Ruth came back from Fla. Thurs.  This Mar. was an unusually mild and pleasant month.  Turned colder Friday night.  This morning it was 26 degrees.

Tuesday, Apr. 2.  Arthur Sterner & I went to Geo. Walker's funeral at Towelsville (?).  Called at Chase (?) House's

Friday, April 5, 1946.  Very dry and cold.  A slight sprinkle of snow last night.

Wednesday, Apr. 17. - Still cold and dry.  22 degrees this morning.  Froze every night this week.  Got Becker's horse to make a 3-horse team to plow.  Last Thurs. G. came back from Fla.  Stayed here that night.  Bot a drill of Arch Franci's.

Thursday, April 18.  Ruth Easton died last Tuesday.  Grant passed out this morning.  He was found toward night.

Friday, Apr. 19. - Went to Roch. to attend Ruth's funeral.  Learning that Grant would be buried Saturday, I stayed with Lloyd and Saturday attended Grant's interment.  G. lived 6 days after returning from Fla.

Saturday, Apr. 27. - Swallows came last Thursday.  No swallows this morning, instead about 3 inches of snow and below freezing.

Wednesday, May 1, 1946.  April was very cold and dry, and it is cold to-day.  Down to freezing this morning.  The town tractor commenced filling the break in the mill dam this P.M.  It looks as tho we might have a pond again.  Plowed this P.M. on long lot for buckwheat, I suppose.

Wednesday, May 15.  Finished plowing long lot.  Went to Roch. Monday.  Grant's household goods & auto were appraised.  Came home Tuesday.  First summerlike day this year.  Saw a bumble bee.

Monday, May 20. - Grant's interested relation met and tried to apportion his household goods.

Saturday, June 1, 1946.  Went with Hills to Pomona Grange at Tuscarora.

Tuesday, June 4. - Went with Arthur Sterner to lodge in Dansville.

Wednesday, June 12, 1946.  Finished planting beans.  Finished with second pinion in fast speed.  About 300 lbs of 4-12-4 per A.  The refrigerator came yesterday.  $186.25.

Tuesday, June 25. - Sowed 7-1/2 A. buckwheat.  Commenced mowing.

Saturday, July 13.  Arthur Sterner and I went to the Past Masters' meeting at Prattsburg.

Friday, July 19.  Finished having 10 A. commenced June 25.  22 loads.

Saturday, July 27.  Thrashed 8 A. wheat this P.M. 320 bu.

Sunday, Aug. 4.  Last Sun. went to Kuhn reunion at Abel Kuhn's.  Yesterday the Farmers' club picniced at Glen Dale and to-day went to the Lawrence reunion at Stony brook park.  Commenced cutting oats yesterday.

Thursday, Aug. 8. - Finished cutting oats.  Best oats ever raised on this farm.

Friday, Aug. 9. - Thrashed 7 loads of oats - 262 bu.  Have 4 loads in barn.  Expect 400 bu in all or about 66 bu. per A.

Tuesday, Aug. 20. - Commenced plowing flat iron for wheat, and finished it.

Saturday, Aug. 31. - Have the brush cut and partly burned.  Lloyd & Janet were here and got 3 chickens for freezing.

Saturday, Sep. 7. - V. & I went with Hills to Pomona Grange at E. Avon.

Friday, Sep. 13. - Commenced sowing wheat yesterday, and finished to-day.  About a ton of 5-10-5 on 6 A.

Saturday, Sep. 21. - Nice warm and even hot weather all the week until today, when it rained a little.  Pulled and bunched beans all of the week.  Finished last night.

Saturday, Sep. 28, 1946.  Ivan Moose cut buckwheat with combine this P.M.  Cut about 4 hours.

Tuesday, Oct. 1. - Arthur Sterner took me to bath to the committee meeting and to the centenial celebration of Phoenix Lodge in the evening.

Wednesday, Oct. 2. - Celebrated by going to Rochester to interview Mr. Sereu regarding Grant's estate.

Saturday, Oct. 5. - Thrashed beans, 7 A. 177 bu. machine measure.  Monday, the 7th took them to Groveland and they cleaned up 179-2/3 bu at 8.50 per cwt.

Tuesday, Oct. 8, - Finished digging potatoes - about 70 bu.

Tuesday, Oct. 22.  Went with Henry Shafer's to grange neighbor night at Geneseo Grange.  Started plowing last Sat.  Eliza went to Rochester about a week ago.

Sunday, Oct. 27, 1946.  Harold, Eva & John called P.M.

Saturday, Nov. 2, 1946.  Oct. was a wonderfully fine month.  Had a little cold weather early in the month.  Some days the temperature was above 70 degrees - just enough rain to keep from becoming too dry.  Still warm today.

Friday, Nov. 15. - First real freeze last night.  Eliza was home last week end.  Carl Becker bot a house in Wayland last Monday.

Friday, Nov 22. - Turned colder and snowed some.  First really winter weather.

Sunday, Nov. 24. - We went with some other grange members to church in Springwater.  Warmer.

Sunday, Dec. 1, - Plowed yesterday P.M.  Probably the last plowing I will do this year.  Colder and snowing today.

Saturday, Dec. 21, 1946.  Last Mon. went to Rochester.  Called to see Nellie.  Yesterday, Harry Proeshel dressed Facet Eyes.  One front quarter weighed 182.  Got 25¢ a lb.  Paid H. P. $4 and his dinner.

Saturday, Jan 11, - Our Jan. thaw came to-day.  It took some of the ice off the road.  Temperature was 44 degrees.

Friday, Jan. 24. - Another thaw after almost zero temperature.

Saturday, Mar. 1, 1947.  Feb. was all winter, but very little snow.  Today is quiet and quite mild.

Friday, Mar. 21.  Topped some trees.  Eva called yesterday.  Heard first robin.

Tuesday, Mar. 25.  Very windy, stormy & cold all day.  Temperature 14 degrees this eve.  Lyal went to mill at Dansville.

Monday, Mar. 31. - Mercury down to 10 this morning.


[Insert in pencil]


            Income by months.


Sept.                                                                               12.60

1919    October                                                              25.75

            November                                                           19.23

            December                                                           13.85

1920    January                                                                25.65

            February                                                             16.90

            March                                                                 30.10

            April                                                                    59.80

            May                                                                    41.15

            June                                                                      2.50




Easter Sunday, Apr. 6, 1947.  Eliza came yesterday morning.  Eva came home with us from grange.  An almost perfect day.  Temperature 65.

Monday, Apr. 7. - Went with about 30 other masons in bus to Valley Lodge, an all around good time.

Tuesday, Apr. 8. - Sowed a little clover seed.

Tuesday, Apr. 15. - Commenced dragging.

Thursday, Apr. 17.  Freezing & snowing a little this morning.

Monday, April 21, 1947.  Dragged Saturday, P.M.  Snowed yesterday and last night.  Three inches snow and freezing this morning.

Tuesday, Apr. 22. - V. and Pearl went to Hornell.  28 degrees this morning but fair and nice to-day.

Tuesday, April 29.  Finished sowing 9 A. oats with 135 qts 20% which I commenced last week.  Yesterday morning it was 20 degrees on the front porth.

Thursday, May 8.  Apr. was cold and wet and May, so far has been like it except the first day of May.  Last Sat. started plowing planting ground.  Yesterday rained all day turning to snow.  This morning all is white.  Temperature 28 degrees.  Sold 8 months heifer to Burton Becker for $50.  Intermittent snow squalls and sunshine.

Thursday, May 9, 1947.  Temperature 29 degrees this morning.  Still cloudy.

Sunday, May 18. - Still wet!  Rains some about every day.  Plum and cherry trees in bloom.  Apples have many buds.  Yesterday Karl Becker had a serious operation in St. Mary's hospital.

Thursday, May 22, 1947.  Nellie passed away Tuesday.  We went to her funeral this afternoon.

Tuesday, May 27.  Planted potatoes.  Got living room papered.

Sunday, June 1.  Eliza came Monday morning and went back this P.M.  Eva & family were over Friday eve.

Tuesday, June 10.  Record heat for this date.

Thursday, June 12. - Sowed 1¾ A. W. K. beans.  Fourth pinion in fast speed.  Sowed the same field again the 18th.

Saturday, June 21, 1947.  Commenced sowing buckwheat on long lot.  Willis and Marjory called last evening.

Monday, June 23.  Finished sowing buckwheat and cultivated corn.  V. went with Eva & Billy to commencement.

Wednesday, June 26.  Started to Winona Lake, Ind. to attend the Prohibition Convention.  Got back Sunday night.

Wednesday, July 2.  Took the Herford cow and two calves to Dansville auction and drew in hay.

Friday, July 4. - Eliza came and stayed until Sunday eve.

Sunday, July 6. - Willis and Marjory called.

Monday, July 7.  Rainy.  Went to mill P.M.

Sunday, July 20.  Neltie (?) Traxler buried last Friday.  Blanch Clemons died Saturday morning.  Arthur & Lillian Davison and Beatrice Albright called P.M.

Saturday, July 26, 1947.  V. Lyal, Eliza & I went to Lloyd and Marian's wedding at 701 Averill Ave. [Rochester?]   Eliza came home with us.

Thursday, July 31.  finished cutting wheat which was begun Tuesday.  Commenced threshing wheat.  Robert Brown came yesterday.

Friday, Aug. 1 - Took wheat 10970 lbs to Groveland.

Saturday, Aug. 2.  Farmer's Benefit club picnic.

Sunday, Aug. 3. - Lawrence reunion at Stony brook.  Eliza went back to Rochester.

Tuesday, Aug. 5. - Got last of hay in.  Hot and dry now.

Wednesday, Aug. 13. - Cutting oats this week.  Today the temperature is 89.  Too hot for man or beast.

Thursday, August 14, 1947.  Finished cutting oats.  Temperature like yesterday's.  Much need of rain.

Saturday, Aug. 16. - Hard rain yesterday and this morning.  Shaver's to the number of about 40 had picnic supper here.

Friday, Aug. 22. - Josephine, Dick & Jon came.

Saturday, Aug. 23. - Lyal, Joe, the boys and V. drove over to Willis' P.M.

Sunday, Aug. 24. - The family, to wit. Lloyd, Marian, Eva, Ted, Eliza, Lyal, Josephine, Willis and Marjory also, Billy, Roger, Herbert, Carol, Jane Humphrey, Janet Lawrence, Dick, Bobby &* Jon Brown were here P.M.

Monday, Aug. 25. - Got in load of alfalfa - last of haying.  Oats soaked again.

Tuesday, Aug. 26. - Josephine & the boys went to Niagara Falls.  Started rebuilding chimney.

Monday, Sep. 1, 1947.  Josephine and her boys left for home this morning at 3.  Yesterday we all called at Lloyd & Marian's cottage at Conesus lake.

Thursday, Sep. 11.  Stacked last of oats yesterday.  Commenced plowing for wheat.

Saturday, Sep. 13. - Thrashed oats.  Eliza came P.M.

Tuesday, Sep. 16.  Went to Bert Shaver's funeral.  Arthur Sterner plowed our wheat ground yesterday.

Thursday, Sep 18. - Finished plowing for wheat.  Started pulling beans this week.

Saturday, Sep. 20. - Eliza came last eve.

Wednesday, Sep. 24.  Sowed wheat 9 A. 135 qts 4-12-4 Then 95 qts. then finished with a little 20% super.  No seed.

Sunday, Sep. 28, 1947.  Henry Pries funeral to-day.  We called there yesterday.

Monday, Sep. 29. - Went to Elmer Moose's funeral.

Thursday, Oct. 2.  Finished diging potatoes this A.M.  About 50 bu.  Went to Bath P.M.

Friday, Oct. 3.  Commenced husking corn.  Went to grange.  Hall closed until 9.  Mr. Wemett showed pictures.  No Grange meeting.

Sunday, Oct. 12.  Harold and Eva called P.M.  Eliza went back with them.

Sunday, Oct. 19, 1947.  Thrashed beans Friday.  Eliza came Saturday, went back this eve.  Lyal sick yesterday and today.

Thursday, Oct. 23.  Went to Rochester for final sale of 12 Hubbell Park house.

Thursday, Oct. 30, 1947.  This has been the most beautiful and perfect October I ever saw.  Four weeks of warm dry weather.  The weather seems to have changed now - rainy and cool.

Thursday, Nov. 6. - Went to Syracuse to the Prohibition state convention.

Wednesday, Nov. 26. - Snowed all day.  Willis & M. called Sunday.

Friday, Nov. 28. - Cold and stormy week.

Sunday, Nov. 30. - Eliza came yesterday.  Lloyd, Marian, Janet & Mrs. Zimmer called P.M. and took Eliza back.

Monday, Dec. 8 - Viola & I started to Oswego for the 75th session of State Grange.  Came back to Rochester Friday night.  Stayed at Lloyd's.  I came home Fri P.M.  Arthur and Lilian brot V. Eliza & Eva Sunday P.M.  Expense about $50.  State Grange check $42.40.

Tuesday, Dec. 23, 1947.  Harry Procschel dressed a beef for us $4 and his dinner.

Wednesday, Dec. 24.  Mr. Sahrle got a hind quarter beef.  Came to 55.30.  Eliza came this evening.

Thursday, Dec 25.  A beautiful, quiet mild, sunny day.  No callers except Arthur Sterner and Birdie by phone.

Wednesday, Jan 14, 1948.  Annual meeting of Fire Relief Asso.  Same officers.

Thursday, Jan. 15, 1948.  George Thorp died of heart failure early this morning.

Saturday, Jan. 17.  Mary Folts died.

Sunday, Jan. 25 - Very cold week. 10 below several mornings.  To-day, sunny and mild.

Sunday, Feb. 1. - Jan. very cold with about enough snow.  This morning 12 below.  Last Tues. & Wed. Mr. Sterner and I were in Syracuse at the insurance meeting.  He drove.

Thursday, Feb. 19, 1948.  Two weeks of mild pleasant weather.  Raining and thundering this evening.

Wednesday, March 3, 1948.  Cold again latter part of Feb.  Not much snow 5 above yesterday morning.  30 now.  Tom Humphreys and Martha Humphreys died about a week apart about 2 weeks ago.  Willis and Marjory called last Sat. eve.  Eva & girls and Billie called Sun eve.

Monday, Mar. 15. - 10 degrees below Saturday morning and Sunday morning.  Yesterday and today warm.  Raining this evening.  Took down the kitchen stove that was bot in Aug. 1898 for $30 to make room for a new one at $283.  Comment witheld.  Carl & Arlie Becker called yesterday.  $283 + hot water front and gas set up.

Tuesday, Mar. 16, 1948.  The new stove came to-day and the 1897 model went.  Heard first robins today tho they were reported a week ago.

Sunday, Mar. 21. - Warm and rainy.  Latter half of last week warm & pleasant. 60 & 65 degrees.  Bees had first flight since last fall.  Heard geese going north.  Dryv (?) manure Fri. & Sat.

Sunday, Mar. 28.  Eliza came yesterday morning.  Willis & Marjory came yesterday P.M.  They three with V. & Lyal called at Eva's eve.  Colder to-day and tonight.  Sowed some seeds on wheat last Wednesday.

Friday, April 9. - 70 degrees yesterday freezing today.  Snowed some.  Expected to sow some oats today.  Ordered shoes $9.50 and coat 2.64.  Most costly shoes I ever bot.

Saturday, April 10. - Sowed about 2 A. oats.  Grange met here.

Sunday, Apr. 18, 1948.  Lloyd & Marian called P.M.  Last Thursday night taken by an earache caused, I think by a cold.

Monday, Apr. 19. - Draged A.M. and finished sowing oats P.M.

Tuesday, Apr. 20. - Went to see Dr. Richmond this morning.  He gave me a shot in the shoulder, two kinds of pills & something to put into my ear and a charge of $4.50.  Plowed & fitted the garden.  V. planted quite a lot.

Saturday, Apr. 24. - Went to Dr. Hichmond (Richmond ?) again.  Same story only 50 cents less.

Sunday, Apr. 25. - Eva & family and Mrs. Humphrey, also Hally & Birdie called P.M.  Ear better.

Saturday, May 1. - Willis and Marjory called P.M.  Went to grange.  Had a meeting on the street and in our car.Thursday, May 6, 1948.  Went to Hornell to see Dr. Barney about my ear.  He said my hearing would come back.

Friday, May 7. - V. had the Gleaziers here.

Saturday, May 8. - V. & I helped clean Grange Hall P.M.  Henry Shafer shot himself.  Near freezing this morning.  Below 40 all day.

Wednesday, May 19.  Thermometer said just 32 degrees this morning.

Sunday, May 23.  Chilly, rainy week.  Lloyd Moose passed away suddenly Friday night.  V & I went to Lloyd's for dinner and afternoon visit.

Saturday, May 29.  Eliza came this morning.  A heavenly day.  Had a swarm of bees the 26th.

Thursday, June 3.  Painted front porch roof.

Saturday, June 5, 1948.  Pomona Grange at Springwater.

Monday, June 7.  V. & I went to see Willis & Marjory.

Saturday, June 19: - Went to Ed. Lawrences auction.

Sunday, June 20. - Harold and family called P.M.

Monday, June 28.  V. & I went to graduation at Wayland.  "Billie" Humphrey got diaploma.

Friday, July 2.  Eliza came.

Saturday, July 3.  Went with Louie Ouderkirk to Troupsburg to Past Masters' supper and address by Grand Master Totten.

Monday, July 5. - Worked at hay all day.  Willis & Margory called eve.  Eliza went back.  Hally was here for supper and took E. to the bus.

Tuesday, July 13. - V. & I went to meeting of Executive Comm. and their wives at home of James Little.

Wednesday, July 14. - Hilled and dusted potatoes and worked at hay.  Mowed some after supper.

Saturday, July 17, 1948.  Finished haying today and have 20 A. yet to mow.

Sunday, July 25. - Eliza is home.  V. & I went to Kuhn reunion.

Saturday, July 30.  Lucian Hills finished combining 9 A. wheat at $7 per A.  Took wheat to Groveland.  Eliza came home.

Sunday, Aug. 1. - Lawrence reunion.  Took Mark.  About 90 there.

Tuesday, Aug. 3.  Eliza went back to Rochester yesterday.  Commenced cutting oats.

Sunday, Aug. 8.  Three Sundays in a row: Kuhn Lawrence and today the Shaver reunion, all at the glen.  More than 1500 cars entered the park in a week.

Tuesday, Aug. 17.  Fifty years of married life.  Fifty years of successes and failures, labor and recreation, worry and joy.  Sunday we had open house.  65 guests called and had ice cream and cake.  We requested no presents but received several nice tokens.  Went to Eva Brettle's funeral at Dansville P.M.  Finished drawing in oats.

Friday, Aug. 20, 1948.  Started plowing for wheat.  Lew Schrader's house burned.

Saturday, Aug. 21.  Oliver W. [Wicks ?] baled wheat straw.  Lloyd and Marian called.

Sunday, Aug 22.  Dogs killed 15 of our chickens and hens while we were at church.  Got one dog.

Wednesday, Aug. 25. - Temperature this morning before sunrise 72 degrees, 85 degrees at noon.

Thursday, Aug. 26. - Willis, Marjory, her parents and her Grandmother called eve.

Tuesday, Aug. 31 - After 7 days of very hot weather without any rain it turned cool last night.

Wednesday, Sep. 1. - Cooled down to 40 last night.

Saturday, Sep. 4, 1940.  Went to Scottsburg to Pomona Grange.

Friday, Sep. 10. - Cut buckwheat. Went to Bath fair Wednesday.

Wednesday, Sep. 15.  Finished sowing 4 A. wheat and rolled 7 pks (?) and nearly 300 4-12-4 per A.

Thursday, Sep. 16.  Viola, Lyal & I went to Hemlock fair P.M.  Helped Dale bunch beans A.M.

Saturday, Sep. 18.  V. & I went to Hattie Skinner auction.  Bot 6 dining chairs at $1.75.

Thursday, Sep. 22  Dug potatoes, 52 bu.

Sunday, Sep. 26. - Eliza came Friday eve. and went back this P.M.  Ernest Malabar came yesterday and went to church with us.  A week of fine weather.  First killing frost Friday night.

Monday, Oct. 4, 1948.  Saturday, the second, the Executive com. met at Sterner's.  The women were invited, and went too.  Mercury down to 30 this morning.

Saturday, Oct. 9. - Eliza came this morning.  Willis & M. called with their new Ford P.M.

Sunday, Oct. 10. - Lloyd and family called P.M.  Took Eliza back with them.

Tuesday, Oct. 12. - Oakley Mann emptied septic tank.  Southwest corner of tank is about 8 feet from apple tree.  Cost $30.

Monday, Oct. 25. - Eliza came Saturday A.M.  Harold, Eva & John called Sunday P.M. and got 4 bu potatoes.  Lyal helped Dale [Shaver] at potatoes this P.M.

Friday, Oct. 29. - Picked potatoes for Dale Wednesday A.M. and Thursday P.M.  Nice Indian sumer this week.

Saturday, Nov. 6, 1948.  Another week of Indian summer.  Worked at wood.  Art & Lillian called P.M. and brot Eliza.  They stayed to supper.

Sunday, Nov 7. - Lloyd & family were here for dinner.  Took Eliza back with them.  Colder now.

Thursday, Nov. 11. - V. & I went with Ted, Eva & Billie to Alfred.  Had dinner with Willis & Margory.

Friday, Nov. 12. - Went to mill.

Thursday - Thanksgiving. - Hallie & Birdie were here.

Saturday, Nov. 27 - Eliza came.  Fine weather all of last week.

Tuesday, Dec 7. - Marjory took Viola & Eva to Rochester.  V. & I called at Sterner's Sunday, P.M.

Friday, Dec. 10. - Went to mill.

Thursday, Dec. 16. - First real snow storm last Monday.  Sunny and mild Tuesday.  Winter seems to have come now.

Friday, Dec. 17. - Helped bear Charles Kuster to the grave.

Monday, Jan. 10, 1949.  Lloyd, Marian & Janet were here Christmas.  Went to mill today.  Dick Hammond started repairing our electric wiring.  Last Sat. and Sunday were sunny with temperatures above 40

Tuesday, Jan. 25. - Arthur Sterner & I went to the Syracuse meeting of the Central Organization.  Went by way of Rochester.  Home at 4 Wednesday.

Sunday, Jan. 30. - Willis and Marjory came P.M. and stayed for supper.

Saturday, Feb. 12. - Went to Grange meeting at Erwin Perkins.

Sunday, Feb. 13. - Very warm & moist. 47 degrees.  Little rain.

Tuesday, Feb. 15 - Temperature 56 degrees

Friday, P.M.  Feb. 18. - Temperature 52 degrees.  Robins reported but not seen nor heard here.

Saturday, Feb. 19.  Temperature 56 degrees

Sunday, Feb. 27, 1949.  Eva, Billy, Herbert, Eliza, Lillian and Arthur called P.M.

Wednesday, Mar. 2.  Insulated west side of bedrood.  Total cost including material, freight, postage and bank service 19.36

Sunday, Mar. 13.  Willis & Marjory called P.M. & evening.  Mild Jan & Feb.  We are having our winter now.

Tuesday, Mar, 22. - V. & I went to Aunt Martha Hurit's funeral.

Thursday, Mar. 31, Rain, sleet, snow.  Ground well covered by night.  Thus went March.

Sunday, Apr. 3. - Eliza came Friday night.  Lloyd's folks and Willis & Marjory came this P.M., also John and Leona Wicks who brot Mr. & Mrs. Machemer of Kenmore.

Wednesday, Apr. 13.  Sowed oats on front side of upper orchard lot.  70 qts. and 95 qts 0-19-19.  Finished sowing about a week later.

Friday, April 22, 1949.  Lloyd, Marian, Janet and Eliza stopped en route from a week's vacation in Washington.  Eliza stayed until Sunday P.M.

Sunday, Apr. 24. - Picked stones yesterday P.M. in a cold wind with an old ragged hat on.  Had a session with the ear ache last night.

Saturday, Apr. 30. - Willis and Marjory took V. to Roch.  They had evening dinner at Lloyd's.  A cool, rather dry, backward April;  yet vegetation is expanding rapidly now.

Thursday, May 5. - Burton finished planting 10 A. lot to potatoes and planted 8 rows for me back next to the brook.  Therm. 82 degrees.  No rain in about 2 weeks.

Saturday, May 7.  Sowed some corn yesterday.  Hot and dry.  This morning cool and foggy.

Sunday, May 8, 1949 - V. & I called on Aunt Mate and Hilda Moose P.M.  Beautiful landscape!  "I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree" - a fruit tree in bloom.

Wednesday, May 11.  After having temperature around 80 degrees with fruit in full bloom it froze last night.  Some report 22 degrees.  Brown, instead of white & pink blossoms.

Thursday, May 19, - Jane Humphrey had an operation for appendicitis yesterday.  Had hard shower.  First rain in more than a month yesterday.

Saturday, May 21.  Eliza came for the week end.  Covered the strawberries last night.  Frost with thermometer at 32 degrees this morning.

Saturday, June 8.  Went to 136 Clinton Ave. S. Rochester and got new pad for belt.  Cold nights.  Frost last two nights.

Friday, June 10, 1949.  Ordered a suit at Sears in Rochester.  $38.50

Sunday, June 12 - Went on Farm Bureau trip to Detroit.  Got back Wed. June 15

Sunday, June 19. - Brot Frank & Matilda Braunsweig home from church and took them home after dinner & then called on Aunt Electa and Alma.

Saturday, June 25. - Drew in the last load of alfalfa this morning before breakfast.  Then the long-looked-for rain came.  Another shower this evening.  First rain since May 19.

Sunday, July 3.  Eliza came Friday P.M.  Yesterday, Lillian & Arthur called and stayed "to tea".  Eva & family called this P.M.  Very hot & dry.

Monday, July 4.  Willis & Marjory called.  Lloyd & Marian & Janet called P.M.

Wednesday, July 6, 1949.  About thru haying.  Took off 50 boxes of honey from one swarm.

Sunday, July 17.  Josephine and boys came Friday P.M.  Eliza came that eve.  Thrashed wheat yesterday.  All of the children and grand children except Eva's boys were here this P.M.

Friday, July 22.  Josephine and boys started for home this morning at 4 standard time [ie. 5 AM daylight time.  W. A. Lawrence called Daylight Savings Time "Fool's Time" because the cows were always milked on Standard Time.  Although the clock in the dining room was on Daylight Savings Time, the clock in his bedroom was set to Standard Time 365 days a year where it chimed every hour on the hour throughout the day and night].  A light rain - a good sprinkle about half an hour.  First since June 25.  All vegetation is suffering for more rain.

Saturday, Aug. 6. - Eliza came yesterday.  Drew in last of second cutting alfalfa.  Kuhn reunion last Sunday at Scottsburn Grange Hall.  Next year, same date.

Sunday, Aug. 7, 1949.  Lawrence Reunion at Stonybrook Park.  92 there.  Mary Lawrence and Gerald Sholtes and Harold & Eva A. called here afterward.  Eliza went back to the city with Harold.

Tuesday, Aug. 16.  Called on Bert J. at County Home P.M.

Saturday, Sep. 3.  Eliza came this morning.  Glsaner (?) picnic at Glen Dale yesterday.

Sunday, Sep. 4.  We four had dinner with Lloyd's folks at the lake.

Tuesday, Sep 6. - Eliza went back yesterday.  Went to a ball game this P.M.  Burton B. sowed 4-1/2 A. wheat with 200 lbs ftz. per A.

Saturday, Sep. 10. - Went to Bath fair.

Monday, Sep. 19, 1949. - Ted got 40 bu. wheat for seed.

Monday, Sep. 26. - Willis & Marjory were here P.M.  Mr. Wright was with them.  Eva & Jane called eve.

Sunday, Oct. 2. - Eliza came yesterday P.M., went this P.M.  Eva & girls called P.M.

Sunday, Oct. 9.  Harold, Eva & John called P.M.  Later Albert L Jr. and family stopped a few minutes.  Very nice warm weather all this month.

Sunday, Oct. 16. - Lloyd and family made a call P.M.

Saturday Nov. 6.  First snow of the season.

Sunday, Nov 7.  Lloyd's family, Billy, Eva and the girls called P.M.

Tuesday, Nov. 8. - Beautiful election day.  50 degrees  Charles Hudson died, Sunday.

Sunday, Nov. 20, 1949.  Went to Scott Hill's funeral.

Thursday, Nov. 24.  We three and Eliza ate turkey at Lloyd's.  V. stayed there for a few days.

Friday, Dec. 23. - A week of very mild weather without any rain.  Yesterday, a record for high temperature through the state, around 70 degrees.  Very dry fall.

Saturday, Dec. 24.  Willis & Marjory called and Eliza came P.M.  Much colder today.

Tuesday, Jan 10, 1950.  V. went to Hornell and came back Wednesday.

Friday, Jan. 27.  Last Wednesday was like summer. - mercury above 70.  Cora Shaver passed on yesterday.

Tuesday, Feb. 28, 1950.  Today the mercury got up to 30 after a week of zero stormy weather.  Linda Kay Lawrence was born last Wednesday in Hornell.  This is the tenth grand-child.

Sunday, Mar. 5.  Went to Mr. & Mrs. Otto Kuhn's house warming this P.M.  Another week of cold.  Yesterday morning - 10 degrees  Today above 40.

Monday, Mar. 20. - Last day of winter - ending late to-night.  Mercury about 5 this morning and 40 this P.M.  Very stormy and cold month thus far.

Friday, Mar. 24.  Snowed Wednesday night.  Thurs. and Thurs night.  A little above freezing.  Saw first robin this morning.

Saturday, Mar 25.  Lloyd's folks & Eliza were here.  His first trip with new Olds.

Saturday, Apr. 1, 1950.  Went to Grange at Erwin Perkins.

Tuesday, Apr. 18. - Started plowing 3-cornered lot.

Friday, Apr. 28. - Went with Walter Shutt (?) & Arthur Sterner to Batavia to see the dramatization of the second section of the third degree.  Mildred Harvey's funeral this P.M.

Friday, May 5.  Plowed garden.  Went to Gleaners (?).  Went to Grange.  Sowed oats - about -1/2 acre.  Very warm Apr. cold & dry.

Monday, May 8.  Lloyd & family took V. & me over to Willis' yesterday.  Planted some potatoes in garden.  V. set strawberry plants.  L. & I picked stones on what I expect will be our corn and bean grounds.  Froze last night.

Tuesday, May 16, 1950.  Planted some corn.

Sunday, May 28. - Eliza came yesterday morning, and Lloyd and Marian called this P.M.

Sunday, June 4. - Willis & Marjory came and took us to Lloyd's  Had Linda Kay baptised.

Tuesday, June 6. - Started planting beans.

Sunday, June 18. - 33 degrees this morning.

Sunday, July 16. - We three went to Lloyd's at Conesus lake.  Took Carol along.  Finished haying except alfalfa yesterday.

Tuesday, July 25. - Finished hilling beans.

Sunday, July 30.  Eliza came yesterday and went with V. & me to the Kuhn reunion at Scottsburg grange hall.  Same place same time next year.

Friday, Aug. 11, 1950.  Eliza was home for the reunions.  82 at the Park last Sunday.  Will Perkins President.  Neola reelected Secretary.  Aunt Electa's funeral tomorrow.

Tuesday, Sep. 19, 1950.  Finished sowing 5 A wheat 300 lbs 5-10-5.

Wednesday, Sep. 20.  May Lorish was here for dinner & supper.  Called at Eva's.

Monday, Sep. 25.  Finished cutting corn.

Friday, Sep. 29.  Finished hauling in beans.

Sunday, Oct. 1.  Eliza came yesterday.  Lloyd and Willis and families came to-day.  Splendid celebration for our birthdays.

Sunday, Oct. 15. - Hallie & Birde came, then Harold & Eva, then Lloyd and family.  All afternoon callers.

Tuesday, Oct. 18, 1950.  Finished husking corn.  It is rumored that Ivan Moose's wife has left him.  I hope she will come back.

Sunday, November 5.  Viola & I were picked up by Mr. & Mrs. Henry and taken to Elmira last Monday P.M.  The reason: State Grange.  Home Friday eve.  Last evening Willis & family called.  Colder to-day.

Friday, Nov. 17.  V. went with Ted, Eva & Carol to Alfred.

Saturday, Nov. 18.  V. & Pearl visited Alma.

Thursday, Nov. 23.  Curtis Schwab met V. & me in Spwr. and took us to Lloyd's to eat turkey with them and Eliza, and brot me home.  He came after his mother & brot her home again.

Saturday, Dec. 28.  Eliza came.

Sunday, Dec. 24.  Lloyd's and Willis' families came for dinner.

Monday, Christmas.  Only Eliza was with us.  She went over to Eva's this P.M.  Very cold today.

Wednesday, Dec 27, 1950.  Zero this morning.  Then in two days it went up to 55 degrees

Tuesday, Jan. 23.  Arthur Sterner and I went to Syracuse.  Came home next day.

Rochester - Syracuse                                             5.70

Hotel                                                                     4.34

Banquet                                                                 3.50

Taxis                                                                       .50

2 meals                                                                  1.70

Tip                                                                          .25

Thursday, Feb. 1.  Alicia Zimmer died in Dansville hospital

Saturday Feb. 17.  Grange met here.  Eleven here.  Marjory & Linda called yesterday.


[The following newspaper article, possibly from The Wayland Register, was pasted to the top of the page dated Feb. 24, 1951]


Mill Pond Has Varied History Past 117 Years

(by Will Lawrence)


            The recent transfer of the millpond property on Buffalo Street and the promise of the restoration of the pond seem to merit a few historical notes.


            About 1834, the creek formed by the confluence of Pokomoonshine stream and the Yohon-Kinz rivulet was impounded by Andrew Spafard, one of the early Supervisors of Springwater, who also built a sawmill.  The surrounding hills were then covered by an abundant forest--principally pine, hemlock and oak--and, for a decade or longer, he did a thriving lumber business.  His lumber was hauled to Dansville, loaded upon canal boats and carried to Rochester and Buffalo principally.  The price teamsters received for a trip to Dansville was $1 per 1000 ft., and as 2000 ft. was the usual load, the teamsters considered the $2 good compensation for a day's work.  Labor was cheap then and so was horse-feed.


            In 1846, the mill and pond property was sold to William Pursel, and some adjoining farm land to two of Mr. Spafard's cousins, Loren and Ira Lawrence.  Mr. Pursel enlarged the mill and installed machinery for making butter tubs and sap buckets.  The business was then conducted in the name of  of (sic.) Willian Pursel & Son--the late B. Frank Pursel being the junior partner.  The business grew until the water power had to be supplemented by steam.  The "tub wagon" with its long high rack loaded with newly varnished tubs was then a familiar sight on Buffalo Street and at the Erie depot.


            After the passing of William Pursel, B. Frank and Frank D. Pursel continued the business until scarcity of timber and keen competition caused the owners to sell the machinery and put a feed run into the factory.  Many residents of Wayland will recall seeing the B. F. Pursel with his chestnut mare and buggy loaded with bags of feed, the honest toll of custom grinding, drive into town and unload at the feed store.


            The property finally passed into the possession of Charles and Ethel Pemberton who sold it to the late John Plail.  He restored the mill dam which had broken, and otherwise improved the property some.  Next, the late Judge H. V. Pratt became the owner.  He sold it to I. Heller of Rochester, who recently conveyed it to John B. Kemp, president of Kemp Equipment Co., Inc., of Rochester.


            Mr. Kemp has state plans, specifications and permission for the restoration of the small lake and intends to have them executed.


            The dyke has experienced a series of breaks, resulting in the loss of the pond.  Mr. Spafard and Mr. Pursel each had the misfortune, while Mr. Plail suffered that loss twice.  The last attempt at pond building was performed by the beavers.  It is located too near the highway and civilization to suit them, so they stayed just a year and moved upstream.  We believe the next attempt will be more successful and permanent.


Saturday, Feb. 24, 1951.  Lloyd & family and Eliza came to dinner.  Joe Engurt's (?) auction.  I did not go.

Monday, Mar. 26 - 10 degrees this morn.

Sunday, May 6. - April was rainy and cold.  Season late.  Sowed oats May1.  Yesterday, Eleanor and Dorothy Brettle brot May Lorish for an afternoon call.

Saturday, May 12.  Lloyd and family and Eliza came to dinner and took V. with them.

Sunday, May 20. - Eva, Billie, Roger, Carol, Jane, Willis, Marjory and Linda came P.M.

Saturday, June 2.  V. & I went with Arthur and Mabel Sterner to Pomona at Keshequa.

Thursday, June 7.  V. had gleaners and others - 17 in all.

Sunday, June 10, 1951.  Eliza came yesterday and went today.  Farewell party for the Gesells at the church this evening.

Sunday, June 17.  Last Wednesday morning Rev. Gesel picked me up and took me to annual conference at Grand Island.  I was entertained by Elmer Kalgebein & wife.  Came back this morning.  Ted, Eva, Carol, Jane, Herbert, Willis, Marjory & Linda called P.M.  Lloyd & family were here yesterday.  Slate for the house came today.

Sunday, July 1, 1951.  Last week-end May Lorish was here.  Yesterday, went to Jean Kuhn's wedding.  Rained almost every day since we cut the first hay.  Hard rain yesterday.  Raining now.

Saturday, July 7.  Committee at Bath.  Mr. T. bot the splits. (?)

Tuesday, July 10, 1951.  Sowed about 4 A. buckwheat.  Probably the latest I ever sowed any.

Thursday, July 12..  Mr. & Mrs. Eiss, Marjory & Linda called.

Wednesday, July 25.  Lloyd & family came and took V. & me to Willis.  Had picnic lunch.

Thursday, July 26.  Burton B. finished cutting wheat.  86 bags.

Sunday, July 29.  Went to church, took May Lorish to Kuhn reunion and called on Oliver & Grace Wicks.  Picked 1-1/2 qts huckleberries yesterday.

Saturday, Aug. 4.  Last Mon. Tues., & Wed. Lyal & I reslated the front side of the house roof.  Slate $27 a square, aluminum nails $1.60 a pound.  Went to grange last night.  Eliza came this eve.

Sunday, August 5, 1951.  Forty second reunion at the glen.  Ralph Miller elected president.  Same place and time next year.

Monday, Aug. 6. - Lyal took Eliza to Lloyd's at the lake this P.M.

Friday, Aug. 10. - Went to Gleaner picnic at Chas. Cook's.

Thursday, Aug. 16.  Lyal, Eliza & I went to Willis' P.M.

Sunday, Aug 19.  Lloyd & family called P.M. and took Eliza back to Rochester.  Burton finished combining our oats.

Sunday, Sep. 23.  Willis & family called P.M.  Finished sowing and rolling wheat yesterday.

Sunday, Sep. 30.  Went to Bath yesterday.  Exec com. meeting.  Lloyd, family & Eliza came to dinner.  Got 3 cockerels.

Tuesday, Oct. 2, 1951.  Celebrated by bunching beans for Burton Becker, P.M.

Thursday, Nov. 1 - Frist snow.  Mercury at 34.  As fine an Oct as I ever saw.

Tuesday, Nov. 6. - Temperature 8 this morning.  Windy, Rain at night.

Sunday, Nov. 18. - Went to Corning yesterday P.M.  Final trip this year.  Home at 1-30 this morning.

Thursday, Nov. 22.  Josephine, Dick, Robert and Jonathan came at 12-15 this morning.  Lloyd, Marion and Janet came about 10.  Willis, Marjory and Linda arrived at 12-30 and Eva, Billie, Herbert, Carol and Jane came after dinner.  Eliza came with Lloyd  All the children & grandchildren except Roger were here.

Friday, Nov. 23, 1951.  Josephine & family went to Rochester and took Eliza.

Saturday, Nov. 24.  J. & family started for home this morning because of threatening weather.

Saturday, Dec, 22.  Willis & family called P.M.  Eliza came this A.M.

Monday, Dec. 24.  Lloyd & family came to dinner.  Ted, Eva & Carol called evening.  Eliza went with Eva.

Tuesday, Jan. 15, 1952.  Fair with temperature above degrees60.  Snow all gone.

Friday, Feb. 8.  Purley Fisher's funeral.

Wednesday, Mar. 5.  Took calf to Dv. auction.  Had chains on truck first time this winter.  Lloyd and Marian started for Fla. last Friday

Friday, Mar. 28 - Lloyd & Marian called on their home from Fla.

Sunday, Mar. 30, 1952.  Willis & family were here this P.M.

Wednesday, Apr. 2.  Chas. Rogers' funeral

Sunday, Apr. 6. - Humphrey's took V. to Willis' P.M.

Monday, Apr 21.  Burton B. sowed 5+ A. oats back of brook.

Sunday, May 18. - Last Friday, Willis & Marjory left Linda here and came after her to-day.  Harold & Eva called P.M.

Friday, June 6.  Mr. Reynoldo planted beans.

Wednesday, June 11.  Took Messrs Wood & Gesell to West Valley to annual Conference.  Came home Sunday. P.M.

Monday, June 23. - Commenced haying.

Sunday, June 22.  V. and I had dinner with Lloyd & Eliza at the lake

Friday, July 4, 1952.  Eliza came

Saturday July 5.  Mr. & Mrs. Duane Lawrence of Bainbridge with 7 children from Lake Lamoka camp came to dinner.

Saturday, Aug. 16.  Josephine, Paul, Robert and John [Jonathan] came this P.M.  Eliza came this A.M.  Finished hauling manure upon wheat ground 21 loads.

Sunday, Aug. 17.  All the children and all the grandchildren but Dick were here.

Monday, Aug. 18.  Josephine and family went at 7 this morning.

Monday, Sep. 7,  Lloyd & family were here P.M.

Saturday, Sep. 13.  Went to Elmer Hill's funeral

Saturday, Sep. 13, 1952.  Restoration of the Pursel mill-pond by the present owner, Mr. Kemp, was begun Friday, August 29.

Monday, Sep. 15.  Yesterday was the last day of a very hot spell - 86 degrees.  Today a very nice heavy rain came and ended a long and severe drought.

Thursday, Sep. 18.  Sowed      acres wheat.  270 qts 5-10-5.

Thursday, Sep 25.  Freezer set.  Even $400.

Thursday, Oct. 2.  The restoration of the mill-dam was commenced Aug. 29.

Monday, Oct. 4  Arthur Sterner took V. & me to Livonia.  45 anniversary of Pomona Grange.

Tuesday, Oct. 7.  Meeting of cemetery officers at Keller's.

Friday Oct. 17, 1952.  Went to Ed Lawrence's funeral.

Sunday, Oct. 19.  Lloyd and family took V. & me to Willis to dinner.

Tuesday, Nov. 11. - Threshed beans.

Wednesday, " 12, - Took calf to au. [auction].  Finished plowing corn stubble.

Thursday, Nov. 27.  Dick and Barbary [Barbara] came this morning.  We all went over to Eva's for turkey dinner.

Saturday, Dec. 20.  Willis & family were here P.M.

Christmas, Thursday.  Eva & family called and exchanged presents P.M.  Very quiet day.

Thursday, Jan. 1, 1953.  Lloyd & family were here for dinner.  Eva, Roger, Carol and Jane called P.M.

Monday, Mar. 2, 1953.  First zero weather of this winter this morning.

Sunday, Mar 8, 1953.  Lloyd, Marian, Ted, Eva and the girls called P.M.  Last Friday, took truck to Waltman's for repairs after being hit that morning.

Wednesday, Mar. 18  Went with Mr. Kemp to Lloyd's.  Came back Thursday.

Wednesday, Mar. 25.  Got truck back from Waltman's.

Thursday, Apr. 8.  V. sowed peas and I sowed beets in garden.

Saturday, Apr. 11.  Set about 650 trees on back corner of lower orchard lot.

Monday, Apr. 13.  Cold and dreary month.  Snow and rain this morning.

Friday, Apr. 17.  Set some pine trees across railroad.

Monday, Apr. 20. - Snowy yesterday.  Had 3 inches this morning.  Snowed intermittently all day.

Thursday, Apr. 23. - Sowed oats and set strawberry plants.

Saturday, Apr. 25, 1953.  Lloyd & family stopped on their way home from Baltimore

Sunday, May 10.  Lloyd and Marian took V. home with them.

Tuesday, May 12. - Marian brot V. home.  Mulley's calf came.

Tuesday, May 19. - First swarm of bees.

Wednesday, May 27.  Messrs Higgins, Cork & Caskey and I were bearers at Bert Jordan's funeral.  Mr. Kemp had a Tv. set placed here on trial.


[The following clipping pasted in the diary is from the Valley News]






Springwater----  Bert L. Jordian, 82, died in Warsaw Hospital, May 24, 1953 after a short illness.

       He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. John Page of Ithaca;  3 nieces, Mrs. Russell Oliver, Rochester, Mrs. Dalton Campbell, Naples and Mrs. Carrie Acomb, Dansville.

       Funeral services were held Wednesday, May 27, at the Ludwig Funeral Home in Springwater with burial in Wayland Cemetery.  The Rev. E. W. Daniels officiated.




Saturday, May 30, 1953.  Eva & Ted called in eve.  Lloyd & Marian called and left Eliza here, then went to the lake to work

Sunday, May 31.  Lloyd & family & Eliza were here for dinner.  Willis & family called late in P.M.

Saturday, June 20.  Went to Mary Jane Sterner's wedding at Dansville Lutheran church and reception at Sterner home.

Wednesday, July 1.  Went to Jas. Hammond's funeral.

Saturday, July 4.  Willis & family called P.M.

Thursday, July 23.  Bonny [Grandpa Lawrence's favorite horse] got into the swamp and couldn't get out.  She came to us 17 years ago.  Last Sunday we three went to Loyd's at the lake.

Sunday, July 26, 1953, V. & I went to Kuhn reunion at Hemlock Lake.

Sunday, Aug. 2 - Went to Lawrence reunion.  Next year at Will Perkins' cottage

Monday, Aug. 10.  Hard rain storm last night did much damage in the valley.  Oats badly lodged (?) because wet weather preventing harvest.

Wednesday, Aug. 12.  Burton cut oats.  About 100 bu.

Saturday, Aug. 22.  Burton plowed wheat ground.  Eliza came this A.M.

Sunday Aug. 23.  All the children but Josephine and all grandchildren but Dick, Robert & John [Jonathan] were here to help celebrate our 55th anniversary.  Pearl & Will T. [Treat], Hally & Berda [Birdie?] dined here too.  Dale & Buleau (?) called.  Almost the whole family took us to church in the morning.  A really big day!


[The following clipping is probably from The Wayland Register]


55th Anniversary for Buffalo Street Couple


            Will and Viola Lawrence celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary on Aug. 23 with a family dinner.  Five of their six children and seven of their 10 grandchildren were present.

            They were married on Aug. 17, 1898, by Rev. J. W. Thompson, a former pastor of the Evangelical U. B. Church; and have been identified with the Buffalo Street neighborhood since.

            Both are in good health and active about their duties every day.  Mrs. Lawrence, a grower of fine flowers, has long been a worker in Wayland W. C. T. U.  Both participate in affairs of Springwater Grange, of which they have served as officials at various times.


Saturday, Aug. 29, 1953.  V. & I took Mrs. Hills to Pomona Grange at Tuscarora.

Wednesday, Sep 2.  A little above 90 on the front porch at 2 P.M.

Monday, Sep. 14.  Paul Erwin on his way to Rochester called P.M.

Friday, Oct. 2, 1953.  V. had the Gleaneers (?) here to help celebrate.  Nice company.  Mr. Cook, Dale & the preacher were here.  Warm pleasant weather.

Saturday, Oct. 3.  Mrs. Peter Yohor [or Yohon] took me to Hammondsport to call on the DeGraws.  Both in bed in pitiful condition.  Ideal weather for a nice fall drive.  Burton & Lyal put some bean pods into the barn.

Wednesday, Oct. 21, 1953.  Summoned to Hornell to be examined by Motor vehicle man.  He turned me down because I could not read one-inch letters 25 feet away.  Went and had dinner with Willis & family.  Wonderfully nice fall.

Wednesday, Nov. 4.  Turned colder suddenly.  Friday night snowed nearly a foot.  No snow plow Sat. P.M. at 1.

Tuesday, Nov. 17.  Have had a week of nice Indian summer.  Three of the young Humphreys took Eva & Viola over to Willis' last Sunday P.M.  Yesterday mercury up to 60 degrees.

Monday, Nov. 23.  Last Monday Louita Brooks, Libbie Pries & Jennie called.  Tuesday, Hallie & Berda were here for dinner.  Thursday, Carrie Fisher & Mrs. Sweeney called.  Friday, Alma Rand, Marion Clayson called.  Saturday Mrs. Hoppaugh called.

Thanksgiving, 1953.  Lloyd & Marion brot half a turkey & other eatables.  Eliza came with them.  Willis and family came also to dinner.  Eva and the girls came after dinner.  Went to S.S. & church last Sunday.  First time in 5 or 6 weeks.

Christmas, 1953.  We three went over to Eva's.  Had tender turkey and lot of other good things.

Saturday, Dec. 26.  Lloyd, Marian, Eliza & Janet came P.M.  Eva and the girls came later.  Had a nice Christmas party.




Saturday, Jan. 2, 1954.  Willis & family called P.M.  Stayed for tea.

Sunday, Jan. 17.  Zero this morning.  Ted, Eva & Herbert called P.M.

Friday, Jan. 29, 1954.  Coldest last night -10 degrees.  Mr. Sterner & I were in Syracuse 25, 26 & 27.  Total expense $27.89

Tuesday, Feb. 2.  Mr. Sterner brot beef Front quarter, 173 lbs. at .30.

Saturday, Feb. 6.  Lloyd & Marian were here for dinner and a short visit.  Finished cutting beef this A.M.

Tuesday, Feb. 9. - Met a Motor Vehicle man, John W. Dennin. Dist. Tax Sup'r, Roch. Dist. 55 Broad St.

Monday, Feb. 15.  58 degrees Sat on (?) seving (?) and waited for mail carrier.  Snow and ice gone except on pond.

Friday, Feb, 19.  Cleaned and strawed hen house.  Bees flew some.  Fair & fifty. 50 degrees

Friday, Feb.26.  "Billy" Humphrey had bad smash on Vogt hill.  Taken to a Rochester hospital.

Sunday, February 28, 1954.  Ted Humphrey's Roberts house burned.  Negros lived there.

Thursday, Mar. 11, 1954.  V. went with Eva to Rochester.

Saturday, Mar. 13.  Thunder storm this morning.

Sunday, Mar. 14.  Lloyd & Marian brot V. home.

Wednesday, Mar. 31  Yesterday morning we had 6 - 8 inches of snow.  This morning the mercury was 12 degrees.  No robins yet.

Saturday, Apr. 3.  Yesterday morning another 12 degrees degrees above.  At night a brief but heavy snow and strong north wind.  Bright but cold to-day.

Monday, Apr. 5.  Grace Moose died Saturday morning after a stroke.  Nice warm day.  Robins came today tho they have been reported 2 weeks ago.

Thursday, Apr. 22, 1954.  Lyal & I set about 100 strawberry plants.

Sunday, Apr 25.  Mr. Sterner took me to 9 o'clock breakfast at Dansville Lodge, then to the Presbyterian church.

Wednesday, May 5, 1954.  Down to freezing and a little frost this morning.  Snowed a little yesterday.  Mr. Sterner, Willaret Morris & I went to Mr. DeGraws funeral at Hammondsport.

Tuesday, May 18.  Commenced pasturing Mr. John Westfall horse.  Some frost this morning.

Tuesday, June 1.  May was cold exceat [except] the last 3 days.  Today I rolled up shirt sleeves and unbuttoned shirt collar.  We looked for Lloyd and Eliza yesterday or today but they didn't come.

Saturday, June 5, 1954.  Mr. Sterner took Mrs. Hills and us to Pomona Grange at Scottsburg.  Damp, chilly weather.

Sunday, June 20.  Eva's, & Willis' families, Eliza, V. Lyal and I had dinner with Lloyd & Marian at their lake cottage.

Monday, June 28.  Burton mowed the triangle .  Thursday, Lucian Hills baled it and Friday we finished hauling it in.  No rain.  314 bales at .12

Thursday, July 22.  Ted took V. and me to Newark Valley for Geo. Shaver's funeral.  Came back via. Ithaca, Watkins Glen and Neil's Creek.

Friday, July 23.  Johnathan Brown and Richard McNeil came to-day.

Wednesday, July 28.  Robert Brown came.  Took first honey.  Burton cut wheat last Monday.

Friday, July, July 29, 1954.  Josephine & Paul came this P.M.

Sunday, Aug. 1.  Josephine, Paul and the 3 boys left early this morning.  Roger Humphrey took Eva, Herbert, Jane, V. & me to Lawrence reunion at Will Perkins' Waunete Lake cottage.  About 83 there.  Same place and date next year.

Friday, Aug. 13.  Commenced pasturing Mr. Dwyer's horse.

Sunday, Aug. 22.  We three, Eva & Jane went to Lloyd's at their new place on Conesus Lake.

Saturday, Aug 28. Aunt Cora Shaver came yesterday and went this A.M.  Burton disked the wheat ground.  Oliver raked and baled the wheat straw

Tuesday, Aug 31,  Mary Sholtice & friend from Woodhill called P.M.

Friday, Sep. 3, 1954.  Harold & family called P.M.  Eliza came evening.

Monday, Sep. 6.  Willis & family came P.M. just as Eliza was leaving for the bus.

Saturday, Sep. 11.  Burton sowed wheat on barn-to-woods lot.

Saturday, October 2  We three and Pearl took dinner with Lloyd, Marion & Eliza.  Nice autumn weather.  Very warm and dry this week until today.  Really hot last 3 days.  Mr. Dwyer got his horse.  Glory be!

Thursday, Oct. 7. - First killing frost.  Thermometer 30 barometer 30.8

Friday, Oct. 15.  Much warm weather this month.  Mercury at 65 early this morning.

Sunday, Oct. 31.  First light snow furry [sic.].  Went to Masonic service for Geo. Fox


Newspaper article attached to the diary:




            When the Erie was a wide guage railroad, and the locomotives burned wood?  When Dansville had no railroad and Dan Marts hauled freight between Dansville and Wayland.  The plank road and toll-gate were in operation then.  Joe Weinhart had a one-horse dray wagon;  afterward he had a team.  George Morehouse published the Wayland Press before the days of "Bolivar" Newel's Union Advertiser.  The Josiah Gray hotel with its second story porch;  when there were no brick buildings in Wayland.


            Do you remember the old-time 4th of July celebrations?  They were usually sponsored by the Champion Hook and Ladder Co.  Henry Moora would line up the uniformed members and say, "Schand up straight and pull your pelley in.  March."  Led by the band and followed by the leading citizens in carriages, the firemen, hauling their long ladder-wagon, would march to Kimmel's grove (Hidden Inn.)


            There a dance floor and rostrum had been made ready.  Julian Morris would read the Declaration of Independence;  then some local orator would remind us of the blessings of liberty, and our duties as American citizens.  After some patriotic songs, the young folks danced or followed other inclinations.  Albert Weinhart was there with his push-cart and his "humpbacked, double-jointed, Calfornia [sic.] peanuts for the ladies and candy for the babies.  Five cents a cup."  We boys had few nickets [nickels] to celebrate on.  The lad with a quarter was considered a nabob.


            Those old days are but a memory now.  Not worth remembering?  It may be:  But I can't forget them.


            There were a few shady features attending those events.  The liquor stands, and the consequent quota of drunks and a few fistfights.  O, that men (and women) should put an enemy into their mouths to steal away their brains, and their normal physical efficiency.  It is a sin.  To sell the poison is a sin.  To vote for an official who favors its license is a sin.


Will Lawrence



Thursday, Nov. 25, 1954.  Lloyd, Marian, Willis, Marjory Linda were here for dinner.  Eva and girls called P.M.

Thursday, Dec. 11.  Lloyd and Janet called P.M.

Christmas, 1954.  Eliza came yesterday P.M.  Lloyd & Marian came today.  Nice day.  Nice Christmas.

New Year day, 1955.  Eva and the girls called Sunday P.M.  Willis & family came this P.M. & stayed to supper.  A nice mild bright day to start the year.

Saturday, Jan. 22.  We went to Frank Lawrence's funeral.  Frank was 78

Thursday, Jan 27.  Mr. Sterner & I were in Syracuse Monday to Wednesday P.M.

Saturday, Mar. 19, 1955.  Met with the executive committee at Bath to settle with Mr. Jameson.  Lloyd, Marian, Willis & Linda called.

Sunday, Apr. 3, 1955.  The preceding 5 days were mild and sunnie.  Cloudy & damp today.

Monday, Apr. 11.  Burton sowed oats in orchard lot today.  We have peas, beets, potatoes and a few glads planted.

Sunday, May 1, 1955.  Once a month seems to be often enough to write in this book.  V. missed S.S. to-day.  Worth mentioning because of her regular attendance.  A beautiful May-like day.  Turned rows to pasture.

Sunday, May 8.  Lloyd & Marian called yesterday.  Ted & Eva called this P.M.

Friday, May 3.  V. had Gleaners  About 18 including invited guests.

Saturday, June 11, 1955.  Clara Kramer's funeral.

Sunday, June 19.  Had tow preachers and a lay delegate to the annual conference since Wednesday for lodging & breakfast.  Rev. Byron Esch, Rev. Albert G Ehman, Wm P. Schnabel

Saturday, June 25.  Eva went to the hospital and underwent surgery.

Sunday, June 26.  Willis & family called P.M.

Tuesday, June 28.  Lloyd & Marian called A.M.

Saturday, July 2. - Executive Committee at Bath.  Marian & Eliza called P.M.

Sunday July 3.  We and Jane went to Lloyd's P.M. and supper.

Tuesday, July 5.  Picked cherries the fourth.  92 degrees yesterday and to-day.

Thursday, July 14.  Burton B. finished cutting wheat.  Took load to G.L.F. at 1.80

Wednesday, July 20, 1955.  Barbara Brown brot Josephine and other L.I. people.  Barbara and her mother went to Niagra Falls and Canada the next day.

Friday. July 22.  Barbara & her mother came back [This entry was crossed out]  Lloyd, Marian and Eva called P.M.  Eliza came in eve.

Saturday, July 23.  L.Island folks went home.

Sunday, July 24.  Eliza went back to city.

Sunday, Aug. 7.  Last Sunday, went to Kuhn reunion at Stony Brook.  Today, Ted took us to Lawrence reunion at Will Perkins at Winona Lake.

Sunday, Aug. 14.  Lloyd, Marian, Eva, Theodore, Eliza, Herbert, Jane, Willis and Linda came P.M. to help celebrate our 57th anniversary.

Tuesday, Aug. 23.  Alzina, her grandson, Hilda Moose and her daughter called this evening.  The first call any of them ever made here.  A very pleasant surprise.

Saturday, Sep. 3, 1955.  Started for Ramp Mack (?), Ind. to attend Prohibition National Convention.  Got home Thursday Sep. 8.  Cost about $55.  Very enjoyable, except the night traveling.

Sunday, Oct 2, 1955. minus Sunday, Oct. 2, 1870 = 85   Can it be?  Yes, figures don't lie.  Lloyd & Marian called and left a beautiful, luscious cake Friday P.M.  Eva, Billy and Jane called this P.M.  Went to church and called on Melvin Roberts this morning.

Sunday, Oct. 23.  First real freeze last night.

Saturday, Nov. 19, 1955  First snow of any consequence.  Snow comes straight down after 2 days of wind.

Sunday, Nov. 20, 1955.  Lloyd and Marian called P.M.

Thursday, Nov. 24 - We went over to Lloyds and had a short visit and ate a splendid baked ham dinner instead of turkey.

Wednesday, Nov. 30.  Quite a lot of winter this month.  Temperature down to 10 degrees yesterday morning.  Only a little snow.  What writing!  [a comment on his assessment of his penmanship]

Sunday, Dec. 25.  Friday, Willis, Marjory and Linda came for Christmas.  To-day Lloyd, Marian, Eliza and Janet came and helped make a good celebration.  Nov. and Dec. until last Friday were cold and snowy.  Now snow all gone

Monday, Jan. 23, 1956.  Mr. Sterner & I went to Syracuse.  He drove to Rochester.  Came back the next Wed.

Saturday, Feb. 18.  Willis & family called & had supper.

Sunday, March 4, 1956.  Lloyd & Marian came P.M.  Marian & Viola called on Ed Densmore.

Saturday, Mar. 17.  Heavy snow yesterday and today.  Mail did not come today.

Sunday, Mar. 18.  Eva, Carol & Jane called P.M.

Tuesday, Mar. 20.  Vernal equinox 100% fair  Wind S. in morning, N in P.M.  Thermometer 40 degrees at 2 P.M.  What of the next 3 months?

Saturday April 28.  Cloudy, cool weather but not much rain until tonight.  Oliver & Grace Wicks took us to Livonia to a 45-year clebration of Livonia Scottsberg, W. Sparta & Springwater Granges.  Lloyd & Marian met us there and took V. home with them

Tuesday, May 1, 1956.  Dale S. [Shaver] died this P.M. at the hospital.  Burton sowed nitrogen on wheat.  Lloyd brot some furniture here for storage.

Friday, May 4.  Lloyd & Marian came and took us to Dale's funeral.  Cold, dreary day.

Sunday, May 13.  First week of nice warm weather.  Lloyd, Marian & Eliza came.  All went to church and stayed for dinner.

Monday, July 16.  Josephine and Robert came.  Tuesday they were over to Eva's.  Thursday they & V. went to see Lloyd & Marian.  Friday morning they left for home.

Friday, Aug. 3.  Burton B. finished combining 10 A. wheat.  Yielded 421 bu.  Price: 1.80 - 1.90 according to moisture.  Season 3 weeks later than last year.

Sunday, Aug. 5, 1956.  Reunion at Glendale

Sunday, Aug. 19.  Celebrated 58th anniversary with the help of Lloyd, Marian, Ted, Eva, Jane, Eliza who went to church with us.  Willis, Marjory and Hulda came to dinner.  Had two tables full.  [Not sure who "Hulda" is]

Saturday, Aug. 25.  Mary Sholtes came.  Sunday she took us over to Lloyd's for the P.M. & lunch.  Monday, she and V. went to Canldtea (?) and Hornell & Alfred.

Tuesday, Aug. 28.  Mary went home.  Rainy this P.M.

Monday, Sep 10.  First frost 38 degrees

Friday, Sep. 14, 1956.  V. went with Lloyd & Marian to Baltimore for Janet's graduation.  Home Sunday P.M.

Monday, Sep. 24.  Burton sowed wheat on triangle.

Tuesday, Sep. 25.  Went to Rochester.

Friday, Sep. 28, 1956.  Mr. Sterner & I went to Ithaca to an inspectors' school by the Agricultural Engineering department of Cornel.  Saturday P.M. came back to Bath for our Executive Com. meeting.

Sunday, Sep. 30.  Burton took his cattle home.  Pastured here 4 months 10 days.

Saturday, Oct. 6.  Started coal fire in furnace.

Saturday, Nov. 10.  A beautiful, mild October.  Turned colder yesterday.  Malvin Roberts funeral Wednesday.

Sunday, Nov 18.  Last Wed. 70 degrees.  Cold today.  A long Indian summer in October and Nov.

Thursday, Nov. 22, 1956.  Lloyd, Marian, Eliza, Willis, Marjary and Linda were here for dinner and P.M.  Rain and snow and colder Friday.

Saturday, Dec. 22, 1956.  Lloyd, Marian, Eva, Ted, Billie, Herbert, Carol, Jane, Eliza, Lyal, Willis, Marjory & Linda made a Christmas gathering with us.  The younger we are the more we enjoy such events.


[The following article was attached to the top of this page in the journal]


Story of Boyhood Relates Kind Act


            "A true story of the past, the old man's thots were." - Hiawatha


            My story is old, so very old that it will be new to almost everyone.  If I ever knew the name of one of the characters in this incident, I have forgotten it.  All I ever heard him called was Lop.  I never heard anything bad about the boy;  the worst I ever heard of him was that he was a poor boy.  He was not to blame for that and it was nothing against him.  Weren't we all poor boys, to a greater or lesser degree, 75 years ago?

            When it became known, through outdoor advertising and word of mouth, that Rogers' troupe of Uncle Tom's Cabin was coming to town, there was great excitement among the teen-aged and younger boys.  You bet?  That was going to be something?  No burnt-cork affair, but real Negroes and real Cuban bloodhounds.  We must see that!

            When, in the course of the earth's rotations, the day for the exhibition arrived, the wagons came -- so did our gang of boys.  We wanted to see all we could, whether it was free or at a price.

            At that time Wayland had no opera house.  The troupe set up over on Lincoln Street.  There was not a house on that street then;  it was just open country.

            We had been saving the pennies and nichels that came our way to make up the 15, 20 or 25 cents admission, but pennies and nickels did not seem to have come Lop's way very often.  Yet he was just as anxious to see the show as any of us, and so expressed himself in presence of the manager of the preparations.

            "So you would like to see the show?" asked the manager.  "You bet," replied Lop.  "Well, you just hang around here and help until we get everything ready, and I will give you a pass."  It was a bargain, happily entered into on the part of Lop.  He could and did carry the crowbar, carry stakes and the maul to drive them, and worked faithfully much of the afternoon.

            When the sale of tickets began and the door opened, the whole gang was there.  Among the first to seek entrance was Lop.  "Ticket, please," yipped the doorkeeper.  Lop had no ticket.  "Can't admit any without a ticket."  Lop tried to explain that he worked for the man who said he would give him a pass.  "Where is your pass, where is your man?"  He could not be found.  He may have been in the next town seeking an option for another exhibition.

            "Can't admit you on only your own say-so."

            Lop backed slowly away from the door, with tears like an April shower coursing down his cheeks.  The bitterness of disappointment depicted in that boy's face was awful to see.  All the anticipation of the Cuban bloodhounds, the pranks of Topsy, Eliza leaping from one floating cake of ice to another crossing the Ohio.

            But, whoa!

            Charlie Zeilbeer spoke up in a tone of authority to the effect that Lop did work at the preparations and he should not be thus defrauded.  The rest of us boys who saw him working corroborated Charlie's testimony, and we all advocated Lop's cause with so much vigor and success that he walked into the tent with the rest of us.

            I wish you might have seen Lop then as he was drying his face with his coarse brown handkerchief.  The joy of regained loss, the triumph over defeat.  Almost a halo illuminated his countenance.

            I have always had a warm admiration for Charlie's leadership in that act of justice and mercy.

            This is the end of my story, but what was the result, I don't know.  Every act, thought and word has its effect.  I don't know how Lop's life may have been affected by that incident, but I like to think it showed him that he was not alone in the world, that he had friends, and was encouraged to continue being an industrious, honest boy, believing that right will prevail eventually, although seemingly very tardy.  I also hope it taught him a practical lesson:  that after completing his part of a contract, he should get his ticket, and not allow his debtor to slink away, leaving him to hold the bag.

            It did something for the rest of us boys, too.  It taught us that when an opportunity to do a kindness presents itself, if we act instead of standing, waiting, wondering and doubting, we can do some good.  "Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt."

            -- Will Lawrence.



Tuesday, Feb. 5, 1957.  Met a social security man in Dansville.  Made application for benefits for V. and me.  Returned by air mail the birth-record mother made and which ????lian [Lillian?] had and lent to me.  [There is a smudge on the page]

Sunday, Feb. 17.  Willis & family called P.M.

Tuesday, Feb. 19, 1957.  Acted as one of the bearers at Mrs. Guile's funeral.  Born 1863.  Probably the last time I will be asked for such a service.

Sunday, Feb. 24.  Went with the masons to a communion breakfast at Naples.

Monday, Feb. 25, - Waited for the mail and had knap on swing.  Temperature 64 degrees.

Sunday, Mar. 10, 1957.  Eva & Roger called

Wednesday, Apr. 10, 1957.  Took bus to Mt. Morris to put more land into soil bank.  Bus fare $1.02

Saturday, Apr. 13, 1957.  Lloyd came and took V. with him.

Tuesday, Apr. 16.  Lloyd & Marian brot V. home after attending the sisote's (?) meeting in Geneseo and doing the city.

May 28, 1957 The town commenced work on our road.

Saturday June 8, 1957.  Viola & I went with Humphrey's to Janet's wedding.  In Rochester.

Sunday, June 16.  Janet and Ed came and took some of their furniture stored here.  Temperature 84 degrees

Tuesday, June 18  Temperature 90 degrees

Sunday, July 21, 1957.  Eliza came last night and stayed until tonight.  Willis called this eve.

Sunday, July 28, 1957.  Went to Kuhn reunion at Stony Brook park

Sunday, Aug. 4, 1954.  Went to Lawrence reunion at Glendale.  ???? oldest member ?? present.  Mark., 91.  Total present 81.

Friday, Aug. 9.  Josephine, Paul & Barbra and Eliza came.

Sunday, Aug 11.  Paul took all of us to Lloyd's to celebrate our 59th anniversary.  Nice crowd.  Nice time.

Thursday, Oct. 24, 1957.  Our nice October weather has gone.  The fishing season went a month ago.  Lyal put the glass into the screen door today.  6 or 7 months of winter

Thursday, Nov. 7, 1957.  Went fishing.  Probably last time until spring.

Sunday, November 10, 1957.  Started coal fire last night.  Swept snow from walk this morning for first time this morning.

Thursday, Nov 25, 1957.  The boys, their wives, Eliza & Linda were here for dinner

Sunday, Dec. 15  Went over to Harold Moose's to call on Aunt Mary Conderman.  She is 93.

Saturday Dec, 21  Just like a pleasant Oct. day.  All the folks except Josephine's were here.  A splendid time and a big dinner.

Christmas, 1957  We went over to Eva's to a goose dinner.  Nice day.  Nice dinner.  Nice time.

January 27 - 29 - 1958.  At Syracuse attending annual insurance meeting.

Wednesday, Feb. 12, 1958.  Very cold, stormy, blustery weather this month.  2 blow this morning, but the wind has changed to the S. so we expect it to moderate.  Havent seen the mail boxes in 2 weeks.

Saturday, Feb. 22, 1958.  Our bad weather continued until the 19th then 2 days of sunshine and mild weather.  Now it is snowing with N. wind.  "Oh, the long and dreary winter!"

Wednesday, Mar. 19.  Cold and stormy weather yet.  Not so cold now but we have not had a real thaw since Dec.  A large number of fish, mostly bass, died because of the pond and inlet being frozen over.  Something never known here before.

Monday, Mar. 24.  Willis & Linda called P.M.  This is the 4th consecutive day of bright sunny weather.  Temperature 30 - 40

Thursday, Apr. 24, 1958.  Last Sunday Kuhn's came back from Fla.  Yesterday their garage burned and scorched one side of their house.  Worked in garden to-day.  Burt B. sowed oats on north field

Tuesday, May 6, 1958.  Cemetery association met here last night.  Cloudy cool and light rain today.

Friday, June 6, 1958.  A dozen Gleaners & friends met here & had supper

Sunday, June 28, 1958.  Jessie Dertgel (?) Brown & Mr. Brown brot May Lorish (?) for an P.M. call

Thursday, July 3.  Janet & Ed. called and dined on their way to Lloyd's

Thursday, July 17.  Harold & Eva Albright with their granddaughter called this P.M.

Friday, July 18, 1958.  Josephine, Paul & John [Jonathan] came

Saturday, July 19.  Eliza came with Lloyd and Marian.

Sunday, July 27  Went to Kuhn reunion at Glen.

Sunday, Aug. 3.  Lawrence reunion at Glen dale.  All of our folds there but Willis and Josephine.

Thursday, Aug. 8, 1958.  Rausch & Co. started the heating outfit installation

Saturday, Aug. 9, 1958.  Lloyd, Marian, Eva, Jane Mrs. & Miss Mitchell Rose and Mrs. Kern called.

Friday, Aug. 15.  Arthur & Lillian Davison took us to see May Lorish at King's Daughters home P.M.

Sunday, Aug 17, 1958.  Lenora Kern and Rose Sanford, (two of my former school pupils) instituted a reception for us at the church.  More than 60 of our friends attended.  All seemed to enjoy it and honored us more than was due us.  The children were there except Josephine and Lyal.  Many cards and gifts were received.  Mr. & Mrs. Fenton, Mr. & Mrs. Glen Hughes and Mr. & Mrs. David Kidd called in eve.


[Two much older notations at the top of two facing pages describe some dental work]


Sept.    Cleaning & Filling                                                  5.25

Oct.     Finishing Evas Teeth                                              8.25

Sept. 1913 Filling & Cleaning                                            3.50

Sept 1914  Cleaning Lloyd's teeth                                       .50

Oct.     Work                                                                    2.75




[From the Evening Tribune, Hornell, N. Y., Saturday, August 16, 1958]


[Picture of] Mr. and Mrs. William Lawrence


Wayland Couple Will Celebrate 60th Anniversary on Sunday


            WAYLAND -- Mr. and Mrs. William Lawrence of the Buffalo St. road, Wayland, will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary with open house in the parlors of the Evangelical United Brethern Church Sunday afternoon from 2 2 to 5.  Members of the Church school will act as hosts.

            Mrs. Lawrence is the former Viola Shaver, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Shaver of East Wayland.  She was born June 5, 1877.  Lawrence was born in Springwater a son of Mr. and Mrs. Loren Lawrence.  He is 87 years of age.

            They tell of first meeting at a social activity in the Evangelical Church in Wayland.  Sixty years ago they were married at her home by the Rev. J. W. Thompson, Evangelical pastor of the Wayland Church.  Her own family acted as attendants.

            [missing lines] crocheting, rug hooking and caring for house plants.

            Lawrence is noted for his sharp, keen memory.  He delves in history, biography and poetry.  He is nearly always called upon to participate in church and civic programs to recite anecdotes and poetry.  Both are members of the Evangelical United Brethern Church and the Sunday School.  They have been members of the Grange for over 40 years and he is a member of the Wayland Masonic Order.

            Mrs. Rose Sanford and Mrs. Leonora Kern are co-chairmen of the affair to which the public is invited.  Mrs. Earney Mehlenbacher is in charge of the dining room.  She will be assisted by Mrs. Aubrey Shaver.  Special music and short reminiscents of their life will comprise the program.



Saturday, Aug. 30, 1958.  Heating system began Aug. 8, finished today.

Sunday, Aug. 17, 1958.  Clara took V. & me to camp Koinonia.

Tuesday, Sep. 9, 1958.  Otto Kuhn finished painting house.  8 gallons

Tuesday, Sep. 24, 1958.  Burton sowed wheat

Thursday, Oct 2, 1958.  Lloyd & Marian came and took us three to Corning Glass Center

Saturday, Oct. 18, 1958.  Lloyd & Marian came and took V. & me to oyster supper at Canadice corners M. E. church.  Called on Mrs. Swab on return trip.

Monday, Oct. 20, 1958.  Went to Albert Swicks [or Albert S Wicks] funeral.  He was 76

Saturday, Oct. 24, 1958.  V. & I had visit & lunch with Chas & Edna Folts.

Sunday, Nov. 2, 1958.  Rose Sanford, Lenora Kern, Mr. & Mrs. Chas Volts were here for dinner.

Saturday, Nov. 22.  Had a card from Lloyd and Marian today.  They left for San Francisco Tuesday by air.

Friday, Nov. 28, 1958.  V. & I went to see Dr. Robinson.  She for her leg condition, I for my anemia and heart actions.

Thursday, Dec 25.  Lloyd, Marian & Eliza came and we had a nice Christmas.  E. stayed until Sunday.

Saturday, Dec. 27.  Willis and Eva came in P.M.

Monday, Dec. 29.  Ed and Janet called and brot gifts this P.M.

Thursday, Feb. 5.  Last Sunday.  Had a really poor spell with my heart.  Life seemed scarcely worth the effort.  Since Monday morning I have felt quite normally.  Lloyd called this P.M.

Monday, Feb. 23, 1954.  Last Saturday had a phone call from Lawrence Sholtes saying that Marg died and funeral to-day.  We figure she was about 67.

Sunday, Mar. 8, 1959.  James and Maude Little from Bath called P.M.

Sunday Mar. 22, 1959.  Ted & Eva called P.M.

Saturday, Mar. 28.  Lloyd & Marian were here for dinner.

Sunday, Apr. 19, 1959.  Lloyd, Marian & Eliza called P.M.

Monday, Apr. 20  Grace & Harry (?) Johnson called P.M.

Sunday, May 10 1959.  Eliza and another young lady from Rochester called.

Sunday, June 19 1959.  Lu Van Gonter (?) called.

Thursday, July 2, 1959.  Ed, Janet & Susan Eurlich called P.M.

Friday, July 3  Eliza came and stayed until Sunday P.M.

Wednesday July 15 1959.  Lloyd & Marian called

Saturday July 19, 1959.  Willis & Linda called 15 minutes

Saturday July 20 1959.  Lloyd, Marian & Eliza called P.M.

Sunday, July 26, 1959.  Willis & Linda called P.M. and took Viola over to Eva's.

Sunday, Aug 16 1959.  All the children and grandchildren except Josephine's family, Jane Humphrey and Janet were here for a very pleasant occasion

Wednesday, Sep 23.  Harold & Eva Albright called P.M.

Saturday Sep 25.  Executive Committee met here

Sat. Oct 3, 1959.  Lloyd & Marian took all three (?) thru Tabor's Corners to Naples for some fruit.  Bright blue weather.

Monday, Oct 12, 1959.  Last Friday, Josephine, Paul and Dick came.  Went back this morning.

Tuesday, Oct 13, 1959.  W.C.T.U. woman met here.

Sunday, Oct. 25 - Ed & Janet & Bessie called.

Tuesday, 27 - Lloyd and Marian called.  Ner___ sc__th?  [Nervous scratch?].  Willis L came and took V. to the wedding at Webster Crossing and at Eva's   Womet (?) Btrom (?) of  upor (?)., at (?)

Monday Feb. 14  ____ (?)  Good storm all last night.  Poor bats (?)  Poor dogs!  Poor me!

Saturday, Mar. 22.  -6 degrees [minus 6 degrees] this morning at 6.  None of us ever saw such a winter.  What has become of the laws of astronomy

Friday P.M.  Josephine, Dick & Robert came.

Saturday Apr. 23.  Jo took V. to Wd. for some groceries.  They go over to Eva's for supper.


[The following information was added by Lyal D. Lawrence]


Sun. June 12 - Father in 5th week of jaundice.  Still in bed.  Living under sedatives.  Lloyd, Willis & Eva were here during week.

Wed. June 15 - Father passed away about 12:30.  Taken to funeral parlor this P.M.  D. Allen undertaker.  Lloyd, Eliza, Eva & Theodore here.

Sat. June 18 - Burial in Ashley Cemetary.  Grandsons and Aubrey Shaver were bearers.  Josephine and sons were here.

Wed. June 29 -  Farm land was sold.  Mother went to Wayland to finish the deal.  Ed. Gilroy Attorney.

Thurs. June 30 - Beautiful end to a wonderful month.  70 degrees - 80 degrees  Mother & I are gardening.


[Newspaper clipping]


William Lawrence Dies in Wayland


            WAYLAND -- Willian A. Lawrence, 89, died in his home in Buffalo Street yesterday (June 15, 1960).  He was a lifeling [sic.] resident of this area.

            He was a member of the Evangelical United Brethren Church and a past master and past secretary of Warren Patchin Lodge, FA&M, [sic.] of Wayland; a member of Dansville Chapter, Royal Arch Masons;  a member of the Springwater Grange, and a former president of the Patrons Fire Relief Insurance Assn. of Steuben and Livingston Counties.  He also was a former supervisor of the Town of Springwater.

            He leaves his wife, Viola; three daughters, Mrs. Theodore R. Humphrey of Springwater, Miss Eliza M. Lawrence of Rochester and Mrs. Paul Erwin of Eastport, L.I.; three sons.  Lloyd E. of Geneseo, Lyal D. of Springwater and Dr. Willis G. Lawrence of Alfred; 10 grandchildren; one great-grandchild, and several nieces and nephews.

            A committal service will be conducted in the Allen Funeral Home in Wayland at 2 p.m. Saturday by the Rev. Roger F. Williams.

            The family requests that memorial offerings be made to Kamp Koinonia of the Evangelical United Brethren Church.