The Britton Ancestors of Carrie W. Tuttle

Carrie Wesley Tuttle�s mother was Mary Jane Britton.  Mary Jane�s parents were William Britton and Elizabeth Black.  Mary Jane�s siblings were Thomas, Isabella, and William John.

 Our first documentation of William Britton/Brittain is a St. John Alms House1 record in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada2 showing �William Brittain, age 45, P[rotestant] from Fermanagh [County in Northern Ireland].  He was �destitute� and suffering from �Dysuria.�  A second record3 shows him age 45, P[rotestant], destitute, and having two children [although he had four children at the time, three of which were currently residing in the alms house, (Isabella, Mary Jane, and William John)].  A third record4 shows him, P[rotestant], from Fermanagh:  he had died of dysentery5 on March 28, 1849 at age 46.6  This places his birth at 1803. His age at death might have been recorded in error.  The record notes, �Body Taken Away For Burial.�  His burial place is unknown at the present time.  St. John cemetery lists do not seem to have his name.

 William Brittain�s wife Elizabeth was apparently never in the alms house.  The St. John census of 1851 [two years after the emigration of Elizabeth Brittain], does list a Margaret Brittain,7 maiden name "Simpson," age 25, who arrived at St. John in 1845, Pres[byterian], located in Westfield, a town near St. John.  Ten years later, 1861, Margaret Brittain,7 maiden name not given, age 37, Pres[byterian] lived in Westfield.  Although the Margaret Brittain listed in these two census entries could be related to William Brittain/Britton, they are not "Elizabeth" Brittain. 

William and Elizabeth had four children, Thomas, Isabella, Mary Jane and William John (listed as William M. in the alms house records).  Three of these children (Isabella, Mary Jane, and William M.) were listed as �destitute� when they lived in the alms house.  Thomas apparently lived �in town� with his mother.  The childrens� records indicate their father lived in the alms house, and their mother lived �in town.�  When their father died, the records indicated �Father Dead - Mother In Town - Taken Away By Their Mother.�  Isabella (age 6) and Mary Jane (age 4) were discharged from the alms house on Dec 17, 1848 in �Healthy� condition.  Mary Jane was apparently readmitted to the home, because records show that shortly after their father�s death, Mary Jane (age 5) and her brother William M. (age 3) were discharged June 19, 1849 in �Healthy� condition.  Note again that Thomas is not listed in alms house records. According to the 1900 census, Thomas immigrated to the United States in 1846, and had lived in the U.S. for 54 years.  If that is true he immigrated when he was 8 years old, and 3 or more years before his siblings came to Center Moriches, NY.  If so, he would have been staying with some family in that area.

Ruby Brown Hull recounts the following events that took place after the death of Elizabeth�s husband William:

�Elizabeth Black Britton, a young widow, emigrated to Center Moriches, L.I., NY leaving her four children with friends or relatives.  When she became established as a housekeeper she sent for the children.  The children were put on a ship in charge of the captain, and sailed from St. John with a stop at Boston.  The captain got a hotel room for the children expecting them to stay there until the ship left.  However, the children left their belongings at the hotel, went for a walk and never found their way back [to the hotel].  When they sailed from Boston bound for Center Moriches they had nothing except the clothes they were wearing.�

This family appears to have completely eluded the 1850 federal census.  It is possible the children were en route at the time, but if Elizabeth had sent for the children, and was a housekeeper in Center Moriches awaiting their arrival, she should have appeared in the census.

This voyage most likely took place during the 10 month period between June 19, 1849, (when Mary Jane and William were discharged from the alms house), and April 19, 1850, (the supposed date of Elizabeth�s second marriage to William Baker of Center Moriches).  [This determination is at odds with the immigration year, 1846, specified by Thomas in the 1900 census].  At the time of the 1860 census none of the Britton children were living with their mother and step-father.  By 1860 their ages would have been:

Thomas            21
Isabella            19
Mary Jane        15
William John     14

On April 19, 1850 Elizabeth married William Baker, an immigrant from England.  William Baker and Elizabeth resided in Center Moriches, Suffolk County, Brookhaven Town, NY and began having children shortly after their marriage:

Sarah Marie Baker                   b. 1852, d. 1925
George Henry Baker                b. 1854
Kate Elizabeth Baker                b. 1856
Stella Baker                             b. 1860, d. 1923 (twin)
William �Willis� Baker              b. 1860 (twin - Eventually moved to Redondo Beach, CA per. Ruby Brown, although still in Center Moriches, NY as of 1900 census)

[1] In 1843 a new alms house was erected in Simonds to care for the poor in Saint John County. These records contain financial information on the operation of the Alms House and the registers list the name, religion, place of birth, parish of residence, state & condition, date of discharge, time in house, and remarks.  MS2700 is the Graeme Somerville Collection of records.  The category MS2a2 refers to the Alms House Admission Registers for the period 1847 to 1852.

[2] Irish Famine Migration to New Brunswick 1845-1852, PANB Reference: MC2700 MS2a2

[3] Ibid

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[5] Family records of Lila and Ruby Brown indicate he worked in a shipyard at St. John where he contracted smallpox from a voyager and died when he was in his early thirties.  This disagrees with the St. John Alms House record which says he was 46 years of age at the time of his death.

[6] Note:  History of Eastport, L. I., N. Y., 1775-1975 and Eastport Gospel Church 1822-1975 by LeRoy Wilcox, taking information supplied by Lila and Ruby Brown, says �died St. Johns, Canada - 35 yrs. Old.�

[7] Irish Famine Migration to New Brunswick 1845-1852, PANB Reference: MC1852 MS2.  Note: MC1852 is the Peter toner Collection.  Peter Toner is a History Professor at the University of New Brunswick in Saint John. The databases were compiled as part of his ongoing research into Irish immigration patterns in New Brunswick. In both census indices, no reference is given for data on Irish point of origin. This information came from a variety of sources eg. Land Petitions, census records, passenger lists, cemetery listings, church records.  The database on passenger lists was compiled from shipping registers, 1847 - 1867 of the J & J Cooke Co. of Derry, Northern Ireland.  The sub-category MS1 is an Index to Irish Immigrants in the New Brunswick Census of 1851.   MS2 is the census of 1861.

Descendants of

William Britton and Elizabeth Black

William Britton, b. about 1803 in Fermanagh [Northern Ireland],8 or b. about 1815 in Northern Ireland,9 d. 28 Mar 1849 in St. John, NB, Canada [age 46],8 or d. about 1846-48 in St.John, NB Canada (35 years old),9 cause of death Smallpox,10 or cause of death Dysuria, Dysentery,11 emigrated from Fermanagh [Northern Ireland].8

He married Elizabeth Black,13 [possibly also known as "Margaret"], before 1838 possibly in New Brunswick, Canada, b. 1815,13 b. 1815 in Ireland,14 or b. 1818 in Scotland,15 d. June 1894 at Center Moriches, NY.13

I.     Thomas Britton, b. May 1838 in New Brunswick, Canada,15,16 or b. about 1840 in Nova Scotia, Canada,17 d. 1925 in Riverhead, NY.

       He married Mary E. <unknown>, in 1880 family resided at Union Ave., Riverhead, Suffolk Co, NY,15,17,18 abt. 1864,16  b. 1843 in England or Ireland,15,18 b. Abt. 1846 in England,17 d. Aft. 1920.18

       A.   William P. Britton, b. 1868 in NY,15 b. Abt. 1867.  House painter residing 1910 in Riverhead, Suffolk Co., NY,19

       B.   Thomas Britton, Jr., b. Abt. 1869 in NY,19 resided 1910 in Riverhead, Suffolk Co., NY.19

       C.   James C. Britton, also known as James E. Britton,20 b. 1870 in NY,15 d. 26 Jan 1881 in Riverhead, Suffolk Co., NY [age 11].20

II.   Isabella Britton, also known as Isabell or Bell, b. 1841 in New Brunswick, Canada, b. 1842,8 d. 1921, resided 1860 in East Moriches, Suffolk Co., NY.14

       She married William Reeves21

       A.   Nellie Sadie Reeves,21 b. Feb 1865.21

             She married Herbert D. Sweezy,2114 Sep 1885 in Patchogue, Suffolk Co., NY.21

III.  Mary Jane Britton,22 b. 25 Mar 1845 in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada,22 d. 16 Sep 1911 in or Oct 1911, Eastport, NY,22 buried in Tuttle Private Cemetery, Eastport, NY,23 resided 1860 in East Moriches, Suffolk Co., NY.24

       She married Jonathan Vail Tuttle,22 13 Nov 1863 in Eastport, NY by Rev. Chandler Walker, b. 22 Apr 1842,22 (son of Wells Tuttle and Penelope Hallock) d. 14 Jul 1927,22 buried in Tuttle Private Cemetery Eastport, NY.25

       A.   Sarah Elizabeth (Sadie) Tuttle,13 b. 25 Oct 1868,13 d. 13 Mar 1925,13 religion evangelical.

       B.   Carrie Wesley Tuttle,26 b. 4 Nov 1870 in Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,26,27 d. 26 Jul 1945 in home Eastport, NY,26,27,28 buried in Eastport Cemetery, Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,27 cause of death cancer, religion evangelical.

             She married Daniel Franklin Brown,26 22 Jun 1884 in Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY, b. 11 Sep 1864 in Center Moriches, Suffolk Co., NY,26,27 (son of Daniel Harvey Brown and Ann Raynor) d. 5 Apr 1947 in home in Eastport, NY,26,27,28 buried in Eastport Cemetery, Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,27 cause of death cancer.

             1.    Walter Leonard Brown,26 b. 3 Aug 1885 in Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,26,27 d. 16 Sep 1885 in Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,26,27 buried in Eastport Cemetery, Eastport, NY.26

             2.    Viola Estelle Brown,26 b. 10 Jul 1888 in Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,26 d. 24 Apr 1976 in Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY, buried 27 Apr 1976 in Eastport Cemetery, Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY.

                    She married Earl Wayne Suydam,26 b. 12 Mar 1884,26 (son of Nathaniel K. Suydam and Barbara E. Stiles) d. 19 Nov 1956,26 cause of death Hypertension, also had glaucoma.

             3.    Leslie Tuttle Brown,26 b. 16 Nov 1890 in Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,26,27 d. 23 Dec 1914 in Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,26,27 cause of death motorcycle accident,26 buried in Eastport Cemetery, Eastport, NY.27

             4.    Inez Frances Brown,26 b. 3 Feb 1893 in Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,26,27 d. 27 Mar 1904 in Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,26,27 buried in Eastport Cemetery, Eastport, NY.27

             5.    Irving Stewart Brown,26 [a.k.a. "Brownie"]b. 30 Jan 1895 in Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,26 d. Apr 1985,29 cause of death Heart attack.

                    He married Rose J. Hudak,26 1919,30,31 b. 27 Aug 1899 in Westhampton, Suffolk Co., NY,26,31 (daughter of Joseph Hudak and Anna S <unknown>) d. Mar 1975,29 religion Roman Catholic.28

             6.    Nellie Bell Brown,26 b. 16 Sep 1897 in Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,26,27 d. 6 Aug 1898 in Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,26,27 buried in Eastport Cemetery, Eastport, NY.27

             7.    Thomas Lee Brown,26 b. 11 Oct 1899 in Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,26 d. 10 Jul 1974 in Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY.26

                    He married Marguerite Rowland,26 1926,30 b. 6 Dec 1910,26 (daughter of Alonzo Rowland and Margaritte <unknown>).

             8.    Amorita Edith Brown,26 [a.k.a. "Amie"] b. 30 Sep 1902 in Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,26 d. 19 Dec 1997, buried 22 Dec 1997 in Eastport Cemetery, Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY, cause of death Stroke, cancer; religion Evangelical.

                    She married Wesley Cady Nichols,26 b. 23 Jul 1902 in Westhampton, Suffolk Co., NY,18,26,32 (son of Jesse W. Nichols and Georgianna Raynor) d. 26 Feb 1977,28,29,32 buried 2 Mar 1977 in Westhampton Cemetery, Westhampton, NY,28,32 religion Evangelical.28

             9.    Lila Mae Brown,26 [a.k.a. "the Old Maid" or "Teaker"], b. 12 Jan 1906 in Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,26,27 d. 29 Sep 1994,27 buried in Eastport Cemetery, Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,27 cause of death cancer/ stroke.

             10.  Ruby Marguerite Brown,26 b. 28 Oct 1908 in Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,26,27 d. 10 Nov 1990,27 cause of death diabetes, buried in Eastport Cemetery, Eastport, NY.27

                    She married Harry C. Hull, Jr.,26 b. 27 Jun 1901,26,27 (son of Harry C. Hull and Josephine McLaughlin) d. Mar 1986,27,29 buried in Eastport Cemetery, Eastport, NY.27

             11.  Bartlett Vail Tuttle Brown,26 originally known as Bartlett Vail Brown but the name "Tuttle" was added after the untimely death of Leslie Tuttle Brown.  Bart was b. 13 Jun 1911 in Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,26 d. 20 Nov 1976 in Mather Memorial Hospital, Port Jefferson, NY, buried 24 Nov 1976 in Eastport Cemetery, Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,34 cause of death pulmanary thrombosis following operation for colon cancer.

                    He married (1) Loya Josephine Lawrence,26,35 [a.k.a. "Jo Lawrence"], 28 Dec 1929 in Wayland, Steuben Co., NY,36 b. 12 Mar 1908 in Springwater, Livingston Co., NY,26 (daughter of William Artman Lawrence and Viola Shaver) d. 24 May 2004 in Volga, Johnson Co., KY,36 buried 12 Oct 2004 in Meadowlawn Memorial Gardens, Elfers, Richey, FL, Lot 130D space 1 & 2,37 cause of death Melanoma.36

                    He married28 (2) Merle E. Selleck,26 1947, b. 26 Jun 1920,28,26 (daughter of Louis B. Selleck and Margaret V. <unknown>) d. 20 Nov 1965,28,26 buried 24 Nov 1965 in Eastport Cemetery, Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,28,38 cause of death Cancer28 previously resided in East Setauket, Suffolk Co., NY.39

             12.  Herbert Franklin Brown,26 [a.k.a. "Hub"] b. 27 Feb 1914 in Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY,26 d. 17 Jul 1987, buried 20 Jul 1987 in Eastport Cemetery, Eastport, Suffolk Co., NY, cause of death Cancer, religion Evangelical.

                    He married Feltsie Catherine Kazel,26 [a.k.a. "Bub"] 1936, b. 20 Nov 1917,26 (daughter of Frank Kazel and Frances Pedinski) d. 5 Jul 2005,40,41 buried 7 Jul 2005 in Eastport Cemetery,40,41 religion Roman Catholic.

IV.  William John Britton, Jr., b. Feb 1847,16 b. 1846 in New Brunswick, Canada,8 d. Bef. 1920.18 (not to be confused with William P. Britton, son of Thomas Britton, who lived in Riverhead, NY

       He married Sarah C. <unknown>, 1870 or 1873,16,19,42 b. Abt. 1852 in IL,15,16,19 d. Bef. 1920.18

       A.   Clara Britton, b. Abt. 1874 in IL.42

       B.   Loretta Britton, also known as Florida M. Britton,16 b. Abt 1876 in IL.42

       C.   Isabella Britton, also known as Bell, b. Nov 1877 in IL.16,42

       D.   Albert J. Britton, b. Jul 1883 in IL.16

       E.   Maria Britton, b. Mar 1886 in IL.16

       F.   LeRoy Britton, b. Abt 1886 in IL.19

       G.   Harry S. Britton, b. Apr 1888 in IL.16

             He married Myrtle <unknown>, b. Abt. 1893 in IL [or PA, see notes].18

             1.    Myrtle Britton, b. Abt. 1913 in IL.18

             2.    Harry Britton, b. Abt 1916 in IL. Census says age 4-9/12 in 1920.18

             3.    Clara Britton, b. Abt. 1919 in IL.  Census says age 1-4/12.18

             4.    Gwen Britton, b. Abt. 1920 in IL.  Census says age 4/12.18


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Census Information on the Britton Family

The following Federal Census information has to do with the children of Elizabeth Black and her two husbands, William Britton/Brittain, and William Baker.  In many cases we have not located census information for a particular year, especially in the case of her daughters.

Thomas Britton:

1860 census:  I find no record of Thomas Britton in the 1860 census.

1870 census:  He is age 30, a carpenter, born in Nova Scotia; His wife, Mary, age 24, b. England.  They had one son, William, age 3, b. NY.

1880 census:  He is age 42, a carpenter, b. NB & both parents b. NB;  Mary E., age 37, Eng, Eng, Eng; They had two children, William P., age 12, NY, NB, Eng, and James C., age 10, NY, NB, Eng.

In the year 1894, Thomas was Assistant Chief of the Riverhead Fire Department.  He later became Chief.

1900 census:  his father b. England, and mother in Illinois

1920 census, Thomas Briton, age 83, born in NY, Father born in England, Mother in NY.  Thomas� wife Mary was age 76, born in Ireland, and her parents both born in Ireland.  She immigrated in 1867 and was naturalized.

Isabella Britton:

1860 census: Isabella age 18, living in the household of Joshua & Angeline E. Terry, East Moriches, NY. This census says she was b. in England, but she was actually born in New Brunswick, Canada. [roll 865, book 1, p923].  The Long Island Genealogy Surname Database shows an Isabella Britton Married to William Reeves, with one child, Nellie Sadie Reeves, b. Feb 1865, NY, which child was m. 14 Sep 1885 at Patchogue, NY to Herbert D. Sweezy.

Mary Jane Britton:

1860 census:  Mary J. Britton, a domestic, age 16, b. in NY, living in East Moriches in the household of Parker S. Robinson, birthplace New York.   [M653_865]. This is almost certainly Mary Jane Britton, even though she was actually born in New Brunswick, Canada. She married Jonathan V. Tuttle 3 years later, and had two children, Sarah Elizabeth �Sadie� (1868-1925, unmarried), and Carrie Wesley (1870-1945).  Carrie married Daniel F. Brown.

1870 census:  Mary Tuthill, age 23, b. in NY.  Her husband Johnson Tuthill, age 28, farmer, b. NY.  They had one child, Sarah, age 2, b. NY.

1880 census:  Mary Tuthill, age 35, b. in NY.  Her husband Jonathan Tuthill, age 38, works on farm, b. NY.  They had two children, Sarah, age 11, (who had epilepsy), and Carrie, age 9.  The family lived with the parents of Jonathan, Wells Tuthill, age 77, farmer, and Nellie, age 77 (who had consumption).

1900 census:  Mary Tuttle, age 45, b. Mar. 1845 in NY (and both parents b. NY, sic), married 38 years, 2 children, 2 living.  Jonathan, age 48, b. Apr. 1848 in NY.  Sarah was the only child living with them, Carrie having been married to Daniel F. Brown.

1910 census:  Mary Tuttle, age 65, m. 48 years, b. Nova Scotia, both parents b. Nova Scotia.  Her husband, J. V. Tuttle, age 81 [or 67?], general farmer.  Sarah, age 41 still living with them.  Carrie is age 39, married to Dan�l F. Brown, and had 10 children, 7 still living.

1920 census:  Mary Jane has died, Johnathan Tuttle, age 77, Widow, is living with daughter Sarah, age 51.  Carrie is age 49 and has six children living at home.  Jonathan died in 1927.

William John Britton:

William John has not yet been found in any Suffolk County census.  Family tradition holds that he went to Chicago, IL, and had 9 children. There is a "William Britton", age 32 <1848>, a "rigger" in 1880 census of Chicago, Cook Co., IL.  We list the census information on this William J. Britton because we are fairly certain this is the correct person.

1880 census, Chicago, Cook Co., IL:  His birthplace is listed as NY [whereas our William John Britton was born in St. John, NB].  It lists both his parents born in SCO[tland].  His wife is "Sarah, age 28, b. IL, & parents b. NY.  Three children b. IL: Clara, age 6, Loretta, age 4, and Bell, age 2. 

1900 census, Chicago, Cook Co., IL:  William J. Britton, age 53, b. Feb 1847, NY, both parents b. Scotland.  Married 27 years, a stationary engineer.  His wife Sarah G, age 48, b. Aug 18?? in IL, had 11 children, 6 living. Both parents b. NY.  Five children listed:  Florida M., age 24, b. Jan 1876 in IL; Isabella, age 22, b. Nov 1877 in IL; Albert J., age 17, b. in IL; Maria, age 14, b. Mar 1886 in IL; Harry S., age 12, b. Apr 1888, in IL.

1910 Census:  William J. age 63, M1, 40 years, b. NY, both parents b. Scotland;  wife Sarah, age 58, 11 children, 6 living, b. IL, both parents b. NY;  Two children listed:  LeRoy, age 24, b. IL;  Harry A, age 22, b. IL

1920 Census:  William J. does not appear, but Harry has married, has 4 children, and his brother LeRoy is living with the family.

Census Information on the Baker Family

Sarah Marie Baker:

1870 Census, Center Moriches, NY:  Age 18, living at home.

1880 Census:  Age 27, married a fisherman Elkenah Robinson, son of Hiram Robinson.  They had 3 children by 1880; Stella, age 3; Arthur, age 2; Roscoe, age 1.

Stella Baker:

1870 Census:  Called Edella, age 10  (twin with Willis [William])

1880 Census:  Age 21

William �Willis� Baker:

1870 Census: Age 10

1880 Census, Center Moriches:  age 21, married to Edith. 

1900 Census, Center Moriches:  age 38, had been married to Mary for 15 years.  She brought her daughter Gertrude O�Sullivan, age 21, by a previous marriage into the household.  William not found in 1910 census.