by Ruby M. Brown

Now that spring is nearly here,
    It's time to take a trip,
To see the Browns both far and near,
    So come on, pack your grip!

First we journey to Sayville, not far away,
    And turn into the street called Willow,
Viola and Earl live on main land today,
    They've left their home near the billow.

They have two sons and a daughter,
    Boston is Jim's present place,
Tim's business is of the water,
        Long Island presents Peggy's face.

Jim has a daughter Virginia,
        Who went to school up-state,
And now that school is behind her,
        Marriage might be her fate.

Now we leave Sayville for Westhampton Beach
        And loiter on Depot Road,
We wonder what family is in our reach,
        And if we should choose this abode.

Irving is a builder and clammer,
        Rose is the housekeeper for all,
Joe works for the Town, without glamour,
        Eddie has heeded Fort Bragg's call.

While in Westhampton, we visit the Nichols,
        Who on Brook Road have their nest,
They may be making no pickles,
        But are plumbing and sewing their best.

A picnic at their house we tried,
        Lila upset in a chair,
Cousin Amy laughed until she cried,
        They made a ridiculous pair.

In Eastport we find Tom and Roland,
        The school bus is Tom's first choice,
They fish and hunt in the lowland,
        But Roland's best love is the horse.

Betty, Donald and Arthur, these three
        We hear very little about,
But as far as we know, you'll agree,
        None are likely to be very stout.

Doris has a little new baby,
        Three and one-half pounds is the weight,
Wayne Francis is the name of the baby,
        Ronald is the name of her mate.

Herbert is gardening down to Speir's,
        Janet has a home of her own,
Feltsie does lots of work, it appears,
        And now we come to Joan.

She and Jon, in the same class in school,
        Although they have lots of fun,
Sometimes around and around they fool,
        And get very little work done.

Jon is playing basketball,
        The Bell Telephone Labs hold Bobby,
Dick is fond of the ocean's roll,
        But it isn't any hobby.

Now we are Miami bound,
        Flying as fast as we can,
We don't see any Browns around,
        But maybe we'll ask that man.

Oh, that's brother Bart, I can see,
        Now we are out of the son,
I wonder who the others can be,
        Having so very much fun.

Bart on the house is working,
        Merle is standing just inside,
The little ones the house are shirking
        Mickey and Linda want a ride.

And so we hop back to the two left now,
        Living in the old home place,
We'll not stop now to take a bow,
        Nor run in any race.

Ruby is crocheting and sewing,
        is sewing rags for rugs,
Sell antique crocks and jugs,
        And that's what keeps them going.

Lila bargains with antique dealers,
        And with stamp collectors, too,
She hasn't any potato peelers,
        But buttons, she has quite a few.

We have traveled far in these little rhymes,
        But never left our arm chairs.
Hope you laughed most all of the time,
        And forgot most of your cares.