Suffolk County Wills


submitted by Robert S. Vail


Daniel Wells


In the name of God, Amen. I, DANIEL WELLS, of Southold, Suffolk County, being sick. I leave to my eldest son, Daniel, all that part of the lot of land that I now live on, north of the North road. Also three lots on the Broad meadows. Also a convenient way through my said lot to the South road, through gates and bars. Also 1/2 of my Common Creek Thatch. I leave to my second son, Micah Wells, a two pole way from his land down into the pond called "Ottergins," betwixt the land of John Wells on the west and the land of my son Daniel on the east. Also 1 1/2 lots of meadow on the Broad meadow. I leave to my fourth son, Abel Wells, and to my fifth son, Nathaniel Wells, all that part of my lot on which I now live, lying betwixt the South road and the land of my son Micah, except what lies on the east side of a ditch, running from the old pound north. Also the reserve of a convenient way through said land to the North road. Also the privilege of the way where it now is on the east side of the ditch. Together with all buildings on said land. I leave to my sixth son, Isaac, all my land, meadow, and swamp in the Manor of St. George. And all my Cupsoge rights that I bought with the Cupsoge Company, meadow lands and uplands. Also a horse of ?6 value, and a yoke of oxen, and a cow and calf. All of these when he is of age. I leave to my two eldest daughters, Anna Young and Sarah Albertsen, each, one of my biggest Pewter platters. I leave to my third and fourth daughters, Mary Corwin and Elizabeth Corwin, each a bed. To my youngest daughter, Mehitabel Wells, all the rest of my household goods and a cow when she is 18. I leave to my third son, Jeremiah Wells, all the rest of my estate, movable and immovable, of every kind, and he is to pay debts and legacies. If he neglects, or refuses, the executors may sell enough for the purpose. I make my sons Daniel and Jeremiah executors. Dated March 25, 1761. Witnesses, Ephraim Brown, Nathaniel Terry, Timothy Wells. Proved, April 2, 1761.