The following table is intended to suggest how the "Gathering" (ekklesia) our Lord promised to build (Mat. 16:18) has progressed since its inception at Pentecost (Acts 2).  The table is by no means exhaustive and students of the scriptures are encouraged to fill in the many gaps (including scripture references).  Not included in the table is obviously a "Phase #4" described in Revelation chapters one through three.  Phase #4 will take place once the current dispensation comes to an end and God puts in motion the events of the Lord's Day, (the Day of Jehovah so often referred to in the Hebrew Scriptures).

                                                  Phase 1                               Phase 2                        Phase 3 

                                            Acts 2 through 7                   Acts 8 through 28          After Acts 28:28

God's offer to Israel Earthly kingdom offered to them: Acts 1:8, 21 & Acts 3:12-26 Kingdom in mystery form: Rom 11:25 Kingdom offer withdrawn from them.  Israel is temporarily shut up: Acts 28:25-28
Israel's mission Gentiles will be saved through thr RISE of a saved remnant of Israel when they become a godly missionary force preaching the gospel to all Gentile Nations: Mat 28:19 Gentiles saved through the FALL of Israel: Rom 11:11 Non-believing Israel is not currently a missionary nation

Believer's future blessing

Millennial kingdom on earth

Millennial kingdom on earth plus New Jerusalem City of God In Heavenly Places, far above all: Eph 1:3
Gentile spiritual status Gentiles are excluded until Israel believes in their Messiah, at which time Israel will fulfill the Great Commission by evangelizing the Gentile Nations Gentiles partake of Israel's blessing, in order to provoke Israel to jealousy: Rom 10:19; 11:11-14; Acts 22:21-22 Because God is temporarily finished with national Israel, Jew & Gentile can come to Christ without reference to law, covenants or genealogy.
Miraculous signs and wonders Healings: Acts 3:6-8
Tongues: Acts 2:4
Physical judgments (all witnessing to the truth of Israel's kingdom gospel)
Tongues: Acts 10:48; 19:8
Physical judgments (all witnessing to the truth of Israel's kingdom gospel)
No reference to physical millennial blessings, or to physical signs and wonders associated with God's promises to Israel
Availability of the gospel proclamation To Israel first: Acts 3:26.  Gentiles not included at this time: Acts 2:5, 10; 11:19: see Acts 10:34-35 To the Jew first, Gentile second: Acts 13:46, Romans 1:16 To all without preference
The prophesied new covenant promised to Israel and Judah, (Jeremiah 31:31) Available (offered) to the believing remnant of Israel, but not yet accepted by national Israel as a whole Many blessings of the new covenant flow to Jew and Gentile when they believe, but national Israel remains unbelieving, and the covenant is not yet ratified Non-dispensational blessings belonging to the new covenant (salvation, the cross, eternal life) flow to all believers, but the new covenant itself has never yet been formally established with Israel